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SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service Data Sheet
This white paper outlines an enterprise-class Linux operating system that increases the flexibility and reliability of your IT environment. Inside, discover the top benefits of this system that is tailored specifically to meet your needs.


Identity Management Tech Brief
Read this whitepaper to learn more about domain controllers with Linux for better identity and access management.

Red Hat

Running New Workloads Like Linux
This expert e-book explores the changes to mainframes in the past ten years. Discover how your organization can lower TCO and achieve other benefits by moving workloads to the mainframe.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Quickstart: Accelerate the Deployment of Virtualization in Your Environment
Access this white paper to learn how this Quickstart will introduce virtualization to your environment without infrastructure interruptions. Also discover the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and requirements needed to ensure a smooth service delivery process.

Red Hat.

Improve Data Center Efficiency with Enterprise Linux Servers
IT budgets are not expected to recover anytime soon, so companies need to adjust to the reality of using fewer resources to deliver business services. This white paper explains how you can accomplish this seemingly impossible objective by running your critical workloads on Linux.


Unix-to-Linux Migration
This essential guide from covers everything you need to know about a Linux migration.

Red Hat & IBM

Oracle Unbreakable Linux: True Enterprise-Quality Linux Support
Read this white paper for tips on selecting the best support approach for your IT shop's Linux platform. You'll learn about various options and the essential components of a successful support system.

Oracle Corporation

Datasheet: Integrating RHEL with Windows in the Datacenter
This whitepaper reviews the advantages of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for new business workloads, and explains how the platform can be easily integrated into existing Windows environments.

Red Hat

Integrating Red Hat Satellite into existing frameworks (white paper)
Learn how Red Hat Network (RHN) Satellite can be used to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux and integrated into existing management frameworks.

Red Hat

SUSE Linux Enterprise for Server Data Sheet
This white paper presents a high-performance Linux server that cost-effectively delivers critical business services. Learn how your organization can achieve benefits like lower server infrastructure software costs, faster updating and more.