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Enterprise Systems - Linux on Power Infographic
This infographic shows how a company upgraded to a leading Linux server. Learn how by upgrading to a new system, they were able to integrate platforms, automate processes and create a secure private cloud.


Getting Started on a Unix-To-Linux Migration
In this expert e-guide, learn how to make the migration less complex and more fun. From starting your migration with a thorough assessment to examining the code and determining the system administration functions.

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Integrating Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Microsoft Windows in the Datacenter
This whitepaper will help you discover how Red Hat Enterprise Linux helps today’s organizations meet heavy workload requirements and extend previous Windows infrastructure investments upon deployment.

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Presentation transcript: How New Red Hat Solutions Will Change your Business - News From the Red Hat Summit 2012
Access this presentation transcript for highlights from the exciting Red Hat Summit and JBoss World 2012 events in Boston – and for insight into the topics covered in the 150+ sessions on offer - from cloud strategy and development tools, to cost savings, performance analysis and more.

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Why Securing Your Docker Containers Should Be Top Priority
Learn the importance of securing Docker containers, how they can threaten the security of your enterprise, and how to mitigate the vulnerabilities presented by the technology.

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Unix-to-Linux Migration
Get a step-by-step approach for data center managers that covers everything from making the business case to getting the best training. Sections in this IT Handbook include training staff to manage linux environments and much more.

Why Linux Virtualization is Ready for Prime Time
Access this white paper to discover the benefits of virtualizing Linux workloads. This resource examines the historical concerns about Linux virtualization and outlines how enterprises can safely make this transition.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Datasheet
This white paper examines a Linux OpenStack Platform designed to deliver an integrated foundation to create, deploy, and scale a secure and reliable public or private OpenStack cloud.

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Presentation Transcript: Do More with Less, How Red Hat Enterprise Linux Reduces TCO Compared to Microsoft Windows
This document examines how deploying your next application on Red Hat Enterprise Linux could save you up to 33% of your IT budget compared with Windows.

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Benefits of migrating from CentOS Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
CentOs Linux will be discontinued between 2021 and 2024, meaning migration to a new operating system is inevitable if you want to receive fresh updates, patches and features. Download this short brief to explore the benefits of migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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