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Expert Strategies for Making a Unix-to-Linux Business Case
Access this expert e-guide and discover how to make the business case for your Unix-to-Linux migration. Learn how to clearly outline Unix limitations and what benefits will be achieved with Linux.

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Unix-to-Linux Migrations Handbook
This IT handbook provides expert tips on ensuring a successful Unix-to-Linux migration. Discover common mistakes to avoid and review the advantages Linux can offer.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop Datasheet
This white paper will help you learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a cost-effective alternative to proprietary operating systems, making it extremely attractive to those businesses that don't have a big budget but still want reliable, secure desktop for their users.

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SAP on SUSE Linux Enterprise Simple Stack
Because organizations depend on SAP applications to plan for the future, points of failure can have serious, long-term implications. This white paper offers detailed guidance to help you build and maintain a highly available SAP architecture based on the successful integration of SUSE Linux and x86-64 hardware.


Unix to Linux migrations: How to overcome pitfalls while increasing ROI
In this expert e-guide, discover how your organization can get the most value from a UNIX to Linux migration and overcome common pitfalls. This resource presents top considerations for making the switch and how you can evaluate the potential ROI of a UNIX to Linux migration.

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NCSU - IBM PowerLinux - Industry standard Linux systems, solutions tuned to the task
This video explores a leading solution delivering industry standard Linux systems services faster, with higher quality, and more economically than others. Learn how it combines a leading hardware, Linux software, and domain expertise of different industries resulting in higher quality operations that keep pace with modern business.


Presentation Transcript: New economies of Unix mission critical computing
In this presentation transcript learn why moving to Unix can help address concerns of uptime, flexibility and improved service levels when managing mission critical systems.

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Converting CentOS Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
The CentOS Project discontinued updates and releases of CentOS Linux version 8 on Dec. 31, 2021, and will discontinue version 7 on June 30, 2024. If your organization needs to migrate from CentOS Linux, this white paper explores why you should consider Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) as your operating system of choice. Read the white paper here.

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Analysis of the Linux Audit System
This article in our Royal Holloway Security Series identifies serious flaws due to architectural limitations of the Linux kernel which cast doubts on its ability to provide forensically sound audit records and discusses possible mitigation techniques.


Getting Started on a Unix-To-Linux Migration
In this expert e-guide, learn how to make the migration less complex and more fun. From starting your migration with a thorough assessment to examining the code and determining the system administration functions.

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