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Shattering the common myths of SD-WAN

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is growing in popularity – but before IT leaders deploy this technology, it’s important to understand how to tailor it for proper use.

In this expert e-guide, uncover the big mistakes many companies make when it comes to suitably deploying SD-WAN, and what you can do to get it right.

Read why these myths aren’t what they seem:

  • Moving to SD-WAN means you can replace all your private WAN solutions with pure broadband internet connections
  • Getting up and running with SD-WAN - and keeping operations going smoothly - is a simple proposition
  • Saving money is guaranteed

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  • How to choose the right SD-WAN for your business

    If you already have a SD-WAN implemented at your business or are planning on implementing one soon, you need to realize that SD-WANS vary greatly in efficiency and performance.

    So how do you go about choosing a SD-WAN that can simplify your network, make it more manageable, increase visibility and ultimately provide lower cost?

    Access this advice from the principal analyst at Z.K. Research, Zeus Kerravala, as he discusses SD-WANs and highlights one of your options in today’s SD-WAN marketplace.

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