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MDM is still alive and kicking: The new face of EMM

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Field Services in the era of the Internet of Things

 It is hard to imagine how field service organizations managed their business before mobile phones (and pagers) came along to enable real-time communications with technicians in the field.

And while many field service organizations are now on their 3rd generation mobile device deployment, the next paradigm shift  simplifying work order assignment, scheduling, routing/navigation, technician visibility, and customer communications is already underway with the adoption of IoT devices and related technological advances.

This white paper examines the impact that connected endpoints, sensorsand devices will have on the field services industry, including:

  • Smart machines
  • Augmented reality
  • Connected vehicles
  • And more!

Now, with the arrival of IoT, the field service industry is adapting yet again, so you must download this whitepaper now to stay ahead of the curve.

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  • Protect data that drives smart decision-making

    The explosion of mobile - form factors, operating systems, OS versions, carrier variants is challenging enterprise IT to find new and efficient ways to manage mobile devices within their IT infrastructure.  

    The first wave of EMM solutions restricted the expansion of BYOD beyond a few device manufacturers and form factors.

    However, the tools now being used on platforms like Android are now outpacing enterprise technology.

    As such, IT pros must have the ability to seamlessly manage IT mobility management from a single-pane of glass while taking advantage of a common API framework across all Android devices.

    Find out how with this detailed whitepaper on transforming workplace mobility with enhanced security, consistent management, and an open framework for innovation on Android.

  • Mobility management across the entire retail supply chain

    Retailers are embracing omnichannel strategies and deploying more in-store technology to satisfy the demands of their shoppers, reduce costs and increase revenue. However, all of this new in-store technology (mobile devices, LOB applications, and Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints) needs to be secured and managed.

    This e-book details technology trends impacting the retail industry and how to respond to evolving customer expectations, like: 

    • 92% of customers want a consistent, branded shopping experience across all channels
    • 60% would prefer to use an in-store kiosk over speaking with a store employee
    • 98% think that in-store mobile must include data security
    • 69% of shoppers prefer mPOS to traditional cashier checkout

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