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Enterprise Mobility Management E-Book Part 3

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a widely used approach to securing and enabling employee use of smartphones and tablets. One major issue that comes into focus is managing corporate resources separately from personal resources – so, besides desktop virtualization and web apps, what can be done?

Part 3 of this Enterprise Mobility Management e-book deciphers how to benefit from mobile app management (MAM). From third-party MAM to OS-enabled MAM, learn why there will be situations that call for a particular method. Inside, discover more about:

  • The core apps for MAM
  • How to bring all of your managed apps together
  • How to acquire apps for third-party MAM
  • And more

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  • Expert tips for securing mobile devices in the enterprise

    As consumer devices increasingly make their way into the workplace, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the security and compliance implications of this trend. Discover how to develop a comprehensive mobile device management strategy in this expert e-guide. Learn how you can address key issues such as:

    • Mobile security and data protection
    • Monitoring and help desk support
    • Provisioning and software distribution
    • And more

  • Jump Start Mobile Productivity with MDM and Secure File Sharing

    Today's mobile workforce depends on the ability to work and collaborate anywhere, with seamless access to all the resources their work involves—including both apps and data—on any device they use. For IT, the challenge is to provide this access while maintaining security and control.

    This exclusive white paper takes an in-depth look at the importance of a solid MDM strategy, and how your organization reap the benefits of mobility with such. Also, discover how file sharing from remote locations can cause security risks. Read on to learn more.

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