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File sync terms you must know

File sync and share tools are becoming increasingly popular. 55% of information workers in North America and Europe who use a tablet at work are using file sync and share tools. These tools allow employees to work from anywhere at any time.

Sync creates possibilities for people who need to work on the road and makes keeping files up to date from device to device easy and automatic. Most sync solutions also let you access data via websites, allowing you to make last-minute changes from any computer.

This resource provides a glossary of common terms to help you during your search for the right sync solution. Learn what to ask vendors about so you can make the most of your purchase.

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  • Consolidate your storage with cloud NAS

    Data growth is a constant challenge for many enterprises and with traditional storage, keeping up to date with users’ needs can be quite difficult. How can you re-architect  your storage and backup systems to accommodate these needs?

    This case study examines how one company turned to cloud NAS to solve their storage challenges, including escalating capital costs and inefficient data protection and data management systems. Access now to see how cloud NAS can provide your enterprise with the file storage and backup and disaster recovery solutions you need, all in one integrated system. 

  • Secure content in a cloud-based enterprise - Here's how

    These days, IT must walk a veritable tightrope. They are expected to lay a strong foundation for communication, collaboration, content and social planning, while factoring information quality and security into the equation.

    Should IT fail to successfully leverage cloud and mobile technology in this delicate process, the business will view them as a roadblock. Will they ever catch a break?

    In this white paper, Gartner analysts break down communication, collaboration, content and social platforms - or, 3CS systems. Win over the enterprise by leveraging these essentials with mobile, cloud and other technologies.

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    The following white paper provides readers with insight into how to overcome the top 4 obstacles of cloud storage. Inside, learn how to address integration with existing applications, performance, security, and more so you can start capitalizing on cloud storage successfully and refocus your efforts on business revenue generating activities.


  • Cloud Storage for Primary or Nearline Data

    Learn about cloud storage options for primary/nearline storage. We'll cover the pros and cons of using cloud storage, describe new technologies that help bridge the gap between physical data center resources and cloud services, and provide some tips on using hybrid cloud storage.


  • Why Business-Focused File Sharing Sites Dominate the Market

    This white paper examines the increased business security and administration capabilities of file sharing platforms, and their successful integration of personal and business content.


  • Object storage vs public cloud: Advantages to consider

    In the following exclusive article, uncover why object storage has emerged as such an important data storage option for enterprises to take into consideration. Read on now and see for yourself the key choices and tradeoffs associated with object storage and ultimately discover if this technology is right for your business.


  • How to simplify private cloud deployments

    This white paper outlines an integrated infrastructure that can enable enterprises to efficiently move from technology silos to a cloud model. Read on to learn how to ensure your cloud storage is versatile and efficient so that your enterprise can take advantage of cloud and simplify your storage management.


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    This brief article highlights EMC's elastic cloud storage, an object storage infrastructure that enables enterprises to provide specialized, innovated new services built around customer data. See how this solution can give your enterprise the potential to transform your everyday data into new insights and new opportunities for customers.


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    This infographic highlights a software-defined, object-based hybrid cloud storage platform that is compatible with AWS's S3 applications. Access now to see how your data center can benefit from this cost-effective cloud storage solution.


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    This white paper highlights one hybrid cloud platform with customizable end-to-end data center and cloud storage solutions. Read on and discover how this solution can provide your enterprise with secure storage for your mission-critical data and simplified backup and archiving.


  • 5 essential features to look for in an SDS solution

    This white paper offers 5 tips on how to choose the right software-defined storage (SDS) for your enterprise. Read on to learn how software-defined storage enables new levels of agility, control, and efficiency.


  • 3 toughest storage challenges all CSPs face in 2016

    Dig into this exclusive report detailing the State of Storage in 2016 for CSPs, and discover the 3 biggest storage challenges all CSPs face today. Read on to also dive into 3 recommendations for increasing competitiveness in highly virtualized environments.


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    This white paper outlines how unified cloud storage can provide the proper scalability and data protection that businesses need today. Read on to learn about how you can overcome challenges such as long restore times, difficult data accessibility, complex backup management, and more.


  • Is it time to put your files in the cloud?

    This white paper contains the results of a survey that reveals just how prevalent enterprise file sync and share is, and how prevalent it may be in the future.


  • Data backup: How to prepare with cloud storage

    Access this white paper to learn about the barriers that IT leaders have to overcome when considering the management of data backup within cloud storage. Read on to see what your enterprise should take into account if you are considering cloud for your data management.


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    This beneficial document discusses five areas that IT directors should closely examine to determine which cloud backup approach will best fit their specific requirements. Read on to see the specific questions you should poise to cloud service providers to help you leverage the technology to fit your data needs.


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    This informative brief highlights how a hybrid cloud approach with an integrated backup service can extend to server, files, and applications and can support cloud-based and both on and off-premise servers. Read now to see how this scalable solution can efficiently back up your enterprise applications and workloads.


  • Cloud storage vs. cloud-integrated storage

    This white paper explores how a cloud-integrated storage strategy can enable your enterprise to gain the benefits of cloud-based storage without any of the limitations. Plus, explore the stories of 5 organizations that saved money by switching from traditional to cloud-integrated storage.


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    Download this report for the inside scoop on which cloud storage providers offer the greatest performance at the ideal price point. View now to see how they compare so that you can choose one that best fits your cloud storage goals and provides your enterprise with unlimited data backups and global access from any device.


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