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10 Cloud Storage Requirements to Know

There's a lot of cloud hype these days. While it's true that cloud adoption is on the rise, in reality not as many organizations have made the jump to the cloud as you might think. In fact, with a seemingly endless number of vendors rolling out cloud technologies and advice, it's becoming increasingly difficult for administrators to know what to look for when adopting a cloud solution.

Check out this E-Guide for a back-to-basics understanding of cloud technology. In this guide you'll discover 10 key cloud storage requirements and learn how to get started on the right foot when attempting the move to a cloud-based infrastructure. Read on to learn more.

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  • In Cloud Planning, Make Room for Storage

    This handbook explores cloud-based storage in terms of cost, manageability, scalability, flexibility, latency/availability and more. It also looks at cloud-based backup and disaster recovery options in the cloud.

  • IBM Storage with OpenStack Brings Simplicity and Robustness to Cloud

    Without storage there would be no digital data – which is likely why storage is now front and center in contemporary IT. The pressures on storage are intense, so it’s no wonder that access to and integration with the most sophisticated and capable storage systems to optimize cloud experiences is now an absolute must.

    This white paper details the increasingly popular OpenStack cloud platform and the abilities that IBM storage solutions provide to enable and enhance OpenStack deployments. Read on to explore the “what” and “why” of cloud computing with a set of five specific tenets commonly used to define a cloud environment.

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  • The Economics of Scale-Out Storage

    This white paper investigates the advantages of scale-out storage with a focus on economics. Read about the capital, operational and strategic benefits.


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    This white paper examines a storage solution that leverages emerging technologies such as software-defined networking and hardware like PCIe flash to provide rapid scaling of capacity and performance without bottlenecks.


  • A Modern Approach To The Data Deluge

    Find out how businesses are utilizing software-defined storage to manage the increasing levels of technology complexity.


  • 5 Steps to Build Storage for the Era of Big Data

    Access this white paper to learn the 5 elements a system must have to meet the challenges of modern storage. You'll also learn about a data storage platform that allows you to fully harness the power of big data.


  • The SolidFire QoS Benchmark Storage Architecture

    This white paper examines a new storage architecture built specifically around six core architectural requirements in order to address workload predictability challenges.


  • Storage Provider Profile: Red Hat

    The following white paper profiles a scale-out, open source object-based storage software solution and the benefits it provides for businesses looking for a middle road when integrating data.


  • Administrators Need An Agile Platform for the New Era of IT

    This white paper highlights the benefits of a software-defined storage platform that's built to span physical, virtual, and cloud environments.


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  • 8 Decisions to Make Before Using Cloud Storage

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