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A New Style of Business: The Dawn of a New Normal

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Cloud Mobility: Improve Mobile Collaboration and Capabilities

The growing mobile workforce demands to be able to connect to the corporate network anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Unfortunately, this can pose quite the problem to those businesses without the right technology in place.

The following white paper explores the growing need for the mobile workforce to be connected to the enterprise network at all times. Discover cloud features capable of delivering just that. Plus, learn about the key mobility capabilities, benefits, and more. 

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  • Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaas)

    Enterprises are facing two key development challenges: Embracing mobile-first strategies, and shortening project lifecycles with limited resources. For a mobile app to offer true value, the app’s backend must securely integrate with any number of public cloud services and enterprise systems.

    How can developers create mobile application backend development more efficient without sacrificing security, quality, and integrity of the app’s functionality?

    Access this whitepaper to discover how mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) can be utilized as the backend for anything with a frontend, including desktop, web, and mobile apps – as well as the growing number of applications within the Internet of Things.

  • Valentino: It's all about customer satisfaction

    Application development isn't just for super high-tech businesses - companies across all sectors can benefit from mobile applications to improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

    For example, high-fashion brand Valentino wanted to improve its customer relations by leveraging new technologies such as mobile devices, tablets, web commerce, and other CRM initiatives.

    Watch this brief webcast to learn how Valentino developed and implemented a set of fully-integrated mobile apps that allow their customers to interact with and view latest fashions, compile wish lists, and easily make purchases. Download now to discover the many ways in which Valentino achieves a couture level of customer service with CRM technologies.

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  • The impact of a changing workforce on facilities management

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  • CW+: Quocirca Report: Mobile expense management - taking the big picture view

    Managing mobile costs is a challenge for all organisations, especially as responsibilities and budget authority may often sit in several places—IT, finance, personnel, managers and, of course, the employees themselves.


  • Defining Your Corporate Mobile Policies

    It's important that corporate mobile policies cover everything from what types of devices will be available to users, to how and when they can use them Read this e-guide to learn more about developing appropriate mobile policies for your organization