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A New Style of IT: The Dawn of a New Normal

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Smart Mobile Apps Empower Business Executives on the Go

Many business execs are constantly on the go, spending their time on the road, in the airport and in various waiting areas. So, tablets and smartphones are key devices they use to get work done.

When work must get done, static databases, spreadsheets, and other traditional tools and technologies are holding back mobile workers.

Access this paper that presents a mobile application platform that allows highly mobile workers to get business done anytime, from anywhere. Read on to learn about real-world examples of mobile executives that could access backend systems and data on the go to drive their business processes.

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  • 5 Best Practices for Designing Data-Driven Applications

    Data-driven applications have become a major growth engine for the worldwide software market. Unfortunately, designing compelling data-driven experiences remain as much of an art as it is a science, especially for customer facing apps where there are both a large number of users and large data sets—so what can be done to overcome these challenges?

    The following white paper provides readers with the top 5 best practices for designing data-driven applications. Learn how to recognize data impact, how to build, scale, and more. 

  • How to enhance enterprise performance with connected mobile applications

    With each new wave of technology, many organizations build a separate set of tools and techniques causing disjointed process throughout the entire business. Mobile applications should not follow this trend.

    Rather than creating apps that run on mobile devices, organizations can be successful by connecting outbound workers with all their usual information and processes no matter their location.

    In this informative guide, you will learn how to easily deploy connected mobile apps to achieve these 3 distinct goals:

    • Extend existing processes to mobile to ensure team-wide synchronization
    • Re-engineer paper-based processes to digital alternatives for faster results
    • Unlock previously unachievable business outcomes by angling mobile apps to the user’s context

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