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A New Style of IT: The Dawn of a New Normal

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APIs, Mobile Apps, and the Enterprise: Teaming Up for Better Consumer Health

The rapid rise and ongoing proliferation of mobile devices, coupled with expectations of ubiquitous information availability, are transforming the health, wellness, and fitness industries. As more data becomes available and the demand for better health and fitness information increases, it’s clear that a solid API strategy is needed to integrate these disparate sources while protecting sensitive data. Download this white paper to learn about the various ways that businesses and health organizations are using APIs to provide better patient and consumer experiences.

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  • Mobile Development Testing: Modern Quality Essentials

    Mobile development is reshaping the way developers deliver products – but mobile software testing remains challenging at best. The endless amount of devices, platforms, operating systems all stack against QA engineers, straining the traditional methodology of software testing.

    Access this analyst report from Forrester Research, Inc. to find out about a benchmark to drive mobile testing quality. Read on to discover how time-to-market demands are trumping common quality practices, and how important it is to embrace quality throughout the development lifecycle.

     Topics include:

    • How app objectives drive quality objectives and practices
    • How test tools are maturing (and how they’re not)
    • And more

  • Unleash Your Digital Business

    It’s time to embrace both digital markets and digital operations. Your customers, competitors, and suppliers are digital now and adding an app or a site won’t allow you to keep pace with the digital environment we reside in.

    Access this white paper to discover how the nature of business is changing and how technology investment priorities of the past must change. 

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    Essent, the largest energy company in the Netherlands, needed to provide an easy-to-use, secure, robust, and proven system to enable web services and mobile applications for customers, partners, employees, and the general public. Access this case study to find out which API platform Essent deployed to govern the flow of data on the edge.


  • Valentino: It's all about customer satisfaction

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  • Integrated Mobile Access Control Has Become a Top Priority

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  • Defining Your Corporate Mobile Policies

    It's important that corporate mobile policies cover everything from what types of devices will be available to users, to how and when they can use them Read this e-guide to learn more about developing appropriate mobile policies for your organization


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  • CW+: Quocirca Report: Mobile expense management - taking the big picture view

    Managing mobile costs is a challenge for all organisations, especially as responsibilities and budget authority may often sit in several places—IT, finance, personnel, managers and, of course, the employees themselves.