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A New Style of Business: The Dawn of a New Normal

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Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaas)

Enterprises are facing two key development challenges: Embracing mobile-first strategies, and shortening project lifecycles with limited resources. For a mobile app to offer true value, the app’s backend must securely integrate with any number of public cloud services and enterprise systems.

How can developers create mobile application backend development more efficient without sacrificing security, quality, and integrity of the app’s functionality?

Access this whitepaper to discover how mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) can be utilized as the backend for anything with a frontend, including desktop, web, and mobile apps – as well as the growing number of applications within the Internet of Things.

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    The increasing popularity of mobile devices and applications has put more power into the hands of users than ever before--but making an application available to such a wide variety of users is no easy task. This user-centric application experience means enterprise developers are facing new challenges regarding multiple platforms, various languages, legacy system integration, and more.

    This informative resource details the specific challenges of mobile app development, such as operating system (OS) complexity, data connectivity, and device variability. Discover how to tackle these obstacles, and learn six key requirements for delivering user-friendly mobile apps, along with a software solution to aid each of these initiatives.

  • Mobile Development Takes to the Cloud

    In today’s mobile-centric society, the timeline for mobile development teams has gotten tighter and tighter. For developers looking to accelerate the delivery of mobile applications without sacrificing quality, cloud-based services are a godsend, allowing developers to spend less time on configuration and simplify the process of writing code.

    In this three-part guide, TheServerSide contributors discuss the advent of cloud-based mobile app development and what it could mean for your organization. Read on to learn about the impact that cloud platforms are having on the mobile development landscape, including:

    • The 5 ways mobile apps teams are using cloud computing
    • How corporate attitudes towards cloud-based development are changing
    • Why mobile development is especially well-suited to the cloud
    • And more

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