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A New Style of IT: The Dawn of a New Normal

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6 Steps to Smarter Mobile App Design and Development

Projections estimate that mobile app downloads will hit 254 billion by the end of 2017. Is your company ready?

Customers are placing unprecedented expectations on mobile applications, placing a higher premium on app design and user experience. Of those billions of apps being downloaded, user engagement drops by 75% after the first usage.

Access this in-depth whitepaper to find 6 steps to smarter mobile app design and development. Read on to discover how rising competition and user expectations are creating a world where simply offering an app is no longer enough – and what your business can do to improve the end-user experience.

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  • Creating Business Value from Mobile-First Development Practices

    The mobile revolution is here, and the market for mobile engagements is continuously growing at an exponential rate. Company after company is moving to mobile – but are they focusing on the correct aspects? Survey results consistently demonstrate that companies that make strategic investments in mobility are realizing higher levels of business benefits over those that do not.

    But what should your company be focusing on? What does a successful mobile strategy look like?

    Access this IDC analyst report to discover mobile app essentials – including the realities of supporting the new anytime, anywhere environment. Read on to see what is working in the mobile world – and what isn’t – based off survey responses from over 400 IT decision makers. 

  • Why Mobile Needs A Four-Tier Engagement Platform

    Companies embracing mobile platforms is common place – customers and employees alike expect the same flawless experience on any device, anywhere. Many fail to realize, however, that new mobile platforms come with a new set of requirements. Firms must deploy and continuously update their services, adapt to rapid change, and scale up to deliver great performance.

    The three-tier web architecture simply won’t deliver any more – is your company poised to move to a four-tier engagement architecture?

    Access this in-depth Forrester research report to discover why mobile needs a four-tier engagement platform. Read on to discover the 4 steps to take toward the four-tier engagement architecture, including:

    • Use a BaaS provider for your high-traffic mobile apps
    • Move to a lightweight, multifactor security  model
    • And 2 more

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