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A New Style of IT: The Dawn of a New Normal

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Mobile Development Testing: Modern Quality Essentials

Mobile development is reshaping the way developers deliver products – but mobile software testing remains challenging at best. The endless amount of devices, platforms, operating systems all stack against QA engineers, straining the traditional methodology of software testing.

Access this analyst report from Forrester Research, Inc. to find out about a benchmark to drive mobile testing quality. Read on to discover how time-to-market demands are trumping common quality practices, and how important it is to embrace quality throughout the development lifecycle.

 Topics include:

  • How app objectives drive quality objectives and practices
  • How test tools are maturing (and how they’re not)
  • And more

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  • Unleash Your Digital Business

    It’s time to embrace both digital markets and digital operations. Your customers, competitors, and suppliers are digital now and adding an app or a site won’t allow you to keep pace with the digital environment we reside in.

    Access this white paper to discover how the nature of business is changing and how technology investment priorities of the past must change. 

  • How to Extend Continuous Integration to Mobile App Development

    Today’s fast paced marketplace demands a commitment to quality applications delivered faster than ever. Countless companies have turned to Agile and continuous integration (CI) strategies to keep up with demand, but does this strategy translate to mobile development?

    This white paper discusses the tangible business benefits of CI strategies, Agile methodologies, and how you can translate those into the world of mobile applications. Read on to find the processes and tools needed to automate best-practice functional, performance, and usability testing in an efficient manner.

    Topics include:

    • Transitioning from traditional Waterfall to Agile and CI
    • Extending CI frameworks for mobile app development
    • And more

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