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Impact of Cloud on IT Consumption Models

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Best Practices for Cloud Computing Adoption

Reaching the cloud is a 5-step journey that moves from ad-hoc, to opportunistic, to repeatable, to managed and, ultimately, to optimized.

It can be a complicated process; but fortunately, there are established best practices for your technology, as well as people and processes that will help you set realistic goals and avoid some of the usual obstacles like security, reliability, availability, and skill sets.

Read this informative white paper to discover some of these best practices, including:

  • Virtualizing your infrastructure before going to the cloud
  • Reassigning IT roles
  • Standardizing for interoperability
  • And more

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  • Bare Metal Cloud: The Benefits and Challenges of a Non-Virtualized Cloud

    Bare metal clouds require no virtualization. While it’s long been assumed that only virtual servers can provide the flexibility necessary to support the cloud, these non-virtualized clouds provide the same flexibility and scalability as their virtualized counterparts along with even higher performance.

    This report examines the concept of the bare metal cloud from both the provider and customer perspective. Read on to learn the benefits and challenges of this new emerging cloud solution, and see if your organization can benefit from the performance capabilities. 

  • Modern Infrastructure: ANZ - December 2014

    In this issue of Modern Infrastructure: ANZ, explore the lead story on how Hyundai Motor Company Australia turned to desktop virtualization to drive business efficiency and better manage remote teams.

    Access now and also discover insight on the following topics:

    • How Asia-Pacific firms are approaching VDI
    • Expert tips to mitigate the top 10 cloud security risks
    • Gartner’s top technology trends for 2015
    • And more 

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