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Impact of Cloud on IT Consumption Models

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Predicting the Health of Your Cloud

Many organizations are on a quest to improve the reliability of their virtualized production environments to make their IT platform more agile and scalable to support projected growth.

This exclusive whitepaper examines how you can use predictive analytics to do just that, as it provides holistic visibility into IT environments from applications to storage. This allows IT to proactively identify, forecast, and resolve issues before they impact quality of service.

Read on to learn more and find chapters exploring:

  • Predictive analytics as a primer for IT
  • Why you need predictive analytics to run cloud infrastructure
  • How to get actionable insight
  • And more

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    Although cloud computing offers benefits such as elasticity, scalability, and flexibility, they are not automatically achieved after deployment. So what does it take to unlock these perks?

    In the following expert e-guide, learn the five steps to take in order to achieve full advantage of cloud computing and migration. See how benefit loss can occur, what to do to avoid these obstacles, and finally learn about the various advantages of coupling cloud computing and BYOD.  

  • Dynamic Infrastructures for VMware vCloud

    Don’t let the process of installing and configuring a cloud platform overwhelm you – relax, the experts are here to help. To implement a cloud infrastructure quickly and with little risk involved, adopt this industry-leading infrastructure solution which contains all the software and hardware you require to implement a cloud infrastructure successfully.

    Check out this exclusive white paper to discover how this VMware-based infrastructure solution can accelerate cloud infrastructure implementation, while reducing maintenance costs and effort.

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