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Impact of Cloud on IT Consumption Models

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Handbook: Open source cloud tips and tools

Open-source tools can add immense value to an organization, but because they aren’t developed and supported in a traditional manner, many IT pros are understandably cautious.

This expert handbook helps to narrow the focus for IT and offers guidance on where to find the best open source cloud tools while avoiding support issues. Specific topics covered include:

  • Solving the “mystery” of the open source cloud
  • How open source vendors overcome reluctance in the marketplace
  • Where open source fits into a hybrid cloud strategy
  • And more

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  • Tips to bring your cloud strategy to the next level

    Today, organizations are challenged to keep up with the pace of development and innovation required for businesses to earn money and be successful. A significant gap has opened where the IT budget is flat, and mobile, social, big data, and the need for new sources of sustainable revenue, are forcing a change.

    However, by exhibiting maturity in cloud, businesses gain significant benefits—in allowing their organizations to focus on strategy versus day-to-day operations, in faster time to provision new services, in reduced IT costs, and perhaps most importantly—in the ability to make more revenue.

    In the following white paper, learn about various tips and strategies to help realize maturity in the cloud. Access now and answer some of the more pressing cloud-based questions like:

    • Where to find help when struggling with cloud
    • How to advance your cloud strategies
    • Where are the most common pain points in cloud strategies
    • And much more. 

  • How to combine the best benefits of public and private cloud

    Faced with skyrocketing data storage requirements, increasing user demand and risks associated with shadow IT, enterprises are looking for ways to achieve the flexibility of public clouds and the control of private clouds.

    In the following exclusive white paper, learn how to combine the advantages of public and private cloud in five steps, and without the downsides of either one. Access now and get started on a better path to cloud today.    

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