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Impact of Cloud on IT Consumption Models

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Simplify the evolution to cloud: A shared cloud infrastructure

Customers looking to transition toward shared infrastructure, with or without cloud functionality, face a number of challenges including where to start and how to proceed in order to achieve expected levels of efficiency and reach business objectives.

This informational analysis talks about a solution for deploying technologies as a shared cloud infrastructure which will simplify the evolution to cloud as well as enhance automation and self-service functionality and development. Read on to learn how this platform is suitable for running a variety of virtualization hypervisors, and bare metal operating systems to support enterprise workloads

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  • Why IT needs a cloud transformation

    Many business leaders today expect the most business growth and profitability from digital business yet realize their IT organization and infrastructure is unable to support these initiatives. How should IT adapt?

    This research report delves into the ways IT needs to transform in order to support business growth in the digital market, and how cloud-based infrastructure will be able to handle these accelerating business dynamics. Read on to learn key insights on the following topics:

    • Why production apps will require new infrastructure
    • The new roles within IT that will ensure the survival of the business
    • How managed services improve cloud workload management
    • And more

  • Learn what it takes to ensure succesful cloud delivery

    This second white paper in a series on Cloud Computing Reference Architecture focuses on the activities, processes, and requirements that cloud players need to follow in order to ensure a successful delivery of cloud services. It addresses the three active cloud players that may be involved in delivering cloud services to cloud consumers. The cloud provider is a cloud participant that is always involved in the delivery of a cloud service. The remaining two, cloud broker and cloud auditor, are dependent on the specific business and operational requirements of the cloud consumer.

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  • Examine how you can ensure the successful delivery of cloud services

    This second white paper in a series on Cloud Computing Reference Architecture focuses on the activities, processes, and requirements that cloud players need to follow in order to ensure a successful delivery of cloud services. It addresses the three active cloud players that may be involved in delivering cloud services to cloud consumers.


  • Modern Infrastructure University: Modernizing Infrastructure for Cloud Migration

    This classroom provides advice for integrating public or private cloud architectures into data center infrastructure.


  • Private Cloud E-Zine Vol. 4

    As cloud continues to evolve, IT managers are looking for better integration of cloud platforms with existing tools, greater control and management, improved self-service and greater portability among cloud environments. This e-zine takes a look at trends in cloud computing, using open source software, moving applications to the cloud.


  • Building a storage strategy for the hybrid cloud

    This Forrester report discusses what a hybrid cloud can do for your business and how you can create a storage strategy that's ready for one.


  • Modern Infrastructure: November 2012

    November's edition of Modern Infrastructure e-zine offers advice on the current trends in the modernized data center including information on migrating legacy applications, advanced public cloud offerings, BYOD, and software-defined networking.


  • 9 common cloud myths your peers are falling for

    Information in this white paper will help you avoid major pitfalls and prepare your IT organization for migration to a cloud infrastructure. Access now to discover the truths behind 9 myths surrounding these various cloud platforms.


  • The Impact of OpenStack Commercialization

    This whitepaper covers the impact that comnsumerization is having on the progress and development of the open-source cloud and will help you sort through the different approaches.


  • How to fix cloud cost governance

    Cloud helps businesses grow, better serve their customers and get work done more efficiently but, like any metered service, when poorly managed, cloud can lead to out of control costs. In this guide, find out how poor governance is impacting your business and the right approaches and tools you can use to prevent these failures.


  • Digital business: Analyzing hidden cloud computing benefits

    This informational analysis from Gartner addresses how to adapt strategies to leverage cloud capabilities. It also offers relevant key findings about the competitive advantage of cloud computing. Download now to consider some of these key findings, as well as consider the recommendations offered in this analysis.


  • The impact of cloud: Top 10 predictions for IT buyers

    This study examines the top 10 Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan), or APEJ, predictions for IT buyers when it comes to understanding and investing in their own datacenter facilities and staff, as well as SaaS and cloud infrastructures. Uncover a strategic analysis that enables you to assess and address the potential impact of cloud developments.


  • Private cloud: Achieve five 9's availability

    This solution overview offers a closer look at a private cloud with both hosted and on-premise options that can help you achieve five 9's availability for your server and network, latency of less than one millisecond, and more.


  • Your guide to cloud financial management

    This white paper addresses the primary financial management challenges you will face when evaluating cloud options. Also, learn 5 critical capabilities of IT financial management tools for the cloud.


  • Tame your complex IT infrastructure with cloud storage

    Cloud systems can simplify complex data center and storage infrastructures and streamline IT management. Discover how cloud can tame the mess of your legacy infrastructure and storage sprawl by giving your enterprise the ability to eliminate the need for local backups, reduce duplication sprawl, eradicate inefficient WAN optimization, and more.


  • IT Handbook: Private Cloud Management

    This IT handbook examines the top reasons to consider private cloud computing. Find out why virtualization is a critical first step in your cloud initiative and obtain detailed information on the role of performance monitoring, capacity planning, and chargeback.


  • Correlation found between cloud maturity and KPI success

    Access this study based upon the IDC CloudView Survey involving 3,463 executives at organizations that have adopted cloud, supplemented by an extension to this survey covering 2,378 respondents. Read on to learn about expected cloud KPI benefits by region and industry, cloud's financial impact upon driving key business outcomes, and more.


  • 7 tips to make cloud migration easier

    While traditional data centers have modernized to be smaller, more efficient and faster, they cannot keep up with the numerous benefits cloud environments provide. Access this white paper to learn the top 4 reasons organizations are switching to cloud and 7 tips to make the transition smooth.


  • Realizing Cloud Cost Savings

    This expert e-book discusses the importance of evaluating the costs associated with building a private cloud before jumping the gun. Learn how to prove the economic value of this environment, learn about hidden costs, and discover surprising savings you might not know about.


  • Free Download: Cloud Computing Challenges

    Access this exclusive guide, Overcoming the Obstacles to Cloud Adoption, to explore expert insights on cloud challenges, best practices for eliminating these common obstacles, and tips for ensuring a secure and efficient migration to the cloud. Simply participate in our brief Cloud Infrastructure Research Program to claim your free copy.


  • The state of multi-cloud architecture

    This white paper will enable you to establish a baseline understanding of present and anticipated adoption of various cloud formats. Access now to explore approaches and challenges organizations have faced in the endeavor.


  • Bring your data center into the cloud era

    In this report, you'll learn from executives and technology experts about the key challenges they are facing with their data centers in the era of the cloud. Read on to find out how they are addressing them with help from technologies such as virtualization, automation, managed services, and more.


  • Are you in full control of your cloud resources?

    This technical brief explores an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering that provides the ability to effectively manage, govern, and automate your cloud resources using an intuitive, web-based user interface.


  • Improve IT service delivery, IaaS using the cloud

    In this white paper, learn how to deploy infrastructure as a service (IaaS) by way of integrating cloud with your IT resources and processes.


  • How MSPs can achieve massive cloud opportunity: Tools of the trade

    With more and more clients wanting greater services from their MSPs, providers have real opportunity in managing both on premises and cloud infrastructure as end-to-end systems. This white paper examines how it can be done with the right ecosystem of tools. Read on to find out more.


  • 10 signs your cloud needs a management program

    This white paper uncovers ten signs that show you're ready to start investing in a cloud management platform to get your IT strategy and program back on track.


  • How cloud-based DR is changing the DR market

    This informative resource discusses the latest developments in DRaaS. Access now and learn what DRaaS really means (and the benefits it can bring), why adoption is starting to accelerate, how new technology advances are allowing customers to implement DRaaS the right way, and more.


  • Top 5 IT cost containment strategies

    Hybrid cloud computing offers numerous benefits when implemented correctly so it's important to find one with complete workload visibility and a consistent experience for end-users and IT administrators. Access this white paper to discover the top 5 IT cost containment strategies, 5 essential attributes of private cloud infrastructure and more.


  • Social, mobile, analytics, and cloud: IT challenges in Asean nations

    An increasingly tech-savvy Asean population, especially among the younger, more urban demographics, is driving IT teams to look at challenges in a new way. In this e-zine, explore the obstacles facing IT in Asean nations and markets. Find out what upcoming changes will have the greatest impact on users, IT resources, and revenue.


  • Eliminating the burden of designing foolproof DR with cloud

    This white paper details how cloud-based DR can overcome the limitations of traditional secondary sites by providing the necessary resources for failover operations – without any capital costs or the burden of designing, deploying and managing the DR site daily. Read on to examine an overview of a cloud-based DR solution.


  • Virtual Data Center E-Zine Volume 32: Public vs. Private: Comparing Cloud Architectures

    Before committing to a public or private cloud architecture, evaluate the benefits and especially the tradeoffs associated with each. Also in this issue, determine what needs are most important when planning your virtual applications, and find out how to monitor the performance of applications in the cloud.


  • Factors that are driving private cloud movement

    In this expert analysis from Forrester, take a look at the three major characteristics of cloud solutions, as well as factors that are driving movement to the private cloud. Also, take a look at the steps and templates offered to set the foundation for evaluating various infrastructure modernization alternatives.


  • Windows 8.1 Client to Microsoft's Cloud Services

    This whitepaper will look at the various features within Windows 8 and discuss their benefits and the best practices for deployment in the organization.


  • A Practical View of NIST's Cloud Definition

    This exclusive whitepaper breaks down the cloud definition created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It consists of five essential cloud characteristics, three service models and four deployment models.


  • Speed up app delivery and development with hybrid cloud

    This white paper discusses how you can create a seamless app development process by leveraging a hybrid cloud strategy. Access now to uncover a 3-phase approach to a faster app lifecycle.


  • Virtual Data Center: Health Care IT Edition, Sept. 2011

    Cloud computing holds a lot of promise for the healthcare industry, since infrastructure costs can hinder the adoption of EHR systems. However, many providers shy away from cloud services because of security concerns. Inside this e-zine, gain insight on how to utilize the cloud while still ensuring patient data security and HIPAA compliance.


  • Is virtualization the same as cloud computing?

    If you have deployed virtualization in your organization, does that mean you have a private cloud? In this e-guide learn about the differences between virtualization and private cloud computing and the pros and cons of various cloud types.


  • Is the cloud safe? Breaking down the barriers to cloud computing

    Research by cloud provider Savvis has identified the five biggest concerns preventing IT managers from opting for cloud-based services.


  • E-Guide: Expert Tips to Successfully Implement a Private Cloud

    Deploying a private cloud successfully requires extensive planning and a smartly executed strategy. Read this expert e-guide to review the key steps to take to effectively implement a private cloud in your enterprise and discover how to prepare for road blocks that may come up along the way.


  • Experts reveal cloud benefits and best practices

    In this e-guide, Microsoft MVP Brien Posey tells readers what they can expect when deciding on cloud virtual server services. Uncover the major benefits of standard cloud computing models as an extension of your data center infrastructure.


  • Overcome shadow IT with cloud management platform

    This insightful blog entry introduces a cloud management platform that will allow you to create a service catalog of standardized, approved systems, whether in the private, public or hybrid cloud allowing you to deliver business requirements quickly and cost effectively.


  • Amazon EC2 vs. Google's App Engine

    With the amount of PaaS solutions out there, sometimes it can be hard to decide which one is the best fit for your organization. Find out what verified IT experts say about many PaaS products in this IT Central Station guide.


  • MCP: Simplified management for any cloud model

    This solution overview explores a managed cloud platform (MCP) that provides IT as a Service for any cloud model deployment—public, private, or hybrid—to fit your data center's unique requirements. Access now to discover how this strategy allows simplified management of cloud resources.


  • How to holistically account for cloud financial benefits

    In this white paper, learn how to compare the performance of the cloud to on-premise when it comes to IT infrastructure efficiencies, IT workforce productivity, and total-cost-of-ownership. Also, discover 5 ways to maximize your cloud ROI.


  • Building a business case for private cloud: Value drivers & more

    Discover in this white paper how to define the economics of using private cloud, breaking down in detail the value drivers and why it's a worthy investment. Read on gain the cost efficiency, agility, and time-to-market private cloud delivers.


  • Private Cloud Computing E-Zine Vol. 2, No. 3: Consumerization and the Cloud; Cloud Management

    This expert e-zine covers select topics that can help guide your organization through the process of preparing your data center for the cloud, building and managing a private cloud, and leveraging the cloud for identity management.


  • An option for the future of cloud technology

    This review showcases how one emerging technology is overcoming many of the bigger challenges facing the future of cloud and network technology.


  • What does cloud computing mean for the future of the data center?

    In this white paper, explore the future of the data center in the cloud era. Whether your enterprise operates on-premise or in the cloud, you'll gain insight into planning and maintaining your data center.


  • Case study: Delivering mainframe service on the cloud

    This case study discusses how a managed services provider focusses on 3 ways to help businesses in the UK improve their profitability. All through the use of mainframe computing.