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Enhancing Application Protection and Recovery with a Modern Approach to Snapshot Management

The amount of data managed by IT departments continues to accelerate. This growth and the need for better availability of business-critical data are force organizations to consider new methods for enhancing protection and recovery.

Traditional approaches to dealing with this are typically too complex and inefficient to be viable. Clearly, a new approach is needed.

Access this white paper to learn about a better way to manage snapshots and recovery with Simpana IntelliSnap Recovery Manager from CommVault. Learn more about how this new approach:

  • Eliminates risk
  • Improves business agility
  • Increases efficiency
  • And more.

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  • 7 Benefits You Realize with a Holistic Data Protection Approach

    Data growth is increasing the demand and management complexity of storage, backup and recovery. Keeping up with this 24/7, always-on environment probably isn’t possible with your legacy backup and recovery software.

    What if there was a better way to serve your enterprise environment?

    Check out this white paper to learn the 7 benefits of a holistic approach to data protection. You’ll learn how a new approach allows you to:

    • Manage your rapidly growing storage demand
    • Reduce operational complexity
    • Plan for your future with a scalable single core platform
    • And more.

  • IBM FlashCopy Manager

    Data volume snapshot technologies are becoming increasingly popular because they enable frequent backups and provide near-instant restore capabilities. Many storage systems are equipped with volume snapshot tools, but hardware-based snapshot technologies provide only “crash-consistent” copies of data. Business-critical applications need an additional snapshot process to help ensure that all parts of a data transaction are committed to disk prior to the snapshot which creates a usable, consistent copy of the data.

    Access this whitepaper to learn about a storage manager that delivers high levels of protection for key applications using integrated application aware snapshot backup and restore capabilities. This solution enables business to:

    • Simplify database cloning to support uses outside of backup and recovery
    • Support a wide range of applications, operating systems and storage devices
    • Protect data with an easy-to-install, quick-to-deploy storage snapshot solution
    • And more.

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