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Managing storage for virtual environments: A complete guide

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Confidently Deploy your Group and Corporate File Shares

As workers become more mobile and distributed, you need a way to enable collaboration that keeps your data protected, secured, and controlled.

This exclusive white paper looks at how converged storage can help you by:

  • Improving your primary storage efficiency
  • Simplifying your storage deployment and administration
  • Deploying your file shares with confidence
  • And more

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  • Buyer's checklist: Purpose-built storage for virtual servers

    As virtual server technology gradually grew to dominance in most data centers, it became apparent that many traditional storage systems weren’t up to the task of serving these new virtualized server environments. Performance issues cropped up as SANs and network-attached storage systems struggled to deliver the IOPS and throughput required by virtual machines. But the new virtual server model also helped to create a new category of storage array: hypervisor-aware storage systems that were built from the ground up to provide storage for virtual environments, with a special emphasis on performance and agility.

    This Buyer’s Checklist on Purpose-Built Storage for Virtual Servers describes how these storage systems differ from traditional arrays, provides insights into some of their unique features and offers guidance on evaluating, purchasing and deploying these storage systems.

  • The best storage for virtual environments

    Despite the benefits of virtualizing servers and desktops, IT administrators often struggle to support storage for virtual environments. There have been major areas of concern, such as the complexity of shared storage, inconsistent performance related to resource contention caused by VM competing for available storage resources, and storage management challenges.

    Access this eGuide now to discover what vendors are doing to address the problem of IT pros struggling to support storage for virtual environments and which storage works the best in virtual infrastructures.

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