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Expert guide to remote access tools and technologies

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Five Steps to Achieve Risk-Based Application Security Management

Application security receives 25% less budget and attention than network security, despite the facts that applications support the most sensitive/strategically important business processes and are prone to double the risk. Every application has a bug waiting to be discovered by a hacker - and putting Band-Aids® over vulnerabilities, or your security team sticking their heads in the sand, is a surefire way to become the next breach victim.

This expert white paper discusses the potential obstacles to effectively managing application security and presents a 5-step process for improving app security management. View now to learn how to:

  1. Obtain visibility into the state of app security across the enterprise
  2. Set priorities for testing and remediation
  3. Measure progress toward app security goals
  4. Enable continuous monitoring of risk posture
  5. And more

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  • Intro to Mobile App Management: App Security from the Onset

    Today, mobile apps are an increasing source of vulnerabilities: poor data storage practices, malware, unauthorized access, lack of encryption, and data leaks pose massive security risks. In order to empower employees, organizations need the ability to securely distribute and manage mobile apps.

    This white paper, the first in an installment of three, explores how to create a successful app security strategy from the beginning. Within this exclusive asset, explore:

    1. Why it's no longer enough to just secure email and a few choice apps
    2. Mobile app management best practices
    3. How to secure BYOD and COPE devices
    4. And more

  • 4 Components of a Solid Mobile App Security Strategy

    Organizations want to enable employees to be more productive and make work/life easier. At the same time, they want to ensure that employees don't wreak havoc on the network and expose the enterprise to major security risks. Building a mobile app-based organization isn't supposed to be business vs. IT - it's supposed to be a harmonious union of the two.

    This white paper explains how to design a business-driven app security strategy that advances business goals without putting enterprise data and your network at risk. Access this informative resource now to explore:

    1. The 4 components of a solid mobile app strategy
    2. How to build the apps that your users need
    3. The  8 questions IT needs to analyze before development
    4. And more

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  • Oracle Exadata: Engineered for your Database

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  • Take a Simplified Approach to Desktop Virtualization

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  • Measuring the half life of data

    How long should you keep your corporate data ? This report from Nucleus Research offers some scientific answers.


  • Summer 2015 E-Zine: Opportunities Around Wearable Technology

    This issue of the MicroScope e-zine is here, covering the controversial topic of wearable technology and opportunities brought about through their strategic use.


  • HyperConverged Infrastructure for Dummies

    This guide explores the basics of hyperconverged infrastructures. Hyperconvergence allows you to enable cloudlike economics and scale without compromising the performance, reliability, or availability of your data center. Read on to learn how you can build a hyperconverged infrastructure that delivers efficiency, availability, and data protection.


  • Building blocks of converged infrastructures

    This visual PhotoStory presents a holistic, yet abbreviated look into converged infrastructure technology. Examine the pain points and management struggles that CI seeks to overcome. Also explore the computing hardware and software at the epicenter of these infrastructures.


  • 2012 Trends to Watch: Storage

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  • A Customer Success from the Experts in Business-Critical Continuity

    Access this case study to learn how MTC found a way to manage their entire data center more efficiently.


  • The Deciding Factor: Big Data & Decision Making

    This study by Capgemini and the Economist Intelligence Unit report assess the impact of Big Data on businesses.


  • Windows Server 2012 Migration Station

    This handbook from discusses what’s new with Windows Server 2012, what it’s capable of, how it affects Linux machines, its relationship to tablet computing and more.


  • Top Reasons to Consider a Colocation Data Center

    The following white paper explores a colocation data center vendor that can easily support a mobile, always-on data center environment. Access now to learn what sets this colocation vendor apart from the competition; and to learn how their system can greatly improve efficiency and sustainability, while reducing risk.


  • Data Domain Boost Availability for the Modern Data Center

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  • Application Fluent Network Based Data Center Fabric

    Access this resource to see what key characteristics exist in a Data Center fabric that will be able to meet future business demands.


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    Inside this informative guide, you'll explore 6 key steps for accelerating automation in your data center. Read on to discover the skills, policies, and processes that go into planning for automation.


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    Read this informative whitepaper to learn about where data center design is headed, from use of renewable energy, to power density, to sophisticated management tools.


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    This report from Cognizant offers advice on the roadmap organisations should follow to survive the Petabyte Age.


  • How To Handle Complex Modern Data Center Demands

    This technical guide explores a converged infrastructure solution designed to meet the availability, performance, agility, and data protection demands of modern data centers.


  • Transforming the Status Quo of Traditional Networking

    Access this white paper now to learn how a different approach to server virtualization can provide the speed, agility and security you want in today's business world.


  • Preventive Maintenance Strategy for Data Centers

    This white paper discusses the importance of preventive maintenance and provides you with tips on making effective preventive maintenance a regular part of your schedule.


  • Data Centre Strategy, G-Cloud & Applications Store for Government Programme – Founding Principles

    The overriding goals for Data Centre Consolidation, the G-Cloud and the Applications Store for Government are:Reduce ICT costs;Provide open competition and create a vibrant marketplace enabling the best product at the best price;Create flexibility.


  • Data Center Micro-Segmentation

    Access this white paper now to discover how an SDDC can improve the one area of your company that is more important than agility, speed or efficiency – security.


  • CW Buyer's Guide: Private Cloud

    This Computer Weekly Buyers guide gives you the facts you need to help you plan and execute your private cloud strategy.


  • Total Economic Impact FlexPod Datacenter Platform

    The following Forrester TEI research paper explores how an organization was able to realize a total cost savings of nearly $2 million by deploying the right converged data center platform. Access now and learn what changes and factors allowed them to accrue such savings. Read on to examine what this technology can do for your business as well.


  • Colt Colocation - Data Centre Services

    Consult this white paper to explore the benefits of adopting the right colocation data center and how these solutions can give way to greater service resiliency, a powerful disaster recovery protocol, enlightened business continuity, and much more. Access now and plan your path to a stronger, more efficient data center today.


  • G-Cloud Report: Data Centre Strategy, G-Cloud & Applications Store for Government Programme – Implementation Strategy

    The Data Centre Strategy, G-Cloud and Applications Store for Government Programme (hereafter the „G-Cloud Programme‟) are 3 of the 14 strands of the Government ICT Strategy.Phase 2 of the programme started in October 2009 and ran until the middle of February 2010.


  • Computer Weekly – 12 March 2013: Will software-defined networking justify the hype?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we take an in-depth look at one of the hottest emerging technologies – software-defined networking – and what it means for IT departments. We visit Iceland, home of the greenest datacentres, and see what they offer to CIOs. And we look at the growth of governance as a key task for CIOs. Read the issue now.


  • Extending the Benefits of Virtualization from the Data Center to Device

    This infographic details the reasons why organizations should extend the benefits of virtualization from the data center to desktops and mobile devices. Learn how the increasing mobility movement is making virtualization a popular move.


  • Becoming More Agile, Available and Valuable to the Business

    Supporting a more robust—and complex—network of users, customers, partners and suppliers increases IT's value to the business – it also requires an IT infrastructure that is agile, dependable and efficient. Access this white paper and learn how to drive operational efficiency, agility and competitive advantage using the right technology.


  • The reality behind the hype: Government cloud computing

    This article from Gartner offers advice to public sector organisations thinking of deploying cloud computing and assess the progress made by governments in their use of the cloud.


  • Computer Weekly – 16 June 2015: What's slowing down your network and how to fix it

    In this week's Computer Weekly, network performance problems are a common occurrence – we look at the likely causes and the way to fix them. Our latest buyer's guide takes a focus on DevOps, the combining of agile operational and development processes. And we find out how Apache Spark can help with real-time big data analytics. Read the issue now.


  • Event insight: Key takeaways from Cloud Expo Europe and Data Centre World

    This report looks at the key talking points from the recent Cloud Expo Europe and Data Centre World events.


  • Emerson Network Power Services

    Access this infographic to learn of a service provider that helps maximize uptime and optimize your data center infrastructure.


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    In the following amalgamative report from several independent analyst firms, learn about the key reasons why businesses are turning to integrated, converged, or hyper-converged systems. Read on to uncover the results organizations are achieving in the real world successfully using this technology.


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    This white paper examines how Mourant, an international, multi-disciplinary professional services group based in Jersey, England, managed to seamlessly transfer Mourant's Blade and Storage infrastructure from its existing location to a newer, better facility without losing any critical data or hardware.


  • Taking the pulse of the cloud computing market

    Archana Venkatraman looks at the figures behind the take-up of cloud technology and finds enterprises are taking a cautious approach to cloud in this Computer Weekly research report.