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Preparing your Organisation to Defend Against Cyber Crime

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Computer Weekly – 10 February 2015: Tackling security with quantum physics

Computer Weekly – 10 February 2015: Tackling security with quantum physics

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we examine research that promises to deliver new levels of encrypted communications using a technique called quantum teleportation. IBM has announced its latest mainframe – but will the company’s problems hinder the success of a product that still delivers big profits for Big Blue? And we find out how one company has used the low-cost Raspberry Pi computer as part of corporate IT infrastructure. Read the issue now.

Quantum key distribution - the future for secure communications

An experiment using entangled photons in the field of quantum teleportation points the way to secure and low-cost encryption.

Crumbling sales and jobs cull at IBM cast doubt on the mainframe’s future

Plummeting System z product revenues combined with a round of redundancies could leave IBM struggling to keep the mainframe relevant.

Government will not publish costs of Universal Credit before election

The Department for Work and Pensions says the Major Projects Authority will only publish the cost of the benefits overhaul in June 2015, after the UK general election.

CIO interview: LoneStar Group discovers recipe for business success with Raspberry Pi

Doug May, business systems director at component maker LoneStar Group, talks about the novel use he has found for Raspberry Pi computers.

Buyer’s guide to data science – part two: Open data movement - Digging for treasure using predictive analytics

Researchers studying archaeological data have demonstrated what the open data movement could mean for the future of UK business.

Opinion: Driving innovation with big data

Rather than refusing the wider use of data outside the organisation, only by opening it up to third parties can we realise its true value, writes Mark Deem, partner at Cooley LLP.

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