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Expert guide to remote access tools and technologies

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5-step process to mitigate application vulnerabilities

Application security receives 25% less budget and attention than network security, despite the facts that applications support the most sensitive/strategically important business processes and are prone to double the risk. Every application has a bug waiting to be discovered by a hacker - and putting Band-Aids® over vulnerabilities, or your security team sticking their heads in the sand, is a surefire way to become the next breach victim.

This expert white paper discusses the potential obstacles to effectively managing application security and presents a 5-step process for improving app security management. View now to learn how to:

  1. Obtain visibility into the state of app security across the enterprise
  2. Set priorities for testing and remediation
  3. Measure progress toward app security goals
  4. Enable continuous monitoring of risk posture
  5. And more

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  • 5 steps to eliminating app vulnerabilities

    As applications are the lifeblood of the modern business, any application security issue can translate to business disaster. Unfortunately, organizations everywhere are struggling to implement, manage, and maintain effective application security programs.

    So how can you make application security your business reality? This valuable resource shows you the way – read on now to discover:

    • An overview of application threats and risks to prioritize
    • Five practical steps for building security into development processes
    • The case for automated security testing
    • And more

  • A robust mobile app security strategy builder's guide

    Today, mobile apps are an increasing source of vulnerabilities: poor data storage practices, malware, unauthorized access, lack of encryption, and data leaks pose massive security risks. In order to empower employees, organizations need the ability to securely distribute and manage mobile apps.

    This white paper, the first in an installment of three, explores how to create a successful app security strategy from the beginning. Within this exclusive asset, explore:

    1. Why it's no longer enough to just secure email and a few choice apps
    2. Mobile app management best practices
    3. How to secure BYOD and COPE devices
    4. And more

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