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Empowering Information Security with Desktop Virtualization

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6 desktop, app considerations for digital workspace implementation

There are significant operational differences between the management of traditional desktops and the management of digital workspaces—the latter requiring new processes and new admin skills to adapt to a mobile, a have-it-my-way workforce for the agile delivery of desktops and apps. In order to enable any global or mobile workforce, this must also be securely done across all device types.

Inside this paper, discover how using a unified platform for the provisioning, management, and policy enforcement of apps to devices across iOS, Android, and Windows will bolster digital workspace management. Read on to learn:

  • How to establish app policies for end-user devices
  • When to publish apps versus providing entire desktops
  • How to enforce mobile security with multi-factor authentication
  • And more 

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  • How to overcome 8 common desktop and app virt. pitfalls

    Because VDI and Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) change the way desktops and apps are delivered to users, the project path is lined with potential pitfalls. These pitfalls can stop you at any stage of deployment, from initial planning to the rollout of production systems.

    If you don’t avoid them, you run the risk of disrupting ongoing business operations, losing staff productivity, and creating unhappy end users.

    Given the high stakes, discover in this paper how to avoid the eight most common pitfalls during VDI and RDSH projects. Read on as each pitfall is broken down, including but not limited to: not involving users, incorrectly defining app virtualization use cases, not assessing the performance impact on other systems, and more. 

  • How VDI fits into your enterprise and top benefits that help sell this technology

    Despite the boasting benefits of a virtual desktop infrastructure, some organizations are still wondering how this technology fits into their IT shop. This expert e-guide from, highlights the top virtual desktop benefits that can help put your mind to ease. Discover exactly how this technology can fit into your enterprise in terms of staffing concerns and user image management. Learn more here.

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