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Empowering Information Security with Desktop Virtualization

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10 ways to strengthen information security with app and desktop virtualization

Information security has become an increasingly critical concern for organizations of all kinds. Trends such as mobility, cloud computing, consumerization and flexwork mean that more people are accessing enterprise applications and data from more places and in more ways than ever before. It’s no wonder that IT personnel feel like they are rapidly falling behind in their ability to secure sensitive enterprise information.

In this paper we explore ten reasons why desktop virtualization should be the foundation of your layered approach to information security.

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  • Efficiently maintain and protect your digital workspaces

    The desktop and application delivery landscape is changing as trends such as BYOD and modern application delivery models are forcing IT organizations to re-evaluate how digital workspaces are provided to employees. How can you effectively maintain and protect your workstations in the today’s virtualized environment?

    This white paper highlights application and desktop virtualization solutions that simplify and speed up endpoint-related management tasks, such as deployments, patches, upgrades, and more. Access now to see how these solutions can enable your enterprise to minimize IT time and effort involved in maintaining workstations and reduce operational costs.

  • Overcome desktop delivery challenges with desktop virtualization

    ESG investigates what drives organizations to adopt desktop virtualization, the benefits they realized, and the key capabilities you need to consider when selecting a desktop virtualization vendor.

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