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Empowering Information Security with Desktop Virtualization

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The falling cost - and rising value - of desktop virtualization

Desktop virtualization has become a strategic necessity that enables the mobility and agility today’s users need while still maintaining control and security. This informative paper discusses the ins-and-outs of desktop virtualization, examining why it’s become such an integral part of so many organizations.

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  • Extend the Value of Desktop Virtualization A Guide to Scaling Citrix Environments Easily and Predictably

    Organizations are increasingly adopting desktop virtualization solutions to improve security, mobility, compliance, productivity, and business agility. However, they are challenged with deploying and scaling these solutions. One way to overcome this is to build the desktop virtualization solution using a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance (HCIA).

    This expert white paper explores the benefits of using HCIAs for desktop virtualization. Find out what to look for in an HCIA and learn about deploying the right HCIA for Citrix environments.

    Download now to discover end-to-end solutions from Dell that ease deployment challenges and make desktop virtualization more scalable and predictable.

  • Three Ways to Leverage Desktop Virtualization To Reduce the Complexity in Securing Endpoints

    Managing security in traditional PC and laptop environments has typically been complex and time-consuming. Add to that the increased security risks of BYOD and smart-devices used in the growing mobile workforce, and IT teams are forced to rethink their security strategies.

    Desktop virtualization has emerged as an effective strategy for managing endpoint security.

    Access this white paper to explore three benefits of using desktop virtualization for securing endpoints within your organization.

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