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Empowering Information Security with Desktop Virtualization

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How to Properly Examines Desktop Virtualization Solutions

Is desktop virtualization easy to implement and deploy? Nope, not always. A diverse set of IT concerns presents organizations with an overwhelming number of solution choices. However, there are certain evaluation criteria you can stick to in order to find the right vendor.

This whitepaper presents four key questions you need to ask when examining your desktop virtualization solution options. Read on, and you’ll also discover the benefit of using an integrated IT solution to reduce the complexity of managing your virtualized environment.

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  • Delivering Greater Security, IT Productivity, and Efficiency with Desktop Virtualization

    In workplace settings where employees are moving from workstation to workstation, many users may find their productivity hampered if they do not have access to the applications they use from every available endpoint. This can also create risk if end-users are not following log-off

    This whitepaper takes a look at how desktop virtualization can help transform the way IT provides computing resources to end-users and address workstation-related productivity and security issues.

    Read on to learn three major benefits that can be achieved through desktop virtualization and specifically how it is revolutionizing computing in the healthcare industry.

  • The Advantages of Desktop Virtualization

    Virtual desktops are becoming a popular area of interest in the field of IT. However deciding if desktop virtualization is right for you – or if it’s worth the cost of implementation – can be difficult.

    In this expert e-guide, learn about the benefits of using desktop virtualization as well as the business case CFOs need to hear about the advantages of utilizing virtual desktops. Explore various versions of VDI available on the market today and key factors to be considered prior to deployment.

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