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Empowering Information Security with Desktop Virtualization

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Desktop virtualization: How the falling cost is increasing value

As vendors battle for market share, costs are falling for every part of the desktop virtualization architecture. Meanwhile, desktop virtualization technology itself is advancing quickly, providing new ways to enable business mobility and flexibility that people and organizations need to thrive.

This white paper examines the business drivers for desktop virtualization and its value for users, businesses, and IT. Read on to also discover where costs are falling in the desktop virtualization architecture.

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  • How consumerization trends are affecting the healthcare industry

    Today, the traditional desktop computer is being replaced by thin clients, zero clients, tablets, and ultra-thin laptops, and others, in order to allow for anytime, anywhere, and any device access. But can these new consumerization trends work for the healthcare industry?

    Access this white paper to discover six requirements healthcare IT organizations demand from their desktop and application delivery platforms and find out if devices that now exist in healthcare environments can handle these requirements.

  • How falling desktop virtualization costs are affecting value

    Desktop virtualization has become a strategic necessity that enables the mobility and agility today’s users need while still maintaining control and security. This informative paper discusses the ins-and-outs of desktop virtualization, examining why it’s become such an integral part of so many organizations.

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  • 4 customers who never have to refresh their PCs again

    This whitepaper introduces you to four organizations that never have to refresh their PCs again, and can now ensure a fully up-to-date experience for employees on any type of endpoint – including low-cost thin clients.


  • Why adopt desktop virtualization?

    This report examines what drives the growing adoption of desktop virtualization and how desktop virtualization improves application delivery.


  • What's Behind the Curtain? Why the Back-End Infrastructure is Key for VDI

    This white paper details the back-end infrastructure necessary for running an effective virtualized desktop environment.


  • Embrace Windows 10 to ease your desktop virtualization woes

    In this white paper, you will discover how to streamline your migration to Windows 10 with a virtualized infrastructure that simplifies BYOD, app compatibility, and corporate desktop management. Access this paper now to answer your burning questions about this OS and how it pertains to desktop virtualization.


  • How VDI fits into your enterprise and top benefits that help sell this technology

    Virtual desktop infrastructures simplify desktop management and reduce the typical issues faced when dealing with distributed desktops. Receive expert advice on top virtual desktop benefits and learn how VDI fits into your enterprise today.


  • How flash eases virtual desktop deployment and management

    This expert e-guide from examines how VDI support technologies can now be used to create a seamless ecosystem of storage, servers and endpoints as well as networking, monitoring, security and other essential tools.


  • Mobile Network Operator Enables Secure Access for Consultants

    Inside this brief case study, find out how a mobile network operator adopted a solution that manages, secures, and provisions virtual desktop environments and also broker's connections. Discover how this enabled employees to use their own laptops without exposing the company to risks like viruses and the copying of proprietary information.


  • 3 benefits desktop virtualization has on securing endpoints

    Access this white paper to explore three ways that desktop virtualization can reduce the time and complexity involved in securing endpoints – while also limiting your risk of data loss from security breaches.


  • 26 points to consider before choosing a server-hosted VDI solution

    This report details the findings of a 26-criteria evaluation of server hosted virtual desktop vendors. Discover how vendors rank against each criteria and where they stand in relation to each other. Select the right partner for your server-hosted virtual desktops. Download now make your choice.


  • Desktop virtualization: Streamline deployment without extra costs

    Access this expert e-guide to learn how to assess your IT infrastructure to ensure a fast and cost-effective desktop virtualization process.


  • Best practices for overcoming virtualization challenges

    Read this presentation transcript to learn three myths surrounding virtualization and how end-to-end desktop virtualization strategies are helping to alleviate these common myths. Also, two customers share best practices and lessons learned for how they tackled these common myths.


  • DaaS: Brian Madden digs into data location and the network

    In this e-book chapter, our virtualization expert Brian Madden digs into two critical design elements of Desktop as a Service (DaaS)—the network and the location of your files. Discover how the location of data, authentication, user profiles and more affect your DaaS environment.


  • Cost-effective reasons to reconsider your desktop system

    In the following white paper, learn about Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop and see firsthand how this system can provide a cost-effective alternative to proprietary operating systems, making it a powerful option for those businesses that don't have a big budget but still want reliable, secure desktop for their users.


  • Run Windows and cloud-based apps in one Chrome environment

    This white paper explains how, through the use of desktop virtualization solutions, organizations can launch centrally hosted enterprise applications alongside Google Apps, SaaS and other cloud services within the same Chrome environment without the need to launch one or more virtual Windows desktops.


  • Desktop virtualization: Benefits of building on HCIA

    This expert white paper explores the benefits of using HCIAs for desktop virtualization. Find out what to look for in an HCIA and learn about deploying the right HCIA for Citrix environments. Also, discover end-to-end solutions from Dell that ease deployment challenges and make desktop virtualization more scalable and predictable.


  • Client virtualization: Answers to your top 5 questions

    This white paper provides expert answers your top questions on virtual application and desktop technologies. Gain insights that will help you optimize end-user experiences across varying device types, mitigate unnecessary costs, and scale for growth.


  • New features and benefits of Windows 10 that could justify an upgrade

    In this guide, learn about the features and benefits of Windows 10—such as an improved user interface—that could persuade users, IT managers, and administrators to adopt.


  • Ensure a speedy and stellar VDI experience: 5 key tips

    In this exclusive e-guide, you will learn how to ensure your VDI users are happy with 5 key pieces of advice. Read on now to discover how user-involved testing, personalization settings, and more contribute to a stellar VDI experience.


  • How a VDI made remote access simple

    In this case study, discover how a municipal government found a VDI solution that enabled centralized data storage, streamlined remote access, simplified IT management, and more.


  • Infographic: 4 ways Citrix is a leader in app virtualization

    This infographic highlights 4 key areas where Citrix is a market leader. Find out how each of its technologies empowers businesses with complete mobile workspaces by securely delivering apps, desktops, and data to any device.


  • Go beyond traditional desktop virtualization with user-centric approach

    This white paper highlights a user-centric approach to desktop computing that improves the way people work and the way IT supports them. Download now to explore four reasons to go beyond the limitations of other virtualization solutions with a user-centric approach.


  • 10 Windows 10 features IT pros will love

    With Windows 10, the amount of top notch features that are available is simply staggering. But our experts have narrowed down the top 10 that IT pros will love in the following e-guide. Additionally, readers will gain access to a comprehensive look at Windows 10 security features, mobile implications, and much more.


  • How to use virtual desktop infrastructure to empower education

    The following case study explores how Little Rock School District was able to provide their students with an innovative STEM curriculum using NVIDIA GRID. Access now and learn how this technology can benefit your organization as well.


  • Brian Madden examines Wyse vWorkspace for a VDI option

    In this expert e-guide, world-renowned independent desktop virtualization expert Brian Madden offers his insight into the release of Wyse vWorkspace 8.5. Find out what he thinks of its simplicity, price and Dell enterprise support, and how it will compare to the competition.


  • 3 virtualization myths, debunked

    Listen to this podcast to explore trends and challenges for today's healthcare providers. You'll learn three myths surrounding virtualization and how end-to-end desktop virtualization strategies are helping to alleviate these common myths. Also, two customers share best practices and lessons learned for how they tackled these common myths.


  • Overcome 3 common virtualization challenges

    Watch this webcast to explore trends and challenges for today's healthcare providers. You'll learn three myths surrounding virtualization and how end-to-end desktop virtualization strategies are helping to alleviate these common myths. Also, two customers share best practices and lessons learned of how they tackled these common myths.


  • How to accelerate business performance and productivity with virtual workspaces

    View this case study to learn how BLDD went about their VDI migration and attained benefits such as greater employee productivity, faster, better quality product delivery, and more.


  • Citrix vs. VMware: Discover 4 differences

    Competing solutions may look similar at a glance, but there are good reasons Citrix is a leader in application virtualization. Here are four of them.


  • Case study: Enabling flexibility with VDI

    In this case study, discover how a community college employed avirtual desktop infrastructure that enabled high-quality online learning with the maximum amount of flexibility.


  • Presentation Transcript: Considerations for Building a Successful Desktop Virtualization Pilot Program

    This presentation transcript highlights Brian Madden and other industry experts as they review the differences among a proof of concept, a trial, and a pilot desktop virtualization program. Learn why a pilot desktop virtualization program is successful and more.


  • Making DaaS work: Brian Madden digs into licensing

    Brian Madden's Desktop as a Service e-book takes a look at how to properly license for DaaS environments, including Windows OS licensing and application licensing. Access this chapter now to gain key insights into the details of making DaaS work.


  • Brian Madden: How Dell vWorkspace 8.5 fairs in the VDI market

    Access this presentation transcript to examine what desktop virtualization expert Brian Madden thinks about Dell vWorkspace 8.5 and how it compares to other VDI options on the market.


  • Considerations for Building a Successful Desktop Virtualization Pilot Program

    In this video presentation, the experts will discuss the differences among a proof of concept, a trial and a pilot desktop virtualization program.  In addition, they’ll explain the reasons why a desktop virtualization pilot program is key to defining the success of an actual implantation.


  • Case study: VDI creates remote productivity

    Read this case study to learn how a global architectural firm enabled remote users to easily use graphics-heavy applications through its VDI solution.


  • Citrix vs. VMware: 4 key comparisons

    This resource takes a look at two major desktop virtualization solutions and makes a comparison based on four key points.


  • How desktop virtualization is more than just VDI

    In this video, independent virtualization expert Brian Madden and Dell representative Matthew Gray discuss how organizational usage requirements dictate what kind of desktop virtualization strategies will work best for a particular business – or if it will even work at all. Watch now to learn more.


  • How VDI can help you address the top IT challenges

    This paper explores a collection of services that can help drive a modern, mobile workforce toward greater agility and productivity, one project at a time.


  • Brian Madden examines desktop virtualization options in the VDI market

    Listen to this podcast to hear desktop virtualization expert Brian Madden discuss what he thinks about the new product offering in the VDI market – the Dell Wyse vWorkspace 8.5.


  • Case study: Supermarket chain replaces Windows with Chrome

    This white paper examines why business decision makers and IT staff at a supermarket chain manager decided to adopt Google Chrome as well as the challenges they faced – and overcame – during the transition.