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Choosing Hardware for Virtualization

As virtualization and cloud computing become more entrenched in data centers, these technologies are having major impact on IT professionals’ choice of system hardware and architectures. In recent years, data centers have followed the scale-up model, consolidating resources by relying on small numbers of large, powerful machines. Today, data center architecture frequently relies on larger numbers of commodity server equipment, in a scale-out strategy. This shift has changed the way companies operate, and IT professionals need to understand the issues involved with both architectural approaches.

In this handbook on hardware and virtualization choices, we look at some important questions for prospective server purchasers, including the following:

  • What are the pros and cons of scale-up versus scale-out architectures for a virtualized data center strategy?
  • Are “high-end” servers still relevant? Here we explore the features and functionality that virtualized servers really need. We also delve into hardware virtualization technologies such as AMD-V and Intel-VT enabled virtualization, and see how I/O virtualization boosts server performance even further.
  • How do scale-up and scale-out strategies affect workload balancing?
  • How do networking and storage technologies help modern servers handle virtualization?
  • What are the power-saving options among new server classes? Find out how to further enhance the cost savings of virtualization and cloud computing by enabling better energy efficiency.

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