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A Simple Way to Connect and Manage Computing in the Data Center

Today’s data center networks are becoming increasingly complex and costly. All of this complexity can hamper performance and agility. A new approach is needed to connect and manage computing in the data center.

Access this white paper to learn how you can provide an exceptionally easy, intelligent, and efficient way to handle computing in your data center. This approach allows you to dramatically simplify your data center and deliver:

  • A zero-touch model to allocate I/O connectivity across any type of server
  • Shared LAN, SAN, and management connections for increased utilization
  • Easy, automated, and fast server connections
  • And more

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    In order to keep up with the cloud computing era, organizations are in need of server systems that are capable of running enterprise workloads, and processing growing sets of data – all while remaining within constricted IT budgets.

    Check out this exclusive white paper to find out how IBM’s new systems meet business critical demands with virtualization, business analytics and ERP applications. 

  • Platform for Success—As Small Business Seek IT Solutions, PE VRTX Surfaces as Powerful Option

    Due to constrained budgets, today’s small businesses are often forced to embrace a mishmash of different technology with the hopes of finding cohesiveness. In the end, this can cost these organizations more time and resources. So how can small organizations create integrated IT solutions without breaking the bank?

    In this resource, discover of a new IT solution that can help you consolidate and converge your hardware resources within your enterprise IT infrastructure. Read on and find out how you can leverage this powerful new platform to achieve increased scalability and manageability for your organization.

    Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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