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Understand the Basics of a Data Center Hardware Refresh

Having the right upgrades in place are vital for the successful delivery of IT services. Unfortunately, there are plenty of hidden virtualization costs and many of them are not recognized until a project is already well underway.

This expert e-guide explains why network and storage hardware upgrades, security products, and training are some of the hidden virtualization costs that can throw off your TCO/ROI calculations. Read on to learn about five IT infrastructure projects to tackle this year. Additionally, determine whether or not it's time for a data center hardware refresh even if your IT budget is not large.

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  • Consolidate Your IT Platform to Boost Productivity and Alleviate Headaches

    Due to constrained budgets, today’s small businesses are often forced to embrace a mishmash of different technology with the hopes of finding cohesiveness. In the end, this can cost these organizations more time and resources. So how can small organizations create integrated IT solutions without breaking the bank?

    In this resource, discover a new IT solution that can help you consolidate and converge your hardware resources within your enterprise IT infrastructure. Read on and find out how you can leverage this powerful new platform to achieve increased scalability and manageability for your organization.

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  • How to Strategically plan for a modern data center

    With the continued growth of technology, locating and building a server room in an existing facility is very common. However, while there is no one-size-fits-all approach to server room design, many organizations are looking into more modular designs. 

    So what do you have to consider throughout the server room design process? 

    Inside this exclusive e-guide, learn four basic requirements to consider when designing a server room that best fits your business needs. Also, virtualization experts discuss maximizing server space, capacity planning tools and the challenges of capacity planning.

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