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An IT infrastructure to rethink the way you manage your data center

It is no secret that the old tried-and-true approach to data center management is falling short. If IT delays or is too inflexible, most likely emloyees will go right ahead and download an application—whether it is secure and enterprise-capable or not.

It is time for IT departments to rethink how they build and manage their data center.

This white paper introduces an IT infrastructure that uses a unique approach to convergence by providing a bridge between legacy architectures and evolving cloud and big data models.

Read on to learn detailed information about some of the benefits this infrastructure can offer your data center including:

Simplified deployment
Ease of maintenance and support
Reduced overall cost and footprint
Increased application performance
Flexibility in deployment, application mix, and scalability

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  • IoT value cycle: Bridge between business goals and IoT architecture

    If there is one universal truth, it is that preparation is the key to success. You need to clearly define your objectives and select the right tools for the job before you get to work.

    This is something that tends to be overlooked when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), as the term itself can be misleading. As a result, it is important to consider one thing before going into a project: relevancy.

    Access this white paper to learn how to evaluate your IoT projects for business relevancy and better manage projects with secure networking without compromising usability.

  • Finding the best server hardware for virtualization

    Choosing the right server hardware to maximize virtualization benefits is an important investment. To gain the high consolidation ratios you're after, you need powerful-enough hardware to support your workloads and applications.

    In this expert ebook, explore the hardware consideration to keep in mind as you virtualize, including:

    • Processor
    • Memory
    • Form factors
    • And more

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