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Best Practices for Mobile Device Management

Smartphones are becoming more sophisticated and powerful day by day. Since these devices can do so much and are available at a much lower cost nowadays, they seem to be everywhere in the enterprise. However, because of their capabilities, they require much better management practices than many enterprises are used to.

This e-guide from reveals numerous tips for mobile device management in the enterprise, plus a checklist to help you make your MDM strategy.

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  • Modern Mobility E-Zine – March 2015

    Enterprise mobility management (EMM) dominates the topic of mobility in today’s business world, sometimes at the expense of more crucial discussions. If organizations haven’t mobilized their business processes, deployed mobile apps and updated their infrastructure, EMM won’t do much good.

    This issue of Modern Mobility explains what a successful mobile-first business looks like and what EMM’s role should be. In addition to the cover story, other content includes a column on the focus on user needs (FUN) principle, a guiding light for businesses navigating mobility’s murky waters. Every decision, from which apps to use to how to manage them, should be made with the goal of helping end users solve problems and be more productive. Readers will also find a deep dive into mobile device management with Jack Madden, a Q&A with a leader in the mobile development market and much more.

  • Expert Tips for Managing Mobile Devices in the Enterprise

    Although desktops and laptops aren’t becoming obsolete, they are no longer the only options for end-users. More and more employees today are exploiting consumerization and bringing their own tablets or smartphones to the workplace, with or without permission.

    In this E-Guide from, discover how you can get a grip on mobile device management in your enterprise. Discover the challenges and opportunities of implementing various devices, and also uncover the security risks they pose. Also read a special report featuring news and analysis on the latest IT device management trends, including business smartphone use and iPad enterprise management.

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