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The Critical Role of Support in Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is no longer an optional tactic. If you want to keep up with your competition, mobilizing key resources to be more productive, efficient and responsive to customer needs is essential. However, enterprise mobility is growing increasingly complex. It’s up to IT departments to securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively support devices running on multiple platforms.

This informative white paper explains why support is an essential piece of your enterprise mobility management (EMM) strategy and outlines the factors necessary to ensure you choose the best solution for your specific needs. Read on to discover how to support your EMM strategy and keep up with your competition.

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  • EMM Challenges: Balancing the Needs of IT and End Users

    The requirements for enterprise mobility management (EMM) change just as quickly as mobile technology does. The needs of IT administrators and end users are rapidly evolving, but they are often at odds. As the needs of IT departments and employees grow further apart, the need for a single, robust and flexible cross-platform EMM solution becomes increasingly essential.

    This white paper explains how you can start balancing IT needs with what employees want, without all of the complex infrastructures and security concerns you might expect. Read on to discover the 3 key features you should look for in an EMM strategy.

  • One Solution to Mobile Enterprise Management

    In the early days of enterprise mobility and BYOD initiatives, consumer application usage got out of hand. Employees put company data at risk by using consumer apps because mobile enterprise apps and device management just weren’t ready. Organizations are getting smarter and solutions are getting more effective. Don’t let your employees continue to put valuable company data in harm’s way.

    In this white paper, you’ll learn how one mobile management solution enables your company to support secure and productive mobile business. Read on to discover all of the services that you can take advantage of to make your mobile management simple and effective, such as:

    • Secure mobile messaging
    • Optimized mobile collaboration
    • Cost-effective security


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