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Why the World's Leading Businesses Trust BlackBerry

BYOD has been the focal point for IT news for the last two years due to its groundbreaking effort to increase mobility and productivity.  Even though it's reaching companies of all sizes and even governments, the penetration within these organizations is surprisingly still low.  This is because IT professionals understand the pitfalls that come with managing multiple devices and operating systems.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is no easy task.  However, with the right tools and a trusted partner any problem can be solved.  Click the link below to see why BlackBerry® is considered to be the safest and most trusted partner for EMM solutions, and for a preview of the new features included in BlackBerry Enterprise Services 10 (BES10).

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  • An EMM Checklist for CIOs: Factors to Consider When Choosing an EMM Solution

    As you decide on an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of factors to weigh. Comparing features across three or four shortlisted solutions can become incredibly time-consuming.

    As a starting point, consider the issues in the following white paper. It’s derived from third-party research and best practices. It covers the critical areas you’ll need to think through as you arrive at a decision. It also provides a CIO’s Guide to EMM, which addresses the same topics, and others, in more detail.

    Thinking about these key factors will help you arrive at a solution that best fits your business:

    • Device management
    • Secure connectivity
    • Application management
    • And more!

  • IBM Mobile First

    Learn how to develop, test, run and manage hybrid and native multiplatform, mobile apps in a security-rich environment.

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