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Mobility and Beyond: How to Achieve EMM Bliss

The only way to wring full value from your mobility strategy isto extend data from behind your firewall out to mobile devices. But the more you do that, the greater your risk of exposure. At a time when major brands in multiple industries are falling victim to costly breaches, the need for complete security control has never been greater.

This exclusive white paper takes an in-depth look at an enterprise mobility management solution that delivers the full package:

  • Global capabilities
  • Increased security
  • Ease of management
  • And more

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  • Enterprise Mobility 101: How the Cloud is Changing Mobility

    Today's businesses are on the move. Customers, suppliers and employees are communicating and collaborating through software virtually anywhere at any time. Enterprise IT organizations are struggling to meet the expectations of mobile users while maintaining control of the profusion of devices, applications and content. They are striving to enable your business to deliver new and innovative services more quickly while ensuring the security of your data and the privacy of your users.

    This exclusive white paper examines an in-depth look at an enterprise mobility solution that can help your organization meet the constant demands of end-users on the network.  Read on to learn more, including:

    • Key challenges of implementing a mobility solution
    • Manage email, and other content across different mobile devices
    • Key benefits of a mobility solution
    • And more

  • How mobility is changing the working world

    With the convergence of mobility, cloud, big data and security, the way we work is changing. Many businesses are excited about the business benefits of mobility but the ability to secure and manage a BYOD policy can bring a long some challenges.

    This guide takes a look at mobility in the workforce and the various ways it is enhancing employee productivity. Read now and learn more about:

    • Social networking
    • Big data
    • Cloud computing
    • And more 

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