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How mobility is changing the working world

With the convergence of mobility, cloud, big data and security, the way we work is changing. Many businesses are excited about the business benefits of mobility but the ability to secure and manage a BYOD policy can bring a long some challenges.

This guide takes a look at mobility in the workforce and the various ways it is enhancing employee productivity. Read now and learn more about:

  • Social networking
  • Big data
  • Cloud computing
  • And more 

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  • Gartner Report: Best Practices for Choosing, Implementing and Using MDM and EMM

    The mobile device management (MDM) landscape has more than 125 vendors with varying capabilities and different features/functionality, and all have different pros, cons and life expectancy.

    Enterprise mobility management (EMM) features intended to address the same functional requirements vary considerably between vendors, making it difficult to match these features to specific needs.

    Many organizations are in the process of selecting or planning the implementation of a mobile device management solution. This whitepaper looks at the best practices and provides a step-by-step approach for mobile and security specialists.

  • IBM CIO Office

    As mobility continues to take the business world by storm, IT professionals are still struggling when trying to roll out new management and security policies.  This is mostly due to the complexity and uniqueness of each device, but finding a streamlined simple approach to managing this problem is a must.

    Mobile security advancements should never hold your enterprise back.  Deploying a solution that can embrace change and scale appropriately should be a main concern for any organization.

    This exclusive case study takes an in-depth look at how one office was able to on-board 15,00 devices during the first day of deployment.  Read on to learn more.

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