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Computer Weekly special report: The State of the Nation in Mobility

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Mobility Insight: 6 Myths You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Of all the obstacles standing in the way of building a better IT infrastructure, misinformation may be the most daunting.

This white paper will help provide the insight you need to make the right decisions when it comes to managing BYOD and dealing with workplace mobility-based issues. Read on to learn the facts surrounding six of the biggest myths surrounding BYOD, including:

  • Should you wait to deploy your BYOD program?
  • Can you manage BYOD with mobile device management?
  • Do you need to convert your apps to a mobile format?
  • And more.

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  • Unlocking the Potential of BYOD with a Mobile Device Management Service

    The bring your own device (BYOD) revolution can make your employees happier and more productive, which leads to major growth for your company. Mobile device management (MDM) may seem like a major headache for IT professionals, but advancements in cloud services are changing the way enterprises can employ a BYOD strategy.

    This short video shows how one company can eliminate the headache of MDM and bring your company into the new age of mobility. View it now to see how your BYOD strategy can become simple, secure and cost effective.

  • The Enterprise Mobility Policy Guidebook

    Mobility is becoming an integral part of the workforce, and IT teams must learn to integrate it into their environments. The only way to successfully do so is with a clear mobility policy.

    This guide can help you create one. Read it now for in-depth advice on how you can create a mobility policy that will increase productivity, efficiency, and cooperation in your workplace.

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