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Computer Weekly special report: The State of the Nation in Mobility

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The ABCs of mobile device management

Securely managing mobile devices, apps, and docs can be difficult without the right tools.  However, with so many options employees have when a BYOD campaign is set in place, differences in operating systems and hardware create even more trouble.

Is your IT team ready to deal with jailbroken devices?  Do you know your mobile expense?  In this white paper, discover the ABCs of Mobile Device Management (MDM) including:

  • Over-the-Air (OTA) configuration
  • Wiping corporate data on mobile devices
  • Securely sharing documents
  • And more

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  • Enterprise mobility is just a phase – right?

    Enterprise mobility is a hoax; it’s just some marketing wave that will soon pass – right?

    Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t agree. These are the same people who want you to waste your money on a mobile device management (MDM) solution to secure and control the mobile devices in your enterprise. It’s not worth it, right?

    This white paper reveals the top 10 reasons you don’t need an MDM solution in your enterprise…or do you? BYOD may be more than just a passing fad. 

  • BYOD vs. COPE: Which is best for your company?

    As the initial excitement about the bring your own device trend dies down, alternate approaches to mobility are emerging. The corporate-owned, personally enabled (COPE) model aims to give more control without curbing users’ activities on smartphones and tablets. We explain the pros and cons of BYOD and COPE to help readers decide which model is the best fit.

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