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Computer Weekly special report: The State of the Nation in Mobility

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The CIO's Guide to EMM: 10 critical decision points

Enterprises that develop a mobile strategy and implement the right solution can expect significant benefits, as can those that update their existing strategy to keep pace with the evolving enterprise mobility landscape.

The right solution improves productivity, security, and privacy, while making it easier for IT administrators to manage the growing number of roles, apps, operating systems and device types. Access this guide to learn about the ten most critical decision points concerning EMM including:

  • Employees' trust and privacy issues
  • Meeting compliance and security requirements
  • Leveraging mobility and improve productivity via mobile apps
  • And much more


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  • 10 reasons you "don't" need mobile device management

    You've probably heard of this "mobile device management" stuff by now, right? This bring your own device (BYOD) trend will likely come to a stop in a year or two and smartphones should only be used for phone calls. They are just phones after all.

    Smartphones will never take over the workplace since employees only use technology when they absolutely must. If you're not convinced yet, take a look at these ten reasons that this MDM is overrated, including:

    • MDM deprives you of visits to your IT help desk
    • Your employees couldn't put security at risk, even by accident
    • Technology's only place is in the workspace

    If you're still hung-up on the idea of MDM, read on to learn how this fad is changing the business landscape and stealing mountains of work from IT departments nationwide.

  • UEM wrangles unruly mobile devices, prepares for Windows 10

    The adoption of mobile devices in the workplace has been explosive and, considering the range of options, it's been difficult to find a way to manage these devices. On top of that, the tsunami that is Windows 10 quickly approaching, just as many organizations are completing their Windows 7 rollout.

    It is critical that we bring these two major problems to a stable resolution. Thankfully, this is possible with unified endpoint management (UEM). Gartner considers UEM to be the convergence of traditional client lifecycle management with the management of mobile and/or hybrid devices.

    Read on to learn about the looming IT nightmare and a UEM solution that enables IT organizations to support lines of business across all devices and operating systems currently in use, and helps prepare for the Windows 10 rollout.

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    Wanting to provide the best possible learning and university experience for its students and teachers, UWS turned to Dimension Data to help find the right mobility strategy. Teachers and students are now able to engage in learning and teaching anytime, anywhere. View this exclusive webcast to learn more.


  • Top 5 ways to cut enterprise mobility costs

    This exclusive white paper takes an in-depth look at 5 ways to cut corporate-liable mobile costs.  Read on to learn more.


  • Top 5 ways to cut enterprise mobility costs

    This exclusive white paper takes an in-depth look at 5 ways to cut corporate-liable mobile costs.


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  • How mobility has evolved to cover devices, apps and content

    20% of CIOs reported that their organizations do not have a mobile technology strategy. In order to survive in the mobile centric world, a nuanced strategy is in order. See how enterprise mobility management has evolved over the past two decades and how to ensure that your organization doesn't fall behind.


  • Tips for planning the best mobile strategy

    You need a strong mobility strategy in order to survive today's increasingly mobile business landscape. Access this guide to learn about the best ways to plan out your strategy for mobile success.