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Computer Weekly special report: The State of the Nation in Mobility

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Mobile Device Management 101: Everything You Need to Know for Mobile Success

Securely managing mobile devices, apps, and docs can be difficult without the right tools.  However, with so many options employees have when a BYOD campaign is set in place, differences in operating systems and hardware create even more trouble.

Is your IT team ready to deal with jailbroken devices?  Do you know your mobile expense?  In this white paper, discover the ABCs of Mobile Device Management (MDM) including:

  • Over-the-Air (OTA) configuration
  • Wiping corporate data on mobile devices
  • Securely sharing documents
  • And more

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  • Opening the door to device diversity: A guide to mobile device management

    According to a recent report, 90% of enterprises will have two or more mobile operating systems to support by the year 2017. And with many businesses adopting mobile device management (MDM) platforms to allow their employees to work on the go, which one is best-suited for your organization?

    This white paper examines how to embrace a diverse mobile device mix by adopting a MDM platform within your organization. Download now to learn:

    • Why “one-size-fit-all” doesn’t work
    • Identify requirements of a MDM solution
    • How the MDM market is evolving
    • And more

  • Mobile Device Management for Everyone

    Everywhere you look, someone is writing about the benefits of mobility for traditional office jobs. What about industries like manufacturing that are typically slower to adapt? The rise of stronger, more differentiated devices is making it possible for organizations in any industry to adopt BYOD and mobility strategies, but security and management issues persist as they do for early adopters.

    Access this white paper now to learn how your company can implement a secure mobile strategy that won’t cause headaches for your IT department to manage. Read on and discover a simple solution to enterprise mobility management that any company can enjoy.

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  • Citrix Workspace Suite

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  • Rethinking Your Approach to Mobile Business

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  • Enterprise Mobility-as-a-Service

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  • Mobile File Management Case Study: The Government of Basel-Stadt

    Access this white paper and learn how the Government of Basel-Stadt implemented a mobile file management solution that ensures security and control while enabling a productive mobile workforce. Read on to learn how to give employees access to files while preventing security breaches.


  • Cloud First Mobile First – Introducing Enterprise Mobility as a Service

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