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Computer Weekly special report: The State of the Nation in Mobility

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Overcome the limitations of MDM solutions

In a market evolving as speedily as enterprise mobility, first-generation MDM/MAM solutions have quickly become outdated, deteriorating from helpful to inadequate.

This has left IT leaders wondering if anything can be done with their outdated MDM/MAMA solutions to still benefit their enterprises.

In this white paper, you will discover how to overcome the limitations of current container-based MDM/MAM solutions.  

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  • Mobile policy document: Must-have tips for construction

    A mobile computing policy document (sometimes called an Acceptable Use Policy) tells employees what’s expected of them when it comes to using smartphones, tablets and other mobile endpoints for work. It marks out the responsibilities of the company as well.

    But if your users are put off by your policy document and fail to understand it, they’ll be reluctant to use their devices to their full potential. That means you’re leaving opportunities on the table. And worse, if they don’t understand their responsibilities on the security side, you open your organization up to unnecessary risks.

    So how do you construct a mobile policy that ensures productivity and protection?

    This white paper is your guide to building a policy document that users will actually follow.  End user confusion and empower your enterprise now. 

  • 5 key steps to a successful mobile strategy

    The average organization owns about 2,500 apps - making a secure, seamless, scalable virtual workspace strategy easier said than architected.

    Businesses find themselves scrambling to deploy virtual workspace solutions that meet both mobile end-users' and IT's demands. 

    In this white paper, you'll find five key criteria you must implement in order to effectively execute your mobile workspace plans. Get details on how to offer:

    • A single point of access for productivity and tools
    • Easy app navigation and management
    • Personalization and customization
    • And more

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  • UEM ends the complexity of mobile management

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