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Computer Weekly special report: The State of the Nation in Mobility

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Mobile Device Management for Everyone

Everywhere you look, someone is writing about the benefits of mobility for traditional office jobs. What about industries like manufacturing that are typically slower to adapt? The rise of stronger, more differentiated devices is making it possible for organizations in any industry to adopt BYOD and mobility strategies, but security and management issues persist as they do for early adopters.

Access this white paper now to learn how your company can implement a secure mobile strategy that won’t cause headaches for your IT department to manage. Read on and discover a simple solution to enterprise mobility management that any company can enjoy.

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  • Unlocking the Potential of BYOD with a Mobile Device Management Service

    The bring your own device (BYOD) revolution can make your employees happier and more productive, which leads to major growth for your company. Mobile device management (MDM) may seem like a major headache for IT professionals, but advancements in cloud services are changing the way enterprises can employ a BYOD strategy.

    This short video shows how one company can eliminate the headache of MDM and bring your company into the new age of mobility. View it now to see how your BYOD strategy can become simple, secure and cost effective.

  • The ABCs of Mobile Device Management

    Securely managing mobile devices, apps and docs can be difficult without the right tools.  However, with so many options employees have when a BYOD campaign is set in place, differences in operating systems and hardware create even more trouble.

    Is your IT team ready to deal with jailbroken devices?  Do you know your mobile expense?  In this white paper, discover the ABCs of Mobile Device Management (MDM) including:

    • Over-the-Air (OTA) configuration
    • Wiping corporate data on mobile devices
    • Securely sharing documents
    • And more

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  • Research Study: Best Practices for Choosing, Implementing and Using MDM and EMM

    In this research study, Gartner provides a step-by-step approach to choosing the right EMM or MDM solution for your company. Read more to learn how you can break through the flooded market of EMM/MDM providers and find exactly what you need to succeed.


  • The new reality of mobile solutions: Everything you’ve been told about mobility is wrong

    This white paper helps you choose more secure mobility management by debunking four mobility misconceptions that often hold organizations back.


  • Mobile Configuration Management Functions for Successful MDM

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  • Advanced mobile device management software capabilities to consider

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  • The Secure Mobile Enterprise

    Access this white paper to learn how to build a secure mobile enterprise. Learn the four essential components that provide complete security coverage for mobile workspaces and explore the key steps and solutions that can help to deliver each of these areas.


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    In this research report, Forrester Research, Inc., defines the use cases, business value, and outlook for the 14 technologies at the heart of mobile security.


  • Comparing Citrix XenMobile to the Competition

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  • Dell Mobility Solutions Part 2

    Access this webinar to hear from industry leaders about how to create a sound mobile strategy that empowers your workforce.


  • Dell Mobility Solutions Part 3

    Watch to learn about these innovative offerings, including about the various members of the Dell Venue series family designed for use in educational settings.


  • Solving the Enterprise Mobility Challenge

    For mobile workers to truly be productive, they need on-the-go access to apps and data, even on their personal devices.  Enterprises need a way to deliver these other types of apps on mobile devices now- but IT rarely has the time or budget to build mobile versions.


  • Trends in Enterprise Mobility

    This research report from Comptia offers advice to organisations on provisioning mobile devices, assesses the benefits of mobile and identifies the challenges of remote working.


  • Taming Mobile App Chaos for Businesses & End Users

    Access this white paper now to discover the importance of a mobile application management (MAM) strategy to realizing a successful enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.


  • What's Missing from Your BYOD Strategy?

    Access this white paper to discover why moving beyond MDM and adopting an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution is the key to properly handling mobility.


  • Mobility Solutions Overview For Large and Midsize Organizations

    Mobile technologies are having a dramatic effect on the way we live, work, learn, and play. While organizations recognize that the impact of mobility could be as great as that of the web, many are struggling with what exactly to do about it.


  • The Future of Mobile Enterprise Apps

    Access this white paper to discover why now is the time to optimize your mobile strategy with powerful enterprise apps.


  • 5 Reasons AirWatch Can’t Match XenMobile for Business Mobility

    This white paper explains how one EMM solution provider dominates the competition. Read more to learn how you can take your business mobility strategy to the next level and realize all of the major benefits of a mobile workplace.


  • Better Manage Your BYOD Program

    This white paper provides indispensible advice on how to select device specifications for BYOD, how to streamline management, and more.


  • Drive Business Growth with Mobile Workspaces

    This whitepaper examines the components of a truly effective mobile workspace, such as support for mobile apps and collaboration management tools, and how success with mobility can be achieved through a single solution.


  • Solving the Challenges of BYOD

    This expert resource will discuss the the hidden costs of BYOD, the roadblocks on the way to BYOD success, how to best apply IT governance over BYOD, how to develop strategies, the software to use, and more.


  • Choosing an EMM strategy

    In this expert guide, you'll learn the pros and cons of BYOD and COPE programs and discover one potential solution to your EMM woes.


  • Mobile Device Ownership

    Access this white paper to discover the answers to all of the questions you need to be asking about BYOD strategies. Read more to determine the right security framework, which model makes the most business sense for you and what your employees really want out of BYOD.


  • Making Your Enterprise Mobile Ready

    Read this eBook to understand the needs and wants of a mobile workforce and the security policies and solutions enterprise IT should be considering.


  • The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Mobile Management Q3 2014

    In this report, Forrester evaluates the 15 most significant EMM providers and details how each vendor fulfills the 27 evaluation criteria points.


  • The 15 Enterprise Mobile Management Vendors You Should Know

    In this white paper, Forrester Research, Inc., provides an in-depth buyer's guide to the 15 biggest players in the enterprise mobility management space.


  • Mobility Management Selection Guide

    This exclusive paper takes an in-depth look at the criteria you can use to select the optimal enterprise mobility management system that can meet your specific, fast-paced, and consistently changing requirements.


  • BYOD Design Overview

    There are plenty of ways to implement a BYOD solution based on the unique requirements of a specific organization.  Some take an open approach and rely on basic services, others prefer more secure ways to manage devices.


  • Mobile Workspaces: Deliver the Optimum Experience While Enabling Mobility and Productivity

    This whitepaper from ESG examines the evolution of mobility in the workplace and explores how to deliver the optimum user experience by building a comprehensive mobile workspace.


  • Mobile Policies: How to Write Guidelines Employees Will Follow

    This white paper acts as a template to help you build a mobile computing policy that your employees will understand and follow as you implement a BYOD or COPE strategy.


  • Timely Topics: Enterprise BYOD

    This informative paper helps outline some ways to control the risks of BYOD and addresses other factors that influence your decision to establish a BYOD policy. Discover the compelling advantages of BYOD that will have your leaders deciding "when," not "if," to implement this mobile strategy.


  • Going Mobile: Best Practices for Centrally Ensuring a Mobile Workforce

    With the uptick in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices, IT is inundated with the responsibility of ensuring the portability of their business resources. Access this informative infographic to learn what it takes to effectively unify management of all endpoints no matter where they may reside.


  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

    The MDM market has changed into the enterprise mobility management suites market. The vendor landscap has change significantly, and EMM is growing quickly. This impacts the choices IT leaders make today.


  • Best Practices in Cross-Platform MAM

    This white paper teaches you how important MAM solutions are to a successful EMM strategy and walks you through everything you need to know about finding the right option for your organization. Read on to discover the 5 key reasons to implement a strong MAM strategy.