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Top 10 Global Insights from the Cisco IBSG Horizon Study

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BYOD 101: Why BYOD is Changing the Business World

Let's face it; BYOD has taken the business world by storm, and organizations that haven't implemented a device strategy yet will fall behind.  BYOD is quickly becoming the norm, with 74% of companies accomodating and encouraging employees to use their own devices.

Thinking about switching yet?

This exclusive white paper examines the BYOD movement and why it makes perfect sense for business.  Read on to learn more.

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  • Juggling Management and Benefits of BYOD in the Enterprise

    Employees using tablets and smartphones for work, whether through an official bring your own device strategy or not, provides IT the opportunity to deliver new applications, improve efficiency and even save money—all while satisfying employee demand for constant access to their iPads, iPhones and other devices. This handbook explores those positive aspects of devices in the enterprise and presents the challenges of managing more endpoints, facing security risks and enforcing usage policies.

  • Managing the iPad in the Enterprise

    Mobile strategies are becoming largely dictated by employees. The manageability, cost, and actual business benefits are being trumped by the employees pressuring their businesses to be allowed to work on consumer mobile devices, mainly for convenience.

    Access this Tech Guide to learn more about BYOD, analyzing a business process and figuring out how mobile devices provide a competitive edge vital to your enterprise strategy. Articles include:

    • In Building a Mobility Strategy, What the Employee Says Goes
    • CIOs Looking for Ways to Say Yes to the iPad in the Enterprise
    • Bringing BYOD to your Enterprise

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