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Six Essential Steps for Unleashing the Power of Enterprise Mobility

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Improve BYOD with the Bonjour Protocol

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) sensation has resulted in enterprise networks being bombarded by requests to use Apple products in the workplace. Unfortunately, iOS devices can be quite difficult to connect to file sharing servers, monitoring, and printers.

To remedy the issue, Apple has released the Bonjour gateway protocol which, despite its shortcomings, can increase mobility and flexibility while helping with mobile device management techniques.

This E-Guide from details the Bonjour gateway and how it can help your organization. In addition, uncover key advice that will help you devise a BYOD policy that best suits your users – and your enterprise.

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  • Solving the Challenges of BYOD

    As the number of devices per employee proliferates within enterprises, IT has to respond with technology and policies to prevent data breaches, network bottlenecks and other management headaches. Which devices should IT choose to support, and what are the implications for endpoint management and security? How can IT open the gates without losing control of its environment? And how can IT satisfy users demanding ever more mobile apps and support?

  • Busting Myths About Mobility: Why BYOD requires more than Traditional Mobile Device Management

    Employees appreciate the ability to be productive on the devices with which they're familiar.Organizations appreciate that this productivity comes without additional hardware costs.Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives seem like a win-win.

    But what else might BYOD bring? It turns out, quite a bit ofuncertainty regarding data security. A traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is often the first step in addressing security challenges of BYOD, but is it enough? This exclusive white paper takes an in-depth look at BYOD and mobile device management, exposing common myths about mobility and much more.  Read on to learn more.

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