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A guide to storage and virtualisation

Virtualisation brings benefits to the datacentre, but it also brings big changes to storage provisioning and management. We look at the key challenges and how to deal with them.

Contents include:

  • Key challenges in storage and virtualisation, and how to beat them
  • Virtualisation and the LUN: Storage configuration for VMs

These are also closely related to: "Efficiency Benefits of Unified Storage"

  • Storage Magazine Finds Top Enterprise NAS Vendor

    According to Rich Castagna, storage thought leader and editorial director of TechTarget’s Storage Magazine, “Storage managers trying to dig their way out from growing piles of file data might hate the fact that they need to buy another network-attached storage (NAS) box. But their hate quickly turns into the closest thing to love you’ll find in a data center when they actually get that new NAS up and running.”

    But before you invest in another NAS purchase or search for justification as to why such an investment may or may not be needed, check out Storage magazine’s review of today’s top NAS vendors. It's based on the just-published results of their Quality Awards winners, a special edition of the magazine that’s designed to identify and recognize products that have proven their quality and reliability in actual use.

    Download today and view the complete results to discover the top vendors to consider as you move forward with your 2014 product planning and see who took top honors. (Hint: Dell Inc. grabbed its first win for best NAS storage and emerged as the favorite among enterprise-class NAS systems; Hitachi Data Systems Corp., often considered an enterprise vendor, topped the midrange group for the second year in a row).

  • Expert e-Zine: Storage trends and solutions

    Storage decisions events are guaranteed to deliver practical advice and technical guidance that you can put to use as soon as you return to the office.

    Avoid falling behind with your storage platforms and access this expert resource now to gain exclusive insight into market trends and emerging technologies - featured by the world’s most renowned storage experts. Read on to explore top and vendor-neutral advice for tackling current storage issues.

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    Continue on to this important whitepaper now to learn how tiered storage can help you cost-effectively harness massive data growth with automation and intelligence.


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    IDC highlights the priorities and challenges faced by IT managers looking for midrange and high-end open system storage solutions. This document also presents the new and innovative solutions Dell has come forth with to help solve those challenges.


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  • Enabling rapid and effective IT recovery

    This report from analyst, Freeform Dynamics, offers 7 key enablers of effective IT disaster recovery for IT department's in small and medium companies.


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  • CW Buyer's Guide: Storage and Back-up

    This Computer Weekly Buyer’s Guide gives explains how you can get the most from storage and back-up and still stay within your budget.


  • Investing Strategically in All Flash Arrays

    This white paper reveals the broader, positive impact that SSD and, more specifically the all flash storage array, will have on enterprise IT. Read on to discover the business and IT metrics needed for an evaluation of this new storage platform.


  • 5 Reasons Your Storage Snapshots Aren't Working

    This white paper outlines five major reasons why your storage snapshots might not be working properly. Read on to take a closer look at these scenarios and how to fix them, so your data can be easily and fully recovered in case disaster strikes.


  • Top 5 Ways Flash Benefits Organizations

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  • Storage for Virtualized Environments That's Quick & Efficient

    This white paper explores a web-scale converged appliance that integrates web-scale software and Dell storage and x86 server platform for an enterprise-class virtualized environment.


  • Improving Infrastructure with SSD

    Today's companies deal with high-volume data on a day-today basis. This technical white paper examines how flash and elastic storage can be used together to harness the power of big data.


  • Driving Business Value with Flash-Optimized Storage

    Access this white paper to find out how optimizing storage with flash can help you cut down on storage management time.


  • An Easier Approach to Expand Data Center Capacity

    This white paper examines new servers that are emerging to incorporate advanced software technologies that power leading web-scale and cloud infrastructures but are still engineered for all enterprises, regardless of size. Read on to learn more.


  • Flash Storage in Healthcare: What You Need to Know

    This white paper outlines what you need to know about using flash healthcare storage management. Read on to learn about how flash arrays, both all-flash and hybrid, are boosting application performance while lowering total cost of ownership.


  • The Pros and Cons: Storage Tiering

    Access this exclusive e-guide to uncover the pros and cons of deploying a storage tiering system, in addition to the recent trends.


  • A guide to storage for desktop virtualisation

    In this special report we explain the fundamentals of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) storage, and how to specify storage for workload in a VDI environment.


  • How You Can Build the Best VMware Storage Architecture

    Your virtual servers won't be able to run to the best of their ability if you aren't prepared for the challenges that come with implementing a shared storage system. Read through this e-book to prepare.


  • The Benefits and Challenges of Hybrid Flash Storage

    Storage needs more than just high performance – an optimized storage system is key. This webcast featuring industry experts Colm Keegan, Senior Analyst at Storage Switzerland, and Chhandomay Mandal, Senior Storage Solutions Architect Manager at Dell, details Hybrid Flash-Optimized storage solutions.


  • Benefits of flash-optimized data progression

    This resource showcases how a flash-optimized storage solution has changed the economics of flash storage and opens up the use of flash to a broader set of deployments at a more accessible prince point.


  • Flash Storage Hits Its Stride in the Data Center

    This white paper explains how enterprises are using hybrid-flash and all-flash storage arrays to speed up application performance and surprisingly, lover their total cost of storage ownership.


  • Invest in the Right Flash Storage Solution

    This white paper acts as a buyer's guide to flash storage, and can help you to easily narrow your search.


  • Solid State Storage Technology: Ensure Program Performance

    The more complex software and hardware strategies are that need to be deployed, the more money you wind up spending on such products. Fortunately, a new solid state storage technology is currently available, and it won't break the bank.


  • Gartner: Reducing storage costs

    Gartner research director, Valdis Filks, offers tips to help businesses get to grips with escalating storage costs.


  • Taneja Group : Redefining the Economics of Enterprise Storage

    This white paper explores the capabilities of a new, small footprint storage array that leverages proven technology in an all-new form factor.


  • A guide to flash storage and SSD fundamentals

    In this special report, we look at the basics of flash storage – what it is, how it works, who makes it, where to deploy it, how to spec it and how to troubleshoot it – and guide you through the key areas of all-flash, hybrid or PCIe; MLC vs SLC; speccing for performance and troubleshooting flash.


  • 2012 Trends to Watch: Storage

    Ovum analyses data growth, big data, disk shortages, public cloud storage, flash memory, and other storage trends.


  • The SolidFire QoS Benchmark Storage Architecture

    This white paper examines a new storage architecture built specifically around six core architectural requirements in order to address workload predictability challenges.


  • Veeam Backup and Replication with Nimble Storage

    Access this white paper to learn about a program that backs up and replicates virtual machines.


  • Add More Value to Your Business With Solid State Arrays

    This white paper reveals the benefits and inhibitors to the adoption of external storage arrays based on Flash media in European enterprises in 2014.


  • Declaring War on Fragmented Storage Complexity

    This video explains how a flash storage array provides features like data deduplication at a reduced cost per GB, without sacrificing solid state drive endurance. Tune in to learn more about the benefits you can achieve such as thin provisioning, thin deduplication, thin clones, and more.


  • Solving The Data Capacity Problem

    Access this brief webcast to learn about a program that optimizes and consolidates data, helping your high capacity storage perform well. Tune in to discover the benefits this program can provide your business.


  • OpenStack Block Storage 101

    This webcast introduces you to an all-flash array built for virtual environments and the cloud. Tune in to learn the basics about this system, and how it can help you easily scale your data.


  • Elements of a Next Generation Data Center

    This blog post details why solid state storage arrays are an integral part of next-generation data centers. Read on to learn how flash arrays can streamline efficiency, reduce storage management, minimize hardware upgrades, and more.


  • Gartner: Time to rethink backup procedures

    IT leaders and storage managers can realise cost savings and improve their use of backup infrastructure by rethinking their back-up procedures, says Gartner analyst Dave Russell.


  • Scale-to-Fit Storage

    This white paper examines a series of storage solutions that allow IT to cost-effectively scale to specific capacity and performance requirements.


  • Right Flash solution - Service provider edition

    This white paper outlines how to invest in the right flash storage system. Read on to learn more.


  • Case Study: SSD Aids in SaaS Company's Growth

    This video shows how one SaaS company was able to improve performance and protect data effectively with SSD. Tune in to learn how their SSD system worked seamlessly with their VMware cloud platform, allowing them to achieve a strong ROI quickly.