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Storage Magazine finds Dell top Enterprise NAS vendor

According to Rich Castagna, storage thought leader and editorial director of TechTarget’s Storage Magazine, “Storage managers trying to dig their way out from growing piles of file data might hate the fact that they need to buy another network-attached storage (NAS) box. But their hate quickly turns into the closest thing to love you’ll find in a data center when they actually get that new NAS up and running.”

But before you invest in another NAS purchase or search for justification as to why such an investment may or may not be needed, check out Storage magazine’s review of today’s top NAS vendors based on the just-published results of their Quality Awards winners, a special edition of the magazine that’s designed to identify and recognize products that have proven their quality and reliability in actual use.

Download today and view the complete results and discover the top vendors to consider as you move forward with your 2014 product planning and see who took top honors (hint: Dell Inc. grabbed its first win for best NAS storage and emerged as the favorite among enterprise-class NAS systems; Hitachi Data Systems Corp., often considered an enterprise vendor, topped the midrange group for the second year in a row).

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