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Smarter Storage Adds Efficiency and Performance

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Control Storage Costs, Mitigate Risks and Align Performance Requirements With Storage Performance Validation

The storage industry is facing innovation day in and day out, due to new technology, the explosion of data and the need for storage to operate at extreme and unpredictable scale. Companies must determine which applications to move first, and which product is best for their production application workload.

This video introduces storage performance validation, a combined software and hardware solution for storage workload modeling and load generation that empowers IT organizations to control storage costs, mitigate risks and align performance requirements to purchase decisions. Watch now to learn how you can obtain unique performance insight into workload behavior and more.

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  • Modern Infrastructure – March 2015

    There are plenty of new approaches to address ever-growing data needs, including scale-out vs. scale-up designs, the shift from hierarchical file systems to object storage, and the Hadoop Distributed File System. Pretty soon there will be absolutely no excuse not to store every crumb of data ever created.

    Delivering Windows applications remotely is another area that could use some improvement, especially in today’s age of tablets and mobile devices. App transformation takes existing Windows applications and intelligently delivers them to the target device, similar to how responsive web design principles package web pages differently depending on whether the client is a traditional PC, tablet or smartphone.

    VMware, meanwhile seems to have hit a home run among users with its latest release to its venerable vSphere virtualization platform. Some things, it seems, get better with age. 

  • Video: How Firehost Runs Storage Performance Load Testing

    If you’re in the cloud services business, you know the importance of well-performing storage. If your storage doesn’t perform well, you can lose customers and profits. How can you make sure your storage system can handle certain workloads?

    Tune into this video featuring storage expert George Crump to see how Firehost, a cloud services company, tests its storage performance loads and save time as well as money. 

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