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Smarter Storage Adds Efficiency and Performance

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6:1 date deduplication: How AWS makes it possible

With your data growth keeping pace with business expansion, data protection should be a top priority. Not only that, but you need to be able to provide this protection at an affordable rate.

That’s where AWS comes in. In partnership with this protection suite, AWS can provide you with direct backup to the Amazon cloud with deduplication of 6:1, a single protection appliance that can support up to 6 petabyte of data, and more.

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  • Predicting your Storage Needs for a Successful VDI Project

    Storage plays a major role in any VDI project – commonly referred to as the ‘make-or-break’ factor.

    As a result, to avoid common VDI storage pitfalls, it is crucial to consider capacity, performance and storage tiering, and determine the right mix of hard disk drives and solid-state storage to utilize to ensure deployment success.

    Fortunately, our experts at compiled this exclusive report, Storage Plays a Key Role in VDI Success, which offers advice and analysis on configuring and managing storage in virtual desktop environments, and explores how to leverage monitoring, testing and new technologies to proactively address any VDI storage hurdles you might encounter.

    Simply participate in our brief Desktop Virtualization Research Program to claim your free copy of this valuable report.

  • Free Download: Avoiding cloud complexities

    Cloud computing promises grand visions of flexibility and lowered costs. However, it is imperative for storage professionals to get the technical details of the cloud deployment that they want to combat future complexities. This can be difficult to achieve, and it’s important to know what you’re paying for.

    Check out this eGuide to get practical advice from experts determined to help you navigate the cloud landscape. 

    Inside, we’ll go over:

    • How easy is it to import cloud data?
    • How secure will my data be, both in motion and at rest?
    • How much availability does the provider’s SLA guarantee?
    • And more

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