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Lower IT Costs with Oracle Database 11g R2

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Database Storage for Dummies

Today, legacy IT and database infrastructures are struggling to keep up with the demand for more capacity and higher performance. Organizations that deploy business apps with separate database instances installed on “islands” of storage as a temporary fix are actually raising the risk, cost, and management burden.

If you’re looking to understand why database storage matters this is the read for you. This Database Storage for Dummies edition explores data storage and infrastructure challenges, particularly how Oracle’s hardware and software strategy helps yield significant performance, efficiency, and cost benefits. Inside, learn more about:

  • Architecting the best database storage solution
  • 6 Oracle storage capabilities and database benefits
  • Oracle real-world use cases
  • And more

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    Traditional IT architectures have evolved in such a way that applications, data, and storage have been treated as separate elements that are bundled together to deliver IT services. In today's environment, however, this approach is increasingly under pressure as enterprises struggle to deliver better performance and achieve greater storage efficiency. Clearly, a new approach is needed.

    This white paper explores the benefits and capabilities of a new set of storage appliances from Oracle that deliver enterprise-class network attached storage capabilities with deep Oracle integration and leading simplicity, efficiency, performance and TCO.

  • Top Performance On Mixed Workloads, Unbeatable For Oracle Databases

    Today’s storage demands increased capacity, performance, and scalability as well as improved protection capabilities. Traditional storage appliances are failing with increasing frequency to deliver these capabilities.

    This report takes a look at the ZS3 Series and examines how it delivers both on its “application engineered” premise and its broader capabilities for unified storage use cases and workloads of all types. It also briefly examines the new systems and their enterprise storage features, especially how they achieve high performance across multiple use cases.

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