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Lower IT Costs with Oracle Database 11g R2

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Top 10: Considerations for Boosting Backup Performance for Oracle Databases

Database administrators (DBAs) are facing growing pressure to improve the performance and efficiency of Oracle backup and recovery. Oracle backups are becoming a drain in terms of costs and infrastructure performance due to the challenges they present. Due to today’s data growth, Oracle backups are taking longer to complete and taking up more space in storage systems.  They are also putting growing pressure on the availability of precious network bandwidth.

So what is an enterprise DBA to do? This expert guide outlines 10 considerations for boosting backup performance for Oracle databases. Read on today to discover expert tips, such as:

  • Neither tape nor disk storage are the answer
  • Consolidate to a single protection storage platform
  • Turn to a solution that is purpose-build for Oracle backup
  • And much more!

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