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Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture: Enhanced Cloud Security with HyTrust & Vmware

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The Key to Ensuring Endpoint Data Privacy in the Cloud

Enterprise IT is shifting to the cloud because of its numerous benefits, such as scalability, elasticity, flexibility and resiliency. But there are still concerns when it comes to cloud backup. Many organizations are worried about cloud security and data privacy, availability and durability.

This webcast provides encryption key management schemes, designed for the cloud so your organization is ensured endpoint data privacy in the cloud. Watch now and also find out key considerations for selecting cloud backup.

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    More and more organizations are interested in realizing the benefits of the cloud – flexible cost models, rapid implementation, high availability, and performance – but want to do so in a manner that prioritizes security. IT Pros, particularly those in security, must focus on how they can support cloud adoption while mitigating risks and upholding proper controls.

    Access this white paper to get tips on evaluating potential cloud providers’ security and risk posture. You’ll look at common criteria for evaluating the security of cloud providers and the technical and process changes IT Pros should anticipate as they move to the cloud. You’ll also get insights on how to develop a multi-layered approach to data security in the cloud.

  • Expert Tips: Enhancing security in a cloud environment

    Anxiety over cloud-computing security is addressed in the expert e-guide. Discover five steps to understanding cloud security and what security practices your organization needs to implement. Also inside, learn more about the benefits as well as challenges of public and private clouds.

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