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Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture: Enhanced Cloud Security with HyTrust & Vmware

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Remove the risks posed by cloud security

Cloud computing offers a rich set of benefits. But without a clear understanding of cloud security risks, those benefits lose their luster and your organization could face serious consequences, such as a major data breach or network attack.

We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

View today’s featured cloud security white paper and discover the lessons learned by early adopters that can help you eliminate the risks and consequences associated with cloud deployments and usage, which include:

  • Data breaches and loss of intellectual property
  • Disrupted IT operations and compliance violations
  • IT infrastructure or network attacks
  • Stalled deployments resulting in wasted time, money and effort
  • Damage to your company, brand and reputation
  • Hidden indirect costs from all of the above
  • And more

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