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Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture: Enhanced Cloud Security with HyTrust & Vmware

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Expert Tips: Enhancing security in a cloud environment

Anxiety over cloud-computing security is addressed in the expert e-guide. Discover five steps to understanding cloud security and what security practices your organization needs to implement. Also inside, learn more about the benefits as well as challenges of public and private clouds.

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  • What CISOs Need to Know About Cloud Computing

    When a CISO sorts through information and determines the top risks to their organization, there are a number of threats and technologies to consider. Now, with cloud computing on the rise, security is transforming. This leaves even more for CISOs to take into account when determining what impacts security.

    Access this informative resource to identify the key differences between cloud computing and traditional infrastructure for security professionals. Find out where to focus security efforts and how the cloud provides opportunities for security improvement.

  • Security Risks in the Cloud

    Data protection and security are the largest concerns hindering the adoption of the public cloud model. This expert e-guide offers techniques and tips for securing data in a public cloud environment to help you overcome these challenges. Discover the key steps in handling data protection in the cloud and the top questions to answer before deploying a cloud strategy.

    Hear how your peers are handling cloud security and data privacy issues and uncover answers to the following cloud security questions:

    • Why are privacy protection concerns growing?
    • What does the future hold for cloud security?
    • Is the cloud ready for wide-spread adoption?
    • And more

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