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Essential Guide to Virtual Data Protection

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Information Governance Solution from Symantec

IT staff need to gain a better understanding of what is in their file storage prior to starting projects like data migration, remediation, moving file shares, etc. Data also needs to be secured against malicious activity.

This white paper explains how you can ensure your file storage repositories are secured. Read now to better manage data and make it more accessible while decreasing storage costs. Identify, protect, and archive your data to create a better understanding of its value to your organization.

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  • Simplicity and Security: Achieving Data Protection in Educational Institutions and State and Local Governments

    State and local governments have the same security needs as large federal institutions, yet they’re often forced to meet these needs with fewer resources. Educational institutions, too, have to guard valuable data but often don’t have the resources for the level of security expected of them.

    This white paper suggests a solution: Encryption embedded in a flash storage array. Read on to discover how you can achieve storage and tight security with one product – just the right strategy for the big security needs and small budgets of public institutions. 

  • Keep Your Data Secure: Fighting Back With Flash

    Keeping data safe is a top priority for enterprises of any size. Storage devices are becoming smaller in physical size, adding portability, which can be a major concern. It's now easier than ever to lose sensitive business data.

    This white paper reveals the benefits of hardware encryption for strengthening data security across the enterprise while freeing up IT to take on other important data center tasks. Read now to learn how you can store your data safely and achieve a greater peace of mind.

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