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Essential Guide to Virtual Data Protection

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When in Doubt, Backup: Protecting Mission-Critical Data

Mobile security has never been more important than today, with countless mobile devices, smartphones and tablets roaming around the workplace and beyond. Because mobile laptops often are connected to unsecured networks, a very high standard of security is required to ensure privacy.

This in-depth resource shines light on a continuous, multi-destination system to back up mission-critical data whenever and wherever it is created. Use this guide to understand how this multi-layered approach to security was engineered, as it covers topics including:

  • Account security
  • Communications security
  • Web security
  • And much more

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    How secure is your backup media?

    In today's data-driven environments, effective data protection is a must. And while there's no such thing as the "perfect" security solution, following today's best practices and keeping up with the latest in backup security can help get you on the right path.

    Check out this white paper for tips to help you securely manage backup and recovery processes. Discover the importance of developing a chain of custody when it comes to data, learn how authorization and access restrictions can help keep your information secure, and receive best practices for choosing an offsite data backup/protection partner. Read on for more.

  • How to Make Smart Decisions about Purchasing Storage

    Storage is a critical aspect of maintaining an organization’s efficiency and security, however selecting a storage solution and maintaining costs can be complicated.

    In this expert e-guide learn how to make a smart decision when purchasing storage by knowing what to look for in your solution. Learn how storage administrators can blend business tactics with financial metrics to strategically overcome tight storage budgets while remaining efficient. Additionally, explore how cost, longevity and management are the keys to data storage efficiency.

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  • Storage Virtualization and Software-Defined Infrastructure

    Built on the industry's first and leading intelligent application-aware architecture, VMstore and Tintri Global Center have the intelligence to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency and end-to-end insights into the infrastructure, while allowing for unmatched VM control.


  • Third-Party Tools Help with VMWare Monitoring for Storage

    This expert e-guide explains where existing storage monitoring offerings and VMware-specifications fall short and how third-party tools can help to fill in the visibility gap. Explore the pros and cons of investing in a specialized system and obtain three key pieces of advice from our experts.


  • Webcast - Data Protection Best Practices for BCA Running on VMware and Nimble Storage

    Avanish Nayak from VMware and Ibby Rahmani from Nimble Storage introduce the joint solution developed with Cisco: SmartStack™ for Business-Critical Applications. This package provides a pre-validated reference architecture for virtualizing business-critical applications on VMware using Cisco UCS infrastructure.


  • Storage Decisions University: Storage for VDI

    This virtual classroom will teach IT admins about a number of issues related to storage for a virtual desktop infrastructure. Topics include how to plan for IOPS requirements of an upcoming VDI project, how solid-state storage should be used, what "storageless VDI" is and whether bundled infrastructure stacks are a good fit for VDI.