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Essential Guide to Virtual Data Protection

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How to simplify data protection with SDS encryption

The risk of business data getting into the wrong hands is serious, and storage encryption is rightfully regarded as a valuable IT/protection tool. However, placing encryption inside hardware arrays only protects against a subset pf data security. How can you improve your encryption capabilities?

This white paper highlights a software-defined storage solution with built-in encryption capabilities that provides a single point of control for encryption throughout the storage layer. Read on and see how this solution can enhance your storage hardware offerings, ease management, and improve your data protection.

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  • Streamline data storage and security management

    Data protection, however necessary it is for smooth business operations, is complicated and demanding. More data created and stored means more data to protect. For that reason, your data protection needs to easily scale to meet your growing needs and must be efficient in its back-up and recovery time.


    This white paper shows you how to meet a variety of your organization's demands, including software to manage data and a target storage system with the ability to ensure integrity, scale and high availability. Access now to learn how you can simplify your data security.

  • Provide efficient services with "data-aware" storage

    Traditionally, IT infrastructure was viewed as critical, but not something that provides unique differentiation and competitive value. However, storage infrastructure is smarter and more “data-aware” than ever, and can provide your enterprise with valuable insight.

    This expert guide discusses advanced “data-aware” storage infrastructure with big data processing capabilities and efficient metadata management. Learn how this infrastructure can provide your enterprise with intelligent, fast, and highly efficient data services that enables greater insight into your stored data.

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  • How to keep stored data safe

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    Participate in our Virtual Storage research program and get immediate access to our buyer's checklist to virtual server backup. Evaluate virtual server backup apps by matching the functions and capabilities to your unique priorities. And - as an added bonus - uncover the top 5 reasons a VM backup app purchase goes wrong.


  • An in-depth breakdown of VDI machine creation services

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  • How to get the most out of VMware Horizon View with flash

    This quick and easy-to-read data sheet will provide you with the insight needed to get the most from your VMware Horizon View deployment. Inside, learn why legacy storage causes such disarray with successful Horizon deployments and see why all-flash is actually one of the most cost-effective ways to go.


  • Click here, and we'll tell you how to claim your special report!

    It's not uncommon for storage admins to have difficulty with certain aspects of managing storage for virtual environments. Join our Storage for Virtual Servers research program now and get our complimentary Special Report: Managing Storage for Virtual Environments – A Complete Guide to learn best practices for combating these challenges.


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