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Transforming your Contact Center…”SIP-ly” Stated

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DDI—The Key to Simplifying Network Processes

As enterprise networks grow and become more complex, IT professionals are looking for simpler ways of managing their systems. True IP address management (IPAM) is essential to gathering and organising device information, but many enterprises are operating with substandard solutions. To truly simplify the design, deployment, and management of a network through policy-driven automation, you need a dedicated DDI solution.

This exclusive white paper explains why complex networks need a fuller, more feature-rich IP address management system than Microsoft Server 2012. Read on to learn how your network infrastructure can become simpler and more effective with a comprehensive DDI solution.

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  • Faxing over IP Networks

    Sending faxes over an IP network presents some challenges, primarily due to the fact that these devices were designed for use over the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN). Knowing how to use fax relay and passthrough allows you to configure your gateways to reliably send faxes.

  • The Four Elements of OSPF

    IP routing protocols is essential to the function of your organization’s network and it is important to understand the role of each advanced protocol.

    This whitepaper explores 4 key elements for the implementation of open shortest path first (OSPF). Read now and learn more about these elements, including:

    • Operations, processes and rules for the exchange of packets
    • Construction and maintenance of the routing protocol database
    • Configuration and verification of the entire process
    • And more

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