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Transforming your Contact Center…”SIP-ly” Stated

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Assure quality service delivery: Highlight UC pain points

It’s no secret that unified communications (UC) plays a key role in fostering a collaborative enterprise. No matter what industry you’re in, you need high quality UC to do your job. However, when issues arise, finding the error’s location can be a daunting task.

In this webcast, you will discover how to swiftly resolve problems that affect your UC with a service assurance platform that offers end-to-end networking and data center visibility. Tune in to pinpoint the cause of your UC problems by addressing the following imperatives:

  • Call signaling problems
  • Network infrastructure issues
  • Voice & video media impairments
  • And more

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  • Quickly resolve voice and video service delivery problems

    Executing unified communications (UC) service projects on time and within budget is an already daunting task, but doing so without performance management visibility is even more difficult. No matter the UC project, triaging problems fast is essential.

    This short resource reveals a new strategy you can adopt to triage complicated UC problems. You’ll learn about how your IT team can improve their ability to use the network, servers, and UC to facilitate collaboration in your enterprise.

  • New IP and why 4G is not enough

    Every 20 years or so, there is a fundamental shift in the communications paradigm and the business opportunities it unlocks. The technology industry refers to this next transformation as the “New IP” or “3rd Platform.” This New IP represents a fundamental change in networking. Mobile networks will need to go through this evolution to achieve the goals and promises of 5G.

    5G standards and technologies represent an opportunity for the mobile telecommunications industry to reinvent itself and deliver on the requirements of the New IP, fundamentally changing and advancing the way we communicate.

    Access this white paper to learn about the New IP and how 5G is going to change the nature of communication.

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