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Computer Weekly 6 September 2011: Download the latest issue of the UK’s leading technology publication, featuring the news, analysis and opinion that matters to IT decision-makers

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Computer Weekly – 8 July 2014: The most influential women in UK IT

Computer Weekly – 8 July 2014: The most influential women in UK IT

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we reveal our annual list of the 25 most influential women in UK IT – female IT leaders making a difference to the digital economy. We look at how to integrate iPads into the corporate IT infrastructure. And we profile enterprise software upstart Workday as it challenges Oracle and SAP. Read the issue now.

The 25 most influential women in IT

Computer Weekly’s search for the most influential women in UK IT in 2014 is over. Those who made the grade are profiled here.

CW500 Interview: CTO discusses the future of omnichannel and security concerns

Thierry Bedos is discovering ways to transform the omnichannel experience into a seamless journey for customers.

Bashing big business will not lead to a competitive and diverse supply chain

According to recent headlines, the ICT market has gone wrong, with a few major players dominating public sector contracts and pushing out small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Buyer’s Guide: The pros and cons of iPads in the enterprise

Apple’s tablet inspires devotion among users and it is often the first platform for which developers produce apps – but it is substantially more expensive than its competitors.

Does extinction beckon for the in-house datacentre?

Cloud is reaching tipping point as users realise the benefits of scalable IT but in-house IT is not on the endangered list just yet.

Workday’s challenge to the HR giants built in the cloud

The pretender to Oracle and SAP’s HR throne might have humble roots, but its ambitions – and those of its investors – are substantial.

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  • Computer Weekly – 15 July 2014: Time for an upgrade? Why you should buy IT now

    Computer Weekly – 15 July 2014: Time for an upgrade? Why you should buy IT now

    In this week’s Computer Weekly, as competitive pressures and new technologies drive down IT prices, we find out why now is a great time to buy IT. We examine why going digital means a different approach to IT management. And we hear the latest best practices for improving your customer engagement with IT. Read the issue now.

    Public Services Network to establish stronger dialogue with government

    Government Digital Service director Andy Beale talks about how PSN is being improved and made more accessible to local government.

    Competition, commoditisation and cloud drive down suppliers’ pricing

    Analyst organisation Gartner says now is a good time to buy IT as low growth exerts pressure on technology suppliers to drop their prices.

    Standard Life rectifies unsuccessful HR project with on-premise Oracle

    To fill the gap left by a failed PeopleSoft project, Standard Life adopted a Fusion Talent Management system for its HR application roll-out.

    CW500 Interview: Collective IT rules the mutual roost at Midcounties Co-operative

    A single function for a swathe of businesses and joint procurement with other co-ops are all part of the IT deal for Sheridan Hindle.

    The IT department’s role in making digital transformation projects work

    As a growing number of stakeholders realise the benefits of digital technology, IT can add value by adopting agility and mitigating legacy.

    Buyer’s guide: The big Apple revolution

    Apple’s products were once niche devices. Now, following a consumer-led initiative, they are widely used across the enterprise.

    Joining the digital dance is a smart move to pull off

    Engaging with customers digitally through self-service websites and social media may not cut costs but could grow the business.

    The business yield of digital beyond return on investment        

    Digital technologies bring undoubted benefits, but CIOs run the risk of valuing business advantage solely in terms of the IT that enables it.

  • Make the Most of Mobile Apps on BlackBerry 10

    When it comes to migrating enterprise apps to a mobile platform and creating new mobile apps, security and cross-platform support are top of mind for developers.

    Read this white paper to explore information on how to leverage a mobile enterprise application platform that addresses these development challenges while providing:

    • A connection behind the firewall to any service and data
    • Guaranteed data push, and acknowledgments data has arrived
    • A complete toolset for application deployment and management
    • A secure enterprise container for your application and data
    • And an integrated user experience.

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    According to recent research, the business and productivity app market will double in size by 2016, growing to about $58 billion dollars. While it's not growing as fast as the consumer app market, business apps are largely an untapped opportunity for developers. Are you missing out on potential revenue?


  • Computer Weekly – 27 May 2014: Targeting the digital customer

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we go behind the scenes of John Lewis's £40m e-commerce transformation plan to find out how to target the digital customer. Starbucks' European CIO talks about the coffee chain's IT strategy. And we evaluate three big suppliers' plans for virtualised networking. Read the issue now.


  • A CW Buyer’s Guide to Software Asset Management

    In this exclusive buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at best practices for software asset management, the attention and funding required to fully exploit it an how business can make sense of often complex terms and conditions.


  • Red Hat gives Adobe a Flexible IT Canvas

    Tune into this brief video today to learn how Adobe is using the Red Hat platform and Amazon Web Services to help customers simplify deployment, lower cost of ownership, and accelerate time to value.


  • Computer Weekly – 24 June 2014: Betting on World Cup success

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to gambling site Betfair about the IT challenges of preparing for the football World Cup. We examine the strategy of cloud software pioneer as it grows its role in the IT department. And we explain erasure coding – an emerging method for protecting storage hardware. Read the issue now.


  • Gain Knowledge with Intelligent Archiving

    This white paper highlights an archiving system that provides rich visibility and insight into over 1,000 data formats from over 400 content repositories, including social media, IM, audio, video, and structured data.


  • Gain Data Intelligence through Archiving

    This white paper explains the importance of effective archiving and highlights an on-premise archiving system that enables you to drive critical business functions, including eDiscovery, compliance, and other initiatives, directly from archived data.


  • Archive Data in the Largest Secure Private Cloud

    This white paper highlights a hosted archiving technology that provides the same capabilities of an on-premise archiving solution, but hosts the data in a secure, private cloud to help increase the business agility, cost savings/predictability, and productivity that a cloud deployment enables.


  • ComputerWeekly Special Report: Government’s digital strategy could cut red tape

    Access the following special report on the public interest to uncover how the government plans on harnessing digital technology to make public services more efficient and generate significant cost savings. Read on to learn how this initiative may affect you in the near future.


  • Revolutionizing Home Entertainment

    The following case study explores how by leveraging Adobe EchoSign, TiVo was able to remove days off their contract lifecycle, increased control and visibility into the workflow, as well as improved audit trails for their internal records. Read on to learn how you can achieve similar results.


  • How mobility is changing the working world

    With the convergence of mobility, cloud, big data and security, the way we work is changing. This guide takes a look at mobility in the workforce and the various ways it is enhancing employee productivity.


  • HP Big Data Discovery Experience

    In this valuable guide you'll learn how to move your business forward through the use of a sound information management strategy. And to build upon this, discover how you can advance your information strategy and accelerate the discovery of key business insights through the use of various big data technologies.


  • Better customer experiences start with digitisation

    In this expert report from ComputerWeekly, learn about the digitization imperative and how your organization can revolutionize customer experiences.


  • How to Manage Structured Data with Intelligent Archiving

    This brief and informative white paper highlights a software solution to help manage structured data, as it classifies and relocates outdated and inactive structured data from production databases and legacy applications, and moves it into lower-cost data repositories.


  • Manage the Explosive Growth of Structured Data

    This data sheet highlights a structured data manager that migrates eligible transactions off your Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or other databases while seamlessly preserving data access and integrity to support long-term retention and access requirements.


  • Why StoreOnce Federated Deduplication Matters to HP—and Should to You, Too

    Deduplication is no longer considered as simply being part of "smarter storage," but can instead be seen throughout the data protection process. In this white paper, learn about the many benefits of deploying an overall data protection system, and find out why it's worth to adopt deduplication fully within your data protection strategy.


  • Collaboration for the Modern World

    Tune into the following video to learn about a collaboration solution that is built consciously around a growing, mobile workforce. Gain a firsthand look at how this technology compares to powerhouses such as Adobe and more.


  • Vulnerability Management Security School

    How do you win a losing battle—in this case, the battle of vulnerability management? Whether it's Java or Adobe or something you never previously heard of, let's face it: the battle against system vulnerabilities is a losing one.


  • Using An E-Signature Solution To Save Time and Money

    The following white paper explores the top 8 reasons why you should consider an e-signature solution for your organization. Learn how e-signatures can vastly improve the time to close deals, improve compliance, save capital, and much more.


  • What Are The Real Threats? Using Threat Research Reports to Set Security Priorities

    This resource features key findings from the top 4 security reports published in the last year to help IT pros better understand and identify potential threats.


  • Maximize Software Cost Savings by License Reharvesting, Recycling & Applying Product Use Rights

    For many organizations, software asset management (SAM) is one of the few ways significant IT savings can be realized -- research by the McKinsey and Sand-Hill Group suggests you could cut IT spend by as much as 5 to 10% per year by optimizing SAM. But where exactly do those cost savings come from?


  • E-Signatures and Procurement: How IT Can Help the Business Streamline Vendor and Supplier Contract Processes

    The following white paper explores how IT departments can help the business implement a solution that integrates existing business applications and transforms procurement into a fast, agile process through the use of e-signatures. Read on to learn more.


  • Top 5 Malware Trends for 2014 and How to Combat Them

    This white paper describes the top five malware trends that are expected to grow throughout this year and the ways that your enterprise can protect its sensitive data.


  • What Does it Take to Achieve Software License Optimization?

    Software license optimization is more than just software asset management (SAM) -- it incorporates tools and strategies to find optimal license types, find unused software, and reallocate it to a more productive location. But what does it take to actually achieve software license optimization?


  • E-Signatures and HR: How IT Can Help the Business Hire Talent Faster

    The following white paper explores the biggest problem with HR today—paper-based processes. Learn how technologies like e-signatures and document management are drastically improving HR processes—ultimately giving way to faster employee on-boarding, improved business agility, and more.


  • BPS Edge: CEM The New Style of Customer Engagement Management

    Find out about the most recent customer engagement management innovations.


  • Migrate from HP-UX and Standardize with Confidence

    This whitepaper explains more about the reasons to migrate to Linux, including increasing hardware choices and moving commodity platforms, as well as why Red Hat Enterprise Linux could be exactly the platform you need.


  • Moving Up the Software License Optimization Maturity Curve to Drive Business Value

    Defining and implementing a strategy for software asset management (SAM) and license optimization isn't easy -- but with the right tools and processes, it's definitely possible. Access this informative resource to explore the common challenges of SAM, and how you can ensure your software license optimization program is on its way to full maturity.


  • HP Enterprise Services Opportunity to Cash Transformation

    In this video, HP executives share the story of the large-scale transformation of its Enterprise Services business to standardize the processes and tools that control how they manage client contracts, using SAP technologies and HP's own SAP Services team.


  • Checklist for Enterprise-Readiness--Why CrashPlan Ranks #1 for Enterprise Endpoint Backup

    Check out this white paper to learn about an enterprise endpoint backup solution that delivers on a number of key enterprise-readiness criteria including disaster recovery and business continuity and more.


  • Leaders in the Enterprise Endpoint Backup Application Market

    This whitepaper details the results of a study that revealed the top enterprise endpoint backup application on the market.


  • Total Data Control: 24/7 Monitoring

    This technical white paper provides an overview of a managed private cloud system that delivers continuous data protection with a high-performance, fault-tolerant appliance backed by 24/7 monitoring.


  • E-Signatures and Sales: How IT Can Enable the Business to Close Deals Faster

    The following white paper explores how cloud-based e-signature technology can drastically reduce the time it takes to complete deal making process and at the same time improve customer satisfaction, document security, and more.


  • Enterprise Endpoint Backup Solutions Get a Makeover

    Access this report to learn why endpoint backup must evolve to meet the needs of the mobile workforce.


  • HP 3PAR Online Import for EMC VNX1 and CLARiiON CX4 arrays

    Say "Yes" to the last primary storage platform you'll ever need. This entails painless migration to Tier-1 storage and 8x faster storage to provision. Read on to find out how this can be done in just five steps.


  • HP StoreOnce Backup

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  • Leveraging Endpoint Backup for Legal Holds & E-Discovery

    This white paper describes how enterprise endpoint backup can satisfy data collection and preservation requirements in a more streamlined and cost-effective manner than traditional e-discovery methods.


  • Leveraging Endpoint Backup for Legal Holds & E-Discovery

    This white paper highlights the benefits of a backup solution built to handle the requirements of volume, mobility and compliance in a more streamlined and cost-effective way.


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    This white paper explains how HP Moonshot server technology makes it possible to deliver a dedicated PC experience to remote PC users. When deployed in the HD Moonshot server, the new AMD Opteron X2150 delivers Hosted Desktop Infrastructure.


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    This whitepaper covers why some organizations are hesitant to adopt the cloud and how, for the most part, their trepidation is based off of misinformation and misconceptions


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    This exclusive case study details the cloud platform one company chose that enabled them to deliver Infrastructure-as-a-Service to their customers.


  • The Benefits of HP Operations Orchestration Software

    Take a look at this concise resource to find out how HP Operations Orchestration software can help your organization reduce errors, save money, accelerate ROI and more.


  • Five Steps on Worry-Free Endpoint Backup and Data Migration

    Access this brief white paper to learn the 5 steps you need to take in order to ensure worry-free endpoint backup and data migration. You'll get tips on how you can identify your backup endpoint backup needs, solve the pyramid problem with user self-restore, and more.


  • Supporting Mobility with a UC Technology Strategy

    This expert guide from highlights the standards that define mobility and emerging standards that will impact mobile collaboration.


  • What to Look for When Evaluating Next-Generation Firewalls

    This paper summarizes the results of three independent tests conducted by Network World, ICSA Labs and NSS Labs comparing next-generation firewall performance, cost and functionality.


  • Internal Storage for a Virtualized Server

    This data sheet presents a solution that offers the ability to use internal storage within your environment by creating a virtual array within your application server and scaling as storage needs evolve.