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2010 Asset Management Operations and Compensation Survey Findings

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Smarter Customers, Smarter Commerce: Innovations in the Banking Industry

Economic, regulatory and technology forces are transforming the banking industry today. Banks are realizing that in order sustain in this competitive environment, they must shift away from traditional business models and focus on three strategic imperatives:

  • Renovate the core banking business model to simplify processes and maintain business efficiency;
  • Refocus and redirect attention on the customer;
  • And integrate risk management.

In this resource, uncover a unique framework that offers practical steps to better engage with customers through enhanced data management, while also adhering to strict financial regulations. View now to learn more.

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  • How to Stay Compliant with PCI DSS Standards

    LogRhythm’s PCI DSS Compliance Automation Suite provides specific Investigations, Alarms and Reports designed to meet PCI DSS reporting requirements. They are automatically associated with the correct PCI DSS asset categories ensuring only relevant information is included. Reports can be scheduled for periodic generation and delivery or generated on demand by the security officer and other LogRhythm users. Investigations and Alarms can be leveraged for immediate analysis of activities that impact the organization’s cardholder data systems so areas of noncompliance can be identified in real-time

  • Readying Your Network for Video Collaboration

    Video communications have become a commonplace in today’s organizations. However, research shows that the technology is only readily available to about 10% of a company’s employees. Given its numerous benefits and potential cost-savings, it’s time to consider extending videoconferencing to more of your employees.

    This E-Guide from reveals the extranet and desktop video requirements that are driving the 2012 telepresence needs, and also identifies the emerging trends and best practices for videoconferencing available today. Also included, learn how the iPad is becoming a game-changer for some enterprises’ video-conferencing strategies.

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