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2010 Asset Management Operations and Compensation Survey Findings

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Mobile Management Compliance Checklist in Financial Services

More organizations are turning to mobility to enable users and improve productivity, but those in heavily regulated industries, such as finance, face complex compliance challenges.  By not asking the right questions from an enterprise mobility management vendor, you could end up failing to comply with one of many regulations and being penalized heavily.

This white paper provides you with the essential questions to ask when evaluating an EMM solution and how to ensure compliance.  View now and refer to this guide to:

  1. Mobilize tools, processes, and people
  2. Comply with regulations anywhere, any-time
  3. Support and integrate with additional mobility value-added services
  4. And more

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  • How to Stay Compliant with PCI DSS Standards

    LogRhythm’s PCI DSS Compliance Automation Suite provides specific Investigations, Alarms and Reports designed to meet PCI DSS reporting requirements. They are automatically associated with the correct PCI DSS asset categories ensuring only relevant information is included. Reports can be scheduled for periodic generation and delivery or generated on demand by the security officer and other LogRhythm users. Investigations and Alarms can be leveraged for immediate analysis of activities that impact the organization’s cardholder data systems so areas of noncompliance can be identified in real-time

  • Making the Switch Replacing Your EHR for More Money and More Control

    Recent studies have reported as much as a 10-15% drop in productivity and a $7,500 decline in revenue per physician as the result of implementing an EHR. Combined with strict meaningful use requirements, many healthcare practices are reconsidering their EHR systems and longer term goals.

    This whitepaper serves as a guide to identifying an under-performing EHR. Access now to uncover answers to a number of common questions about EHR adoption and replacement.

    Learn how the right EHR can help practices get more money and more control, freeing up physicians to focus on patient care.

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