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2010 Asset Management Operations and Compensation Survey Findings

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Readying Your Network for Video Collaboration

Video communications have become a commonplace in today’s organizations. However, research shows that the technology is only readily available to about 10% of a company’s employees. Given its numerous benefits and potential cost-savings, it’s time to consider extending videoconferencing to more of your employees.

This E-Guide from reveals the extranet and desktop video requirements that are driving the 2012 telepresence needs, and also identifies the emerging trends and best practices for videoconferencing available today. Also included, learn how the iPad is becoming a game-changer for some enterprises’ video-conferencing strategies.

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  • Asset and Service Management for Smarter Transportation

    The transportation industry is faced with challenges from all directions. They must keep their equipment up-to-date, stay in control of labor costs, warranties and inventory, and meet strict manufacturer and regulatory demands. As such, they need effective asset and service management to stay on top of these critical issues.

    This informative whitepaper examines current trends and business drivers, how to address them and looks into the future of the technology.

    Read on to also learn about different aspects of asset and service management and much more.

  • 2013 Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

    Technology trends, such as mobile applications, advanced Web applications and dynamic languages are changing the market for application security testing. These trends are forcing the need to combine dynamic and static testing capabilities, reshaping the concept of the “ideal solution”. This exclusive paper examines a set of application security testing solutions that are designed to analyze and test applications for security vulnerabilities using static, dynamic and interactive testing techniques. Read on to find out how you can stay ahead of the market.    

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