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Staying Compliant with BYOD Programs

Find out how to implement a BYOD program, and protect your data, networks and employees – all while controlling administrative complexity and meeting government compliance requirements. Read the white paper.

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  • Mobility in Government Services

    Government organizations and their agencies, partners and suppliers are under intense pressure to wring maximum value from taxpayers' money – which means tapping in to new tools that can help increase productivity, drive efficiency, improve service and cut costs. Innovation in the mobile space has created a host of new opportunities for government departments to accomplish all of these goals, and more. 

    But with innovation comes risk.

    This exclusive white paper takes an in-depth look at enterprise mobility for organizations with strict regulatory compliance.  Read on to learn more.

  • Exchange Insider E-Zine vol. 11: Office 365, mobile devices, Exchange security

    In this edition of the Exchange Insider E-Zine, explore how to migrate to Office 365, support mobile devices and protect your Exchange Server environment from the latest threats.

    Sponsored by: Metalogix

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