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Windows Server 2012: Are You Ready to Make the Leap?

Switching server platforms is a big deal, and requires intense planning to carry out. However, with the release of Windows Server 2012 R2 and the impending discontinuation of support for Windows Server 2003, the clock is ticking for organizations who are thinking about making the move.

In this informative white paper, discover key considerations organizations need to make when transitioning from legacy products to Windows Server 2012 R2, as well as its new features and benefits. Read on to learn more best practices for efficiently migrating content and effectively managing your new environment.

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  • Windows Server Modernization: Risk Mitigation and Innovation for Future Preparedness Go Hand in Hand

    One of the biggest challenges for IT today is keeping systems current. This is not a unique problem, but the aging population of Windows Server 2003 machines has magnified this challenge because of the large volume of servers still in use.

    This IDC white paper considers the approaching end of extended support for Windows Server 2003 and explores Windows Server migration options, hardware/software replacements, and support services to help customers tackle a modernization effort. Additionally, read on to learn about the benefits that customers can enjoy by moving off of Windows Server 2003 prior to the conclusion of extended support.

  • Why a Secure Enterprise Workspace is the Best Approach for Mobile Productivity

    While the benefits of mobile productivity are clear, the wide variety of mobility solutions available on the market make it difficult to find the approach that can best address security, manageability, and configurability challenges in your organization. 

    Access this white paper to explore how a secure enterprise workspace can help to improve mobile productivity while meeting your organizations requirements for security, manageability, and configurability. Learn the benefits of this approach and find out how this solution can enable you to support a wide range of:

    • Device types and operating systems
    • Connectivity scenarios
    • Work functions
    • Security requirements

    Intel® based 2 in 1s. A tablet when you want it, a laptop when you need it. Dell Latitude 7000 series (2-in-1) powered by Intel® Core™ M processor. 


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  • HP Performance Center software

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  • Upgrading to 802.11n

    This E-Guide identifies key questions that enterprise customers should ask prospective WLAN vendors and also provides a list of vendors that will suit the needs specific to your business.


  • The Key Benefits of a Converged Infrastructure Backup Solution

    Access this short video to learn how a converged infrastructure platform offers long-term value by streamlining installing, support, and upgrade processes; while reducing complexity, environmental costs, and system resources usage.


  • Health IT University: PACS Best Practices- Image Sharing and Interoperability

    What does it take to integrate PACS with a central RIS for more effective diagnoses – and then extending those imaging systems to the EHR? Experts offer tips for integrating archiving systems with EHRs and patient portals in order to meet meaningful use requirements.


  • Improving iPad enterprise management: Security primer

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  • The future of digital forensics

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  • Machine Creation Services (MCS) Deep Dive

    This paper explores Citrix machine Creation Services (MCS) in Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 deployed on Tintri VM-aware storage and is intended to complement the paper: XenDesktop 7.1 Provisioning & Machine Creation Deep Dive.


  • Oracle Validated Configuration with Cisco UCS, Nimble Storage, and Oracle Linux

    The following exclusive resource will highlight end-to-end design best practices for deploying Oracle Database on SmartStack, and will showcase what was validated jointly by Oracle, Cisco, and Nimble Storage.


  • Tackling an OS migration project

    Learn how to overcome excrutiatingly painful OS migrations through the experiences of a large telecommunications provider who was able to leverage automation techniques and migrate 1,000 systems per day.


  • MicroScope E-Zine February 2015

    An issue highlighting the need for investment in the next generation of skilled staff.


  • Build for Change – the Risk of Customerpocalypse

    The enterprise must focus on how it engages customers and responds to their expectations, or face Customerpocalypse, writes Alan Trefler, in this extract from his book Build for Change.


  • Accenture Technology Vision 2014

    The Accenture Technology Vision 2014 identifies six technology trends that are enabling enterprises to push the boundaries of innovation.


  • Apps Revolution

    This report from CSC describes the Apps rEvolution: an evolution in technology that is creating revolutionary business and personal change.


  • EVO:RAIL with Horizon FAQ

    The following Q&A white paper offers answers to the top eight most frequently asked questions about EVO: RAIL with Horizon. Access now and clear up some of the questions you may have as well.


  • Getting the Most out of Windows Server 2012 with the Right Infrastructure

    In this brief white paper, learn how one server architecture can bring all of the benefits of WS 2012 to your fingertips.


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    This white paper presents the current information threat landscape and illustrates today's three major internal security challenges. Continue reading to explore new processes to mitigate risk and secure sensitive data.


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    Access this white paper to find out about seven reasons why it might be time to switch your cloud backup platform.


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    This IDC white paper explores a VDI appliance that boasts faster time to value with no compromise—as it effectively mitigates previous VDI concerns such as boot storms and VDI stalls. Access now and learn how this appliance can get you on the right track to balancing both short- and long-term IT needs.


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    View this informative white paper to understand the market for hyperconverged systems, and what each vendor brings to the table.


  • VMWorld Case Study:  Catalent Pharma Solutions

    A robust virtulisation, back-up and disaster recovery plan, helped Catalent Pharma Solutions survive an earthquake, tsunami and a fire in 2011.


  • CW500: Reducing complexity in IT: Aldermore Bank CTO Peter McElwaine-Johnn

    How do you migrate from legacy to simplicity? Aldermore Bank CTO Peter McElwaine-Johnn offers some tips in this presentation.


  • Network Evolution E-Zine: June Issue 2015

    This issue of the Network Evolution e-zine goes discusses a number of subjects that face network decision makers today.


  • Expert Analysis: Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing

    This study, conducted by Gartner research analysts, highlights significant changes that will impact users and providers in the EFSS sector. Less than 10% of today's EFSS vendors will offer standalone products by 2017, so get a headstart on your strategy and investigate up-and-coming capabilities.


  • What Market Evolution Means for MSPs

    In this expert guide, MSPs will learn to manage a large number of client IT systems reliably and securely, while continuously improving the productivity and cost-effectiveness of IT staff.


  • Centralized vs. Decentralized Storage: What's Right for You?

    Advancements in cloud and data center consolidation have sparked a debate: is centralized or decentralized storage infrastructure better?


  • Rethinking Data Protection for MSPs

    This white paper examines the magnitude of data protection challenges as well as solutions to mitigate risks for consumers in any environment.


  • Dell Wyse thin client all-in-one 5212

    Access this informative data sheet to discover an all-in-one thin client architecture, combining the power of a thin client operating system with a thin client desktop. Explore five industry use cases for this technology and learn how it delivers an excellent virtual desktop experience for users while simplifying management for IT.


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    Transitioning to the cloud can come with numerous security risks and compliance issues because cloud computing does not adhere to many business regulations and standards. Access this expert e-guide to discover how you can overcome the top ten risks of cloud computing.