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Keep Your Enemies Closer - Get Proactive about Security

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Four Ways DNS Can Accelerate Business Growth

This exclusive paper discusses the plethora of benefits that a robust and secure DNS can provide your organization. Read on to find out how you can significantly enhance your web experience for users, driving new streams of revenue.

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  • Enhanced Security Intelligence Enables Organizations to Reap Proven Rewards

    This informative white paper introduces one company’s innovative security technologies, which include the following facets:

    • An identity-based access control policy platform that gathers real-time information from networks, users, and devices to tell you who and what is trying to connect
    • A security ecosystem that utilizes early-warning intelligence to provide an overview of local and global security risks
    • Pervasive security coverage embedded into every part of the network infrastructure to provide flexible, scalable, and cooperative threat control solutions

    Read now to learn more about this company’s advanced security solutions, which work in conjunction with one another to leverage your enterprise’s security, efficiency, compliance, and enablement.

  • Next Generation Enterprise Network Security Solutions: The Importance of Incorporating Vulnerability Intelligence-

    Hackers are quick to exploit newly discovered vulnerabilities in the software enterprises deploy and use. Traditional security defenses rely on known attack signatures, so they often fail to detect attacks that exploit new vulnerabilities.

    HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) and Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) combine technology that focuses on the root problems common to multiple threats with the latest vulnerability intelligence provided by HP Security Research and supported by more than 3,000 external security researchers. This enables them to block new threats that escape detection by traditional threat pattern recognition with minimal impact on network performance.

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