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Keep Your Enemies Closer - Get Proactive about Security

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Strengthening Security From the Inside Out

The numbers are alarming – 91% of hacks begin with an email attack and 23% of phishing emails are opened. Employees, the humans, have always been the weakest link in an IT security strategy. Attackers know this, and prey on them with spear-phishing and social engineering attacks.

Listen to guest speaker Nick Hayes from Forrester Research and Steve Malone from Mimecast for insight into how technology and awareness together can strengthen defenses.

The webinar covers:

  1. Why your existing IT security strategy is failing
  2. How to strengthen security with better employee threat awareness
  3. New ways to think about technology and security training together

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  • Reducing the Cost and Complexity of Web Vulnerability Management

    Hackers continue to refine their methods in targeted attacks, making it extremely cumbersome for IT teams to monitor web security for holes and vulnerabilities. Many network security processes are too high in cost and complex, deterring organizations from using the proper tools.

    In this white paper, learn about a cloud-based web vulnerability assessment and how it streamlines the identification and response processes, without any software or maintenance. Click here for more!

  • Can New Security Tools Keep Your Network Clean?

    The era of the Internet of Things, BYOD, and social media has also become an era of highly sophisticated malware. Advanced security monitoring tools are crucial in the fight to protect the enterprise network.

    This Insider Edition of Information Security reviews:

    1. The newest capabilities of security tools, which include the ability to collect and scour immense amounts of data 
    2. Network security pros on the frontline and how they are employing security monitoring tools
    3. The endpoint protection market, which was jolted back to life by demands for new levels of network protection

    Network and security IT pros, read on to access step-by-step guidance so you can decide which advanced security monitoring tools are right for your network’s particular needs.

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