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Keep Your Enemies Closer - Get Proactive about Security

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How to close SSL blind spots

With a staggering amount of new malware attacks emerging every day, organizations need to ensure their security can keep pace with the changes. As more threats can slip past traditional network security perimeters, it's imperative to increase visibility.

In this white paper, find out how to identify, contain, and remediate unknown threats through real-time analysis. Discover how to close SSL blind spots and secure mobile devices and remote access endpoints inside.

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  • Protect your network from increasing attacks

    Enterprise networks have become ever more challenging to secure and manage given the trends of massive growth in bandwidth, deployment of large enterprise data centers, and significant adoption of cloud-based applications.

    Organizations now have a reliance on the network for critical business functions, including remote access to data center and cloud-based applications. This reliance is being exploited by hackers and cyber-criminals to attack most organizations.

    Access this white paper to learn about the best ways to protect your network and the added value of having a software-defined network.

  • IOT application security and privacy raise hairs

    How will connected cars and other internet-enabled “things” impact your network and your security measures? IOT is fast approaching and you’ll need to ensure your network is capable of keeping up.

    “Is it secure?” is a fundamental question businesses are asking; especially now that white hat hackers have shown connected cars are hackable.

    Network access points are multiplying at a rapid pace. These not only include most in-vehicle systems, but also a wide range of external networks.

    We review the concerns, and address how continual performance monitoring and system validation may be the only way to mitigate risk…regardless of your industry.

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  • Top 5 reasons to invest in managed security service

    Security breaches cost an average of $3.4 million per incident. This cost, coupled with the number of breaches that occurring in the past few years, is reason enough to seriously invest in managed security service providers (MSSPs). Discover the top five reasons why an MSSP is right for your business.


  • Biggest security threats & how to address them

    This white paper shares the top 5 security priorities that concerned network security professionals over the last year.


  • Network visibility starts with packet processing

    This brief infographic presents the capabilities that you need to look for in NPBs and how to achieve 100% visibility into your network traffic. Access now and uncover the negative effects of packet loss and how to avoid them.


  • Forensic security study: Are SIEMs enough?

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  • Old systems create massive vulnerabilities for your business

    You have options available to address and reduce your risk. What you need is comprehensive security controls that can protect older systems like Windows Server 2003 while you plan and execute a transition that makes sense for your business. Review the risks facing your organization and learn how you can smoothly transition into newer software.


  • How threat intelligence gives you the upper hand

    This expert e-guide demonstrates why organizations need to rethink their network security tools, monitoring, and threat intelligence to eliminate vulnerabilities.


  • Secure your Office 365 deployment, as well as your email

    In this e-guide, expert Dave Shackleford discusses the security pros and cons of Microsoft Office 365's cloud-based productivity suite. You'll also find a section on email security, including helpful information about choosing between on-premise email security tools, or embracing the cloud.


  • Think you know network security deployment? Think again!

    A structured and architectural approach to pervasive network visibility gives security solutions access while enabling them to scale cost effectively. Discover how the Security Delivery Platform is becoming a building block to deploying security solutions.


  • Using micro-segmentation to protect sensitive data

    In this white paper, you'll learn how micro-segmentation helps you move beyond perimeter security to contain and halt threats inside your data center in order to keep your data safe. Access now to learn whether a software-defined data center architecture is right for your business.


  • How to secure your data center with micro-segmentation

    This white paper explains how to deploy advanced security inside your data center with micro-segmentation, which will deliver the operational agility of network virtualization.


  • Proactive security in an age of complicated infrastructure

    This report examines the need for an enterprise network infrastructure with deeply embedded security to become more proactive in threat prevention.


  • Solutions to today's network security issues

    This eBook presents solutions to three of today's common network security issues and how software-defined data centers are here to provide the tools that you will need moving forward.


  • How mobility is exposing flaws in your network security

    Network security is failing to keep up with the rapid influx of mobile devices. Security professionals have realized that BYOD, mobility and cloud are exposing flaws in network security architectures. This vendor-neutral resource highlights how your enterprise can mitigate risk effectively in this type of dynamic environment.


  • 4 approaches to more secure mobilization

    Enterprises are relying on native applications to mobilize their Microsoft environments despite major security threats. A recent survey displays the decision-making process when balancing the advantages and trade-offs associated with the four primary methods of mobilizing those apps.


  • Time to reconsider access layer protection in enterprise WLAN

    It's time to reevaluate access layer protection in enterprise WLANs and learn why deploying ad-hoc security is no longer enough to protect against threats. In this e-book, you'll read about new access layer defense strategies, and tips on how to select a secure WLAN solution.


  • Network security offense 101

    This white paper explains why your network security strategy needs to include testing and training to make sure a product or service is protected before launch. Read on to learn more about an offensive security strategy and what it needs to contain.


  • EMM tool gets Windows 10 support, bolstered security

    This e-guide provides an update on AirWatch's new privacy initiative, and teaches you the benefits of integrating the EMM tool into your business. Access now and also learn how AirWatch added Windows 10 support, and partnered with a number of security software providers to bolster its EMM tool.


  • Security ignorance is blissful, but deadly

    You will learn how your spend compares to that of other organizations, what defense measures your peers have in place to defend against internal and external threats, and why weaknesses in your strategy could make your organization a "low hanging fruit".


  • 2016 network security: Scratching the attack surface

    This detailed 2016 cyberthreat defense examines the current and planned deployment of countermeasures across the globe to give you a better understanding of how your security perceptions, concerns, and defenses stack up against your peers.


  • Top 4 techniques hackers are using today

    This white paper presents today's four most significant cyber-security threats from the hacker's perspective. Access this resource to learn the steps that you need to take to protect your organization from being the next breach victim, as well as how to shift from a reactive to a proactive security approach.


  • Network security: Top 7 reasons to implement micro-segmentation

    Data center attacks are on the rise. Physical security and firewalls aren't enough. Micro-segmentation is one of the breakthrough security benefits of network virtualization. Access this white paper to learn about 7 key factors that make micro-segmentation a powerful and painless tool to incorporate.


  • Outsourcing network security services: Pros and cons

    Is it a wise business decision to partner with a managed security provider? Should you migrate security to the cloud? This expert e-guide explores the challenges of managing network security on your own and the benefits of partnering with a provider.


  • Insecure IoT infrastructure opens new doors for hackers

    In this IoT report, take a closer look at the 7 key findings about IoT devices, connectivity, and infrastructure. Access now and learn what you can do to protect your organization.


  • Requirements for modern threat protection

    In this white paper, learn how you can stay ahead of advanced threats by leveraging an integrated system that can disrupt the entire lifecycle of an attack, evolve to prevent new threats, and more. Additionally, explore the ways one threat protection system can address today's most pressing security concerns.


  • Gain insights from 24 network security pros

    This e-book is a collection of 24 essays from industry leaders on a broad array of network security topics. Gain tips on how to build and execute your network security plan, stay ahead of hackers, and more.


  • Network security: 4 fatal flaws

    Despite heavy investments, networks are still seeing successful attacks. Access this white paper to learn about four fatal failures of network security and the actions you can take to fortify your defenses.


  • DDoS extortion: To pay or not to pay?

    This white paper explores why DDoS attacks are a hacker's favorite, the types of DDoS attacks commonly used, how to recognize a DDoS extortion attack, and whether or not you should pay the ransom. Read on now to learn how to protect your enterprise with proven recommendations and mitigation techniques.


  • Identify risks facing your network

    Discover how you can – and why you should – shift from simply reacting to threats to proactively managing risk in order to quickly identify attacks heading to your network.


  • Identify your network threat management action plan

    This e-book explains why you must implement a multi-dimensional security approach to minimize any potential risks associated with the cloud and your network. Read on to access a checklist that contains several key attributes to look for when building a secure network.


  • Beyond endpoints: ISFW security

    This white paper presents both a design approach as well as a reference architecture for implementing an firewall strategy for your enterprise.


  • Modern security matrix - What to look for in providers

    Are you prepared for complex attacks on your network? Learn how advanced hybrid security solutions meet you where you are and get you to the level of security you need.


  • Manage a secure network: Controller vs. cloud

    Discover a way to drastically simplify your access and security management by combining WLAN control and network security into the same platform.


  • Traditional network security architecture – 3 issues to overcome

    This white paper explores how to enable comprehensive data center security through network virtualization. Access now to learn how to overcome the three major issues with traditional network security and how to defend your data center from within.


  • Increasing Wi-Fi offerings increases cybercrime risk

    When the same network is used by your shoppers and retail associates alike, it's critical that your network security is capable of detecting advanced threats to protect business assets. Discover how to segment devices and access layers across wired and wireless networks to ensure your network is secured from all access points.


  • How application-aware traffic visibility can benefit security tools

    Bringing intelligent application-aware traffic visibility and filtering relevant applications to these security tools will help them work at their most optimum while uncovering malicious communication patterns.


  • Internal segmentation firewalls Q&A: Challenges, benefits and more

    This white paper examines internal segmentation firewalls (ISFW), and demonstrates how ISFWs can protect your internal network. Access now and find out the challenges and benefits of ISFWs, as well as the features you should look for when choosing a solution.


  • 4 perimeter network security strategies compared

    In this issue of Information Security magazine, we study perimeter network security in the mobile and cloud era, and strategies to secure access from application-layer protection to single sign-on technologies.


  • Is Your Network Too Flat? Prevent Data Breaches with Segmentation

    Networks lacking proper network segmentation allow attackers to easily move around the network, turning a minor problem into a major disaster for security managers. In this issue of Information Security, learn about segmentation strategies that can improve your network security infrastructure.


  • Are mobile devices the weak link in your security defenses?

    BYOD is becoming the norm in today's business landscape and it is a major security threat. Access this white paper to learn about internet exploits, insider abuse, regulatory compliance and a checklist of steps you can take to ensure secure mobile networking.


  • Fight hackers smarter, not harder

    Discover the results of this independent study of over 300 security experts on the topic of building a security plan with the bottom line in mind. You'll discover the most economical way to prevent your enterprise from falling victim to attack.


  • Understanding the impact of DDoS attacks

    ThousandEyes highlights the impact of an ongoing DDoS attack, provides visibility into the effectiveness of the mitigation and provides insight into the strategies of DDoS mitigation vendors.