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Keep Your Enemies Closer - Get Proactive about Security

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Solving sluggish incident response with bolstered network security

Prioritizing and addressing the growing number of security alerts is the most critical challenge for incident responders. Targeted attacks are often multi-staged, carefully planned, and are increasingly using sophisticated tools, tactics, and procedures designed to evade common defenses. In these attacks, three issues can cause an IT security analyst to miss critical incidents:

  • Poor visibility and context
  • Limited human resources
  • And inadequate follow-up to address root causes

In this study, you will identify the issues plaguing network incident response processes and combat the issues and shortcomings as listed above. Access this report now to glean an overview of the outside security services that your organization can procure to eliminate sluggish incident response.

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  • Hackers against healthcare: Protecting data from the 3-layered attack

    As healthcare organizations spread out and rely more on distributed ecosystems to collect, transfer, and analyze clinical data, the risk of a cybersecurity breach rises exponentially. In order to avoid a data breach, healthcare must be able to proactively secure patient data, devices, and systems from evolving threats.

    In this webinar, examine the top security threats and vulnerabilities facing healthcare today as well as strategies to overcome these challenges. View now to learn more about:

    1. Securing the distributed healthcare environment
    2. Advanced threat protection for clinical data
    3. Properly segmenting and securing internal networks
    4. And more

  • Improving network performance and provide safe access to apps

    The University of Adelaide is one of Australia’s Group of Eight research-intensive universities and is consistently ranked among the top one percent of universities in the world. With multiple campuses and affiliated research institutes, the university was struggling to provide open access to applications and sites, including social media, while still ensuring robust security.

    In this case study, learn how this university transformed their non-scalable network security system by deploying next-generation firewall technology, offering granular visibility of threats and better control of Internet applications. Access this study now to adapt your business to the ever- evolving information security landscape, and improve network performance with proactive threat monitoring. 

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    This insightful e-guide discusses the market trends in the managed security services industry. Access now to see how you can develop strong security intelligence capabilities with an increased focus on remediation.


  • APTs vs. outdated network security approaches

    This white paper outlines the 6-point anatomy of APTs and how they evade traditional cybersecurity architectures.


  • How to secure your data center with micro-segmentation

    This white paper explains how to deploy advanced security inside your data center with micro-segmentation, which will deliver the operational agility of network virtualization.


  • Putting Network Security Into Context

    Today's advanced threats demand a network security strategy that can adjust policies based on contextual data about users and apps.


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    In this Frost & Sullivan best practices research report you will get an in-depth look at the 2015 North American Encrypted Network Security Solutions New Product Innovation Award. Learn how you can take advantage of new networking technologies like the IoT and the Cloud while still keeping your sensitive data secure.


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  • Deploy MFT systems to end compliance woes

    This e-guide discusses the possibility of using a properly configured and secure Managed File Transfer (MFT) system as your sole means of transmitting data in order to remain in compliance with industry regulations.


  • Network endpoint immunity: Incognito access to apps

    In this white paper, learn how to make endpoints dark on your network to users without the explicit permissions and authorization to view others in order to mitigate identity theft. Continue reading to learn how to reduce your network's and apps' attack surfaces through identity management and hiding access and devices.


  • Is your network security scaring away customers?

    This informative white paper presents the statistics of why customers don't trust brands and offers insight into how to tailor your network security strategy to avoid data breaches and reputation defamation.


  • Improving patient care with mobile devices

    This resource follows Adventist Health System as they work to redefine clinical workflows to allow healthcare providers to leverage mobile devices to improve patient care. View now to learn how their 7000 employees are able to securely access email and clinical information on their iOS and Android devices.


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    This exclusive white paper reveals how sandboxing can help you to combat advanced persistent threats (APTs).


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