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Keep Your Enemies Closer - Get Proactive about Security

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Increase network visibility and reduce risk

According to a Ponemon Institute survey, 71% of respondents said the complexity of their IT and IT security architecture makes it difficult to see the vulnerabilities on their networks.

As networks become more complex, network visibility reduces making it harder to identify and contain threats.

Access this resource to learn how to overcome the challenges with this complexity gap and uncover how network security automation will:

  • Reduce risk
  • Enable productivity
  • Increase governance and compliance objectives
  • And more

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  • Owner-controlled PKI works to secure IoT

    The versatility of public key infrastructure enables trust in IoT through identity authentication, data encryption, and data and system integrity allowing users to trust the safety of the information they are receiving.

    The only question that remains: who's controlling the PKI infrastructure?

    Learn how owner-operated PKI is making strides in becoming the most secure option for IoT users.

  • The 9 considerations for securing web apps in the cloud

    According to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, web application data breaches are up by over 300% since 2014.

    Organizations need to re-think their IT security strategies to meet the growing demand for web applications.

    In this white paper, learn the 9 key considerations for securing web apps in the cloud to prevent data breaches and application-layer attacks —without impeding your application development or deployment.

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  • IT security survey results

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  • Tips and tricks to maximizing network security

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  • How Travelex reduced downtime due to firewall issues

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  • Network security: Beating back ransomware

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  • How to gain network security without sacrificing agility

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    To enable remote access for today's complex networks requires some advanced tools and a well-thought-out strategy. Learn how with this three-part guide.


  • Network security: How to deliver visibility, agility, and control

    In this white paper, learn about Symantec Complete Website Security. See how it helps protect against network breaches by performing weekly vulnerability assessments and daily malware scanning of web pages and web-based applications.


  • How to reduce firewall management costs – and increase visibility

    Learn how a major credit card company was able to get greater insight into their firewalls in order to reduce administrative costs, preemptively flag issues previously missed, and more.


  • Your comprehensive guide to securing a hybrid network

    Discover how to secure digital networks and take a deep dive into complex infrastructures that deploy various methods of connectivity. Learn how to understand a next-generation network, run an efficient hybrid network, manage hybrid connection challenges, and more.


  • Only keep EOS systems if you have security locked in

    Identify how you can maintain security in your network, despite the fact that Windows Server 2003 has reached its End-of-Support.


  • 6 steps to overcoming PCI DSS compliance challenges

    In this e-book, uncover the challenges of achieving continuous PCI DSS compliance across complex multi-cloud landscapes and the 6 criteria to consider when evaluating compliance solutions.


  • Prepare your network security for IoT

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  • 4 steps to protecting your DNS from DDoS attacks

    An average DDoS attack results in about 54 minutes of downtime, which can translate to substantial revenue loss. Inside, uncover how your DNS infrastructure is susceptible to a variety of DDoS attacks and how to overcome these threats.


  • Increase your ROI with security-as-a-service

    This Forrester Consulting report examines the ROI for organizations that used Alert Logic services for cloud security.


  • Who's really behind DDoS attacks?

    More than 40% of businesses hit by a DDoS attack believe their competitors were behind it, according to research by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International. But is there truth behind this suspicion? In this expert e-guide, learn ]about the real culprits behind DDoS attacks, and get some insight into the emergence of cloud WAF for application security.


  • Improve BYOD with the Bonjour Protocol

    This E-Guide from explores how the Bonjour protocol can help you handle the Apple devices wishing to access your enterprise networks and systems. In addition, uncover the importance of defining a proper BYOD policy.


  • How SSL-Encrypted Web Connections are Intercepted

    In this expert e-guide, uncover 4 key strategies for defending against illegal TLS/SSL-encrypted Web connection interception. Learn how these cyber-attacks work, the challenges of digital certificates, SSL-interception tools, and more by reading on now.


  • How cloud security can enhance current business strategies

    Learn how Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG) deployed Alert Logic technology to help prevent against network security attacks and increase customer satisfaction and trust.


  • Industry report: Key trends and challenges for cloud security

    In this Symantec CloudSOC Shadow Data Report, uncover the key trends and organizations like Shadow Data that enterprises face when trying to ensure their sensitive data in cloud apps remains secure.


  • Challenges of encrypted traffic security

    Access this white paper to learn about the current state of encryption technology, predictions, and how you can leverage it to turn your network into an advanced security sensor.


  • 4 reasons to implement a high performance ADC

    With more devices and connections to always-on access, internet attacks are continuing to grow at a tremendous rate. How can you improve performance, connectivity, and above all, security? This resource details how ADC's can safeguard your network, your users and your data from emerging threats and attacks.


  • Key findings for the network monitoring equipment market

    In this report, gain a stronger understanding of the top tools on the network monitoring market to help improve overall security and reliability.


  • SDN's key role in network security

    This guide goes beyond most examinations of security in SDN, goes beyond explaining what SDN is and how it might improve network security. Instead, this publication looks in-depth at specific implementations of SDN. Readers will come away with a freshly packed toolkit of SDN-related actionable advice.


  • Keeping the network safe in the digital era

    Learn about an intelligent, new approach to network security that can seamlessly follow and protect data, provide actionable threat intelligence and close gaps left by legacy point products and platforms.


  • Increasing network visibility and security: Case study

    Discover how Public Employees' Retirement System enabled full visibility into their entire network and bolstered their security posture. Find out how they enabled consistent access to key information, improved threat management, enhanced network security, and more.


  • How cloud faxing can protect student privacy

    In this resource, discover how cloud faxing delivers a fast, secure, and more convenient fax service that increases satisfaction among university administration and students.


  • Balancing security and performance in the public cloud

    This Gartner report explores 5 recommendations for solving 2 app performance challenges, network performance key considerations, security policy considerations, tips to help you determine the right approach for your organization, and more.


  • Stop data breaches before they happen

    Uncover how your organization can prevent a breach before it happens with proactive threat monitoring.


  • Cloud-native app delivery: Benefits and challenges

    Learn to overcome the roadblocks of application-centric organizations by moving toward cloud-based environments and accelerating the adoption of cloud-native application architectures.


  • Enhanced network security and troubleshooting: Vela case study

    Discover how Vela Trading Technologies bolstered their network security without hindering employee productivity. Find out how they enhanced traffic monitoring, behavioral analytics, data protection, troubleshooting, and more.


  • How Wilbur-Ellis secured their cloud infrastructure

    This case study explores how Wilbur-Ellis transformed their network infrastructure and the immediate benefits received from leveraging an Amazon Wed Services (AWS) cloud platform and security-as-a-service (SaaS) provider.


  • How Aruba Clearpass prevents unauthorized users on your network

    In this white paper, learn how mobility and IoT are changing how organizations approach network access control (NAC) and how switching to security tools like Aruba Clearpass can help detect threats before damage occurs.


  • Wi-Fi: Secure enough for government use?

    As Wi-Fi continues to evolve, so does its security functionality. But is it secure enough to protect the US Federal Government? In this white paper, get a detailed, technical explanation of how modern enterprise Wi-Fi networks are secured, and whether Wi-Fi has the ability to fully protect the federal government.


  • Secure your faxes with encryption

    Explore this case study to reveal how a large Fortune 500 insurance company overcame the issue of being at risk for regulatory noncompliance without a secure platform for faxing documents.


  • What is a hybrid approach to data infrastructure?

    In this online resource, learn how a hybrid approach to data infrastructure gives your business an increased level of reliability, adaptability, and agility for a more advanced data sharing capability.


  • SD-WAN vs. WAN

    The biggest challenge for current WAN networks is the cloud. Explore this white paper to learn how SD-WAN technology provides its users with the flexibility to add/change bandwidth in near real-time, while enhancing security and user experience.


  • 10 key questions you should ask when evaluating cloud providers

    In this webinar, listen to Michael Flavin, Senior Product Marketing Manager, j2 Cloud Services about common misconceptions about cloud computing and the 10 key questions your organization should be asking when evaluating cloud providers.


  • SSL VPN demo: A closer look at benefits, features

    View this demo to gain an understanding of the features, capabilities and benefits of Array's AG Series SSL VPN appliances.


  • Do you really know what's on your network?

    This white paper explores how to get your network ready to handle the demands of a digital workplace for modern user experiences, security, and innovation. Learn how to update your enterprise mobility and IoT strategies and uncover 6 steps for prepping your network.


  • The benefits of secondary DNS combined with load balancing

    In this white paper, learn how adding a cloud-based secondary DNS can complement your global-load balancing (GLB) infrastructure to extend global reach and improve end user experience.


  • AG Series secure access gateways: Right for your business?

    In this resource, learn about Array Network's AG Series secure access gateways and see how they match up against the competition.