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Keep Your Enemies Closer - Get Proactive about Security

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Increase network visibility and reduce risk

According to a Ponemon Institute survey, 71% of respondents said the complexity of their IT and IT security architecture makes it difficult to see the vulnerabilities on their networks.

As networks become more complex, network visibility reduces making it harder to identify and contain threats.

Access this resource to learn how to overcome the challenges with this complexity gap and uncover how network security automation will:

  • Reduce risk
  • Enable productivity
  • Increase governance and compliance objectives
  • And more

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  • Network monitoring and security: Navigate the myths of automation

    Network admins and IT pros are tasked with unlocking visibility into their networks to correct errors, configure security, and manage the plethora of connected devices all while striving towards the ideal of uninterrupted uptime.

    This white paper explores how to create a real-time window into network health and stability, and reduce the amount of time spent on troubleshooting the seemingly never-ending stream of network issues.

    Learn how to:

    • Navigate the myth vs. reality of using automation
    • Go beyond passive network monitoring
    • Train networks to manage themselves
    • And more

  • How to Defend A Vanishing Network Perimeter

    How do you defend something that’s disappeared? The traditional network perimeter has all but vanished, but that doesn’t mean enterprise security must follow suit.

    This Insider Edition of Information Security offers some technological “tricks” that could make all the difference when it comes to keeping security threats at bay.

    Inside, Nemertes Research CEO Johna Till Johnson, networking expert David Strom, Alliant Techsystems CISO Adam Rice, and Alliant Techsystems Senior Enterprise Security Architect James Ringold reveal information on the latest security tools and techniques so that you can deliver the sort of network security the 21st century requires.  

    Read up and learn how it’s still possible to battle the threats the bad guys launch. Access your complimentary copy today by taking a quick survey on your network security experiences, challenges, and plans.  

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  • How to Defend A Vanishing Network Perimeter

    How do you defend something that's disappeared? The traditional network perimeter has all but vanished, but that doesn't mean enterprise security must follow suit. This Insider Edition of Information Security offers some technological "tricks" that could make all the difference when it comes to keeping security threats at bay.


  • How Travelex reduced downtime due to firewall issues

    Learn how Travelex set up and monitored configurations for their widely spread devices to keep their networks running smoothly, and ended up significantly reducing downtime due to firewall issues, plus 5 other key benefits.


  • Protecting your network in real-time

    Managing risk within today's enterprise network environments is a significant challenge. This resource uncovers how to bridge the gap between enterprise risk and network teams.


  • How to gain network security without sacrificing agility

    Download this resource to learn how two industry leaders are combining best-of-breed solutions in virtual application delivery and next-generation firewalls to provide all the benefits of virtualization with the performance level of dedicated hardware appliances.


  • How to reduce firewall management costs – and increase visibility

    Learn how a major credit card company was able to get greater insight into their firewalls in order to reduce administrative costs, preemptively flag issues previously missed, and more.


  • The current state of network security

    What is tue current state of network security and how can it be improved? This paper from the Enterprise Strategy Group answers this by surveying current network security needs and the problems causing them, as well as why you should consider "closed-loop" network security.


  • ESG on network security as it evolves

    This ESG white paper delves into the current state of network security and the complexities of working with mobile, cloud, IoT, and digital transformation. Uncover key lessons about "closed-loop" network security with visibility into all devices, centralized policy management, and user and entity behavior analytics.


  • Your comprehensive guide to securing a hybrid network

    Discover how to secure digital networks and take a deep dive into complex infrastructures that deploy various methods of connectivity. Learn how to understand a next-generation network, run an efficient hybrid network, manage hybrid connection challenges, and more.


  • 6 web application firewall essentials

    Due to the nature of web security and how it constantly evolves, it is increasingly difficult to integrate comprehensive security into applications and keep them up-to-date. In this white paper, learn the 6 essential features your web application firewall (WAF) needs to maintain a high degree of security,


  • Only keep EOS systems if you have security locked in

    Identify how you can maintain security in your network, despite the fact that Windows Server 2003 has reached its End-of-Support.


  • WAF 101: How they work, best features and more

    In this expert e-guide, educate yourself on all things WAF by discovering how a WAF works, the best WAF features and more. Additionally, learn how to further resolve web application vulnerabilities.


  • 4 DDoS attack myths demystified

    If you think you're ready for a DDoS attack—or that you don't need to worry about one—make sure you're not buying into some of these popular myths.


  • 60% faster network-access related incident response? Here's what that means...

    Network access control (NAC) is being largely seen as the answer to faster network security when it comes to dealing with the massive influx of mobile devices. This IDC report gives you what you need to plan your NAC strategy. You will get an overview of market trends, demographics, the business value a NAC system can help you realize, and more.


  • Protecting the network with the right SSL strategy

    In this white paper, learn what you need to know about Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and how to construct your security strategy.


  • Prepare your network security for IoT

    Find out what's driving the IoT explosion and how you can prepare your network for the potential security risks that accompany


  • Improve BYOD with the Bonjour Protocol

    This E-Guide from explores how the Bonjour protocol can help you handle the Apple devices wishing to access your enterprise networks and systems. In addition, uncover the importance of defining a proper BYOD policy.


  • How SSL-Encrypted Web Connections are Intercepted

    In this expert e-guide, uncover 4 key strategies for defending against illegal TLS/SSL-encrypted Web connection interception. Learn how these cyber-attacks work, the challenges of digital certificates, SSL-interception tools, and more by reading on now.


  • Who's really behind DDoS attacks?

    More than 40% of businesses hit by a DDoS attack believe their competitors were behind it, according to research by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International. But is there truth behind this suspicion? In this expert e-guide, learn ]about the real culprits behind DDoS attacks, and get some insight into the emergence of cloud WAF for application security.


  • 10 ways IT security pros can step up their game

    In this eBook, you'll learn more about the changing network security landscape, where your business is most vulnerable today, and 10 areas you can step up your security game.


  • Practices that can save you from a DDoS attack

    In this white paper, learn recommended network and application practices for successful DDoS attack protection.


  • 4 reasons to implement a high performance ADC

    With more devices and connections to always-on access, internet attacks are continuing to grow at a tremendous rate. How can you improve performance, connectivity, and above all, security? This resource details how ADC's can safeguard your network, your users and your data from emerging threats and attacks.


  • Keeping the network safe in the digital era

    Learn about an intelligent, new approach to network security that can seamlessly follow and protect data, provide actionable threat intelligence and close gaps left by legacy point products and platforms.


  • Learn to lock-down your SDN

    With new threats growing side-by-side with the digital transformation and the birth of software-defined-networking (SDN), these old solutions are no longer sufficient. In this white paper, explore Juniper's software-defined-secure network.


  • Increasing network visibility and security: Case study

    Discover how Public Employees' Retirement System enabled full visibility into their entire network and bolstered their security posture. Find out how they enabled consistent access to key information, improved threat management, enhanced network security, and more.


  • Securing smart connected devices in the era of adaptive trust

    Mobility and the Internet of Things are changing both the IT landscape and our approaches to security. This infographic gives you the basics of delivering a security framework built on adaptive trust defense. You will learn about the growing risks and real-world solutions for the new era.


  • Cloud-native app delivery: Benefits and challenges

    Learn to overcome the roadblocks of application-centric organizations by moving toward cloud-based environments and accelerating the adoption of cloud-native application architectures.


  • Enhanced network security and troubleshooting: Vela case study

    Discover how Vela Trading Technologies bolstered their network security without hindering employee productivity. Find out how they enhanced traffic monitoring, behavioral analytics, data protection, troubleshooting, and more.


  • 4 steps to secure IoT connectivity at the edge

    Discover how Aruba Networks is tackling the challenges of identifying, profiling, authenticating, and applying policies to IoT devices on the network. Learn about their blueprint for securing IoT connectivity at the edge and uncover 4 steps to connecting mobile and IoT devices with end-to-end security in place.


  • Wi-Fi: Secure enough for government use?

    As Wi-Fi continues to evolve, so does its security functionality. But is it secure enough to protect the US Federal Government? In this white paper, get a detailed, technical explanation of how modern enterprise Wi-Fi networks are secured, and whether Wi-Fi has the ability to fully protect the federal government.


  • SSL VPN demo: A closer look at benefits, features

    View this demo to gain an understanding of the features, capabilities and benefits of Array's AG Series SSL VPN appliances.


  • Do you really know what's on your network?

    This white paper explores how to get your network ready to handle the demands of a digital workplace for modern user experiences, security, and innovation. Learn how to update your enterprise mobility and IoT strategies and uncover 6 steps for prepping your network.


  • AG Series secure access gateways: Right for your business?

    In this resource, learn about Array Network's AG Series secure access gateways and see how they match up against the competition.


  • Expert advice on network monitoring tools

    In this complimentary e-guide, learn more about monitoring tools, how network monitoring works, and the difference between nice-to-have and need-to-have features in order to determine the best tool to monitor your network's performance.


  • Evaluation: Identify your SSL VPN criteria

    Download this SSL VPN evaluation guide to help identify, describe and prioritize the criteria you should consider when selecting an SSL VPN solution that best fits the needs of your organization.


  • The dangers of endpoints connecting to the network before scanning for device health

    Endpoint compliance assessments are critical for today's mobile workforce environment. This white paper explains how and where next-generation endpoint compliance should be enforced, as well as additional considerations that are critical for ensuring a secure network.


  • Is your ADC meeting 10 capabilities needed today?

    Learn the 10 capabilities that should be a critical component of your selection criteria when evaluating application delivery controllers, including intelligent traffic management, global load balancing, and more.


  • Adopting SSO? Consider network access

    Many traditional single sign-on (SSO) or identity as a service (IDaaS) vendors do not have ways to provide access to network resources. Discover 5 things you should prioritize in your SSO implementation.


  • 4 critical capabilities of Array Networks

    In this resource, learn how Array Networks empowers enterprise NFV adoption through key unique capabilities.


  • Software-Defined Networking Strategies for Campus WANs

    In this E-Guide from, explore some of the issues associated with troubled OpenFlow switches, which vendors carry them, and details about a strategy that will not cause you the issues these other switches do.


  • SDN Across the Data Center and the Network: Expert Insight

    The relationship between data center network fabric and software defined networking (SDN) will become increasingly important as engineers begin using these for manageability in high performance data centers. This expert E-Guide compares SDN and network fabrics roles in the data center and potential strategies for each.