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Keep Your Enemies Closer - Get Proactive about Security

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Reducing the Cost and Complexity of Web Vulnerability Management

Hackers continue to refine their methods in targeted attacks, making it extremely cumbersome for IT teams to monitor web security for holes and vulnerabilities. Many network security processes are too high in cost and complex, deterring organizations from using the proper tools.

In this white paper, learn about a cloud-based web vulnerability assessment and how it streamlines the identification and response processes, without any software or maintenance. Click here for more!

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  • The Evolution and Necessity of a Next-Gen Firewall

    Over the last few decades, firewalls have evolved from lowly packet filters to dynamic and sophisticated lines of defense.  Today, next-gen firewalls are a necessity to keep malware out and hackers off of your network.

    This white paper takes you through the history and development of firewalls and explores each generation's strengths and weaknesses.  Read on to learn what characteristics you need in a next-gen firewall to improve your security strategy, including:

    1. App visibility and control
    2. Deep packet inspection
    3. Advanced threat protection
    4. And more

    View now to learn more.

  • Security and Privacy on the Encrypted Network

    As the IT landscape changes, hackers are adapting along with it – they’re getting smarter by implementing tactics like compromising devices, and sniffing network traffic for credentials. Usually, encrypted networks are an effective way to combat hackers with credentials, but encryption poses visibility problems of its own. How can you overcome encryption challenges but still keep your data safe?

    Explore this white paper to learn how decryption is a necessary tool in network security and monitoring. Read on to get important information about network decryption such as:

    • Decryption use cases
    • Selection criteria and deployment
    • Compliance issues
    • And more. 

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