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Keep Your Enemies Closer - Get Proactive about Security

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Stop hackers with a human firewall

The numbers are alarming – 91% of hacks begin with an email attack and 23% of phishing emails are opened. Employees, the humans, have always been the weakest link in an IT security strategy. Attackers know this, and prey on them with spear-phishing and social engineering attacks.

Listen to guest speaker Nick Hayes from Forrester Research and Steve Malone from Mimecast for insight into how technology and awareness together can strengthen defenses.

The webinar covers:

  1. Why your existing IT security strategy is failing
  2. How to strengthen security with better employee threat awareness
  3. New ways to think about technology and security training together

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  • Solving sluggish incident response with bolstered network security

    Prioritizing and addressing the growing number of security alerts is the most critical challenge for incident responders. Targeted attacks are often multi-staged, carefully planned, and are increasingly using sophisticated tools, tactics, and procedures designed to evade common defenses. In these attacks, three issues can cause an IT security analyst to miss critical incidents:

    • Poor visibility and context
    • Limited human resources
    • And inadequate follow-up to address root causes

    In this study, you will identify the issues plaguing network incident response processes and combat the issues and shortcomings as listed above. Access this report now to glean an overview of the outside security services that your organization can procure to eliminate sluggish incident response.

  • What to look for in a next-gen firewall

    Over the last few decades, firewalls have evolved from lowly packet filters to dynamic and sophisticated lines of defense.  Today, next-gen firewalls are a necessity to keep malware out and hackers off of your network.

    This white paper takes you through the history and development of firewalls and explores each generation's strengths and weaknesses.  Read on to learn what characteristics you need in a next-gen firewall to improve your security strategy, including:

    1. App visibility and control
    2. Deep packet inspection
    3. Advanced threat protection
    4. And more

    View now to learn more.

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