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E-Zine: Enterprise CIO Decisions: Data Centers - Owning vs. Outsourcing

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Data Center Facilities for IT E-Book, Chapter 4: Data Center Design and Build Out

In this expert e-book from our editors, learn how to visualize each phase of your data center construction project and its energy usage. Discover topics such as:

  • The true cost of construction
  • Design firm selection criteria
  • Data center renovation and collocation
  • And much more

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  • Modern Infrastructure e-zine CIO edition: Managing the next-generation data center

    Forward thinking CIOs are establishing flexible data centers for the enterprise of the future, letting cloud computing, mobile devices, and infrastructure lead the way. 

    This special CIO edition of Modern Infrastructure e-zine demonstrates how today's data center technologies are fully intertwined with business strategies. Read now to uncover why CIOs should be considering cloud computing and data center transformation as a business issue first, and a technology issue second. 

    • Confronting the data center question
    • Infrastructure and the cloud: the new strategic frontier
    • Deliberating data center investments
    • And more

  • Legacy IT Systems: Keep 'Em or Cut 'Em?

    How do you calculate the expiration date on your legacy IT systems? It's a question CIOs must grapple with as they look at which IT systems are worth keeping around, and which are on the way out. In this issue of CIO Decisions ezine, we speak to experts about how they devise keep-vs.-cut formulas that go beyond trusting their gut, and feature CIOs who have made the transition and have lessons to share.

    Also in this issue, we examine the results of TechTarget's 2015 IT Priorities Survey; look at the ways in which enterprises can incorporate a diversified cloud strategy; investigate the buzz around the Docker's brand of container software and whether enterprises should invest; document how L.L. Bean Inc. is cataloguing its data; and speak with Deepak Agarwal, CIO at the School District of Palm Beach County, Fla., about why scalable Web apps are scoring top marks in his book.

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