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E-Zine: Enterprise CIO Decisions: Data Centers - Owning vs. Outsourcing

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Data Center Facilities for IT E-Book, Chapter 4: Data Center Design and Build Out

In this expert e-book from our editors, learn how to visualize each phase of your data center construction project and its energy usage. Discover topics such as:

  • The true cost of construction
  • Design firm selection criteria
  • Data center renovation and collocation
  • And much more

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  • Modern Infrastructure e-zine CIO edition: Managing the next-generation data center

    Forward thinking CIOs are establishing flexible data centers for the enterprise of the future, letting cloud computing, mobile devices, and infrastructure lead the way. 

    This special CIO edition of Modern Infrastructure e-zine demonstrates how today's data center technologies are fully intertwined with business strategies. Read now to uncover why CIOs should be considering cloud computing and data center transformation as a business issue first, and a technology issue second. 

    • Confronting the data center question
    • Infrastructure and the cloud: the new strategic frontier
    • Deliberating data center investments
    • And more

  • E-Guide: Expert Tips for Building a Flexible Data Center

    Today’s organizations have many factors to consider when building a data center so that it is flexible enough to support today’s emerging technologies and also energy efficient. Access this e-guide to learn how to build your data center to include key features such as high ceiling, power, and cooling plants. Also, find out how to improve facility longetivity with flexible data center design.

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  • Data Management Strategies for the CIO

    CIOs are turning to emerging forms of data management, including predictive business intelligence and information architectures, to harness the power of their data. Inside this expert e-book, gain insight on data management topics such as storage and retention policies, data protection and lifecycle management.


  • Nexans Simplifies Data Center Operations to Ensure Scalability

    In this case study, read up on how one organization overcame the complex IT challenges that ensued after acquiring an overseas company by adopting a cloud solution. Click to read about the benefits of a more scalable infrastructure and standardized and automated management.


  • The 10 data center trends to pay attention to in 2015

    In the following expert e-guide, learn about the top 10 trends that are impacting the data center in 2015. Inside, uncover why these trends have such influence on the data center, and also discover ways you can prepare your data center for even more change that's guaranteed to come down the road.


  • Are smart CIOs doomed to fail?

    In the following exclusive e-guide hear from world-renowned business thinker, Clayton Christensen as he reveals why innovation may be a bad thing for forward thinking CIOs.


  • Modern Infrastructure E-Zine: Top trends you need to know

    The October 2015 issue of our Modern Infrastructure e-zine is here, and it brings to the table a variety of interesting topics. Discover insights on thinking out, not up; explore data-aware storage; delve into the shortcomings of email, and more.


  • Experts weigh in: What is a modern infrastructure?

    This exclusive e-zine explores what makes an infrastructure modern, and breaks down the benefits and challenges of modern, integrated data center infrastructures. Read on for articles on white box switching, open source strategies, and more.


  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls of DCIM

    Consult this white paper for a list and expert explanation of the most common data center infrastructure management pitfalls and gain practical guidance on how to avoid them.


  • 5 benefits of modern data center infrastructure

    This exclusive whitepaper covers a data center architecture solution that will help you keep up with the demands put on your infrastructure by today's technology trends.


  • Should you use a reference design for your data center projects?

    The following white paper provides readers with several data center reference designs they can use to improve data center efficiency and effectiveness. Access now and discover what benefits can be achieved by leveraging these included designs.


  • How to find new opportunities by disrupting established business models

    In this report gain insight on, and examine in detail, the ways in which Digital Disruptive Intermediaries (DDI) change the way value is created and organized in different markets. Read on now and learn how to prepare and deal with this shift and ultimately, learn how to turn profit from it.


  • How to improve your data center physical infrastructure

    Read this white paper to learn how to use standardization and modularity to create wide ranging benefits in DCPI that streamline and simplify every process from initial planning to daily operation, with significant positive effects on all three major components of DCPI business value – availability, agility, and total cost of ownership.


  • Transformation Everywhere: Are You Ready for A New Style of Business?

    In this in-depth white paper, explore the "Tech CIO Playbook" to learn the strategies to adapting to the dynamic landscape of today. Read on to learn what you need to do to prepare and how to succeed in the marketplace with the right technology.


  • A sneak peak at the world's most advanced converged systems

    The following white paper explores some of the world's leading converged infrastructure systems and explores their capabilities. Access now and learn what these systems can do for your data center now, and in the future.


  • The top 17 data center infrastructure vendors compared

    This exclusive whitepaper provides Gartner's insight on the strength and cautions of some of the top data center infrastructure management providers.


  • Traditional data centers vs. prefabricated data centers: The TCO analysis

    This white paper provides a quantitative TCO analysis of the two architectures (pre-assembled and built-out), and illustrates the key drivers of both the capex and opex savings of the improved architecture.


  • HP facilitates Cadbury integration with Kraft

    View this brief webcast to see how Kraft Foods and Cadbury, following a merger of the two businesses, were able to consolidate both data centers so that business could be refocused and aligned to fit set goals.


  • How to operate and manage a data center while minimizing outages

    This paper describes unique management principles and provides a comprehensive, high-level overview of the necessary program elements for operating a mission critical data center facility efficiently and reliably throughout its life cycle. Practical management tips and advice are also given.


  • Overcome the obstacles: The steps to successful prefabricated data center deployment

    Delve into the key considerations for planning, preparing a site, handling, placing, and securing data center modules. Read on to arm yourself with knowledge from the experts to overcome the obstacles and challenges of prefabricated modular data center deployment.


  • How Gordon Memorial Hospital gained a healthier way to deploy EHR

    The following case study explores how by deploying Vblock Systems, Gordon Memorial Hospital was able to reach their infrastructure goals of improve efficiency and support for their new HER system.


  • VCE VxRACK System 1000 hyper-converged infrastructure solution overview

    The following white paper is a solution overview of the hyper-converged VCE VxRACK System 1000 Series infrastructure.


  • IT Handbook: Building Blocks of Data Center Construction

    Data center demands continue to skyrocket, forcing organizations to build new facilities with meager funds. This expert handbook will help you future-proof your investments and avoid costly construction mistakes.


  • Helping United Soar to New Heights

    View this short webcast to see how United Airlines benefited from a flexible data center solution that ensured constant availability, as well as the scalability to meet their ever-changing environment needs.


  • Driving faster, more valuable business outcomes with converged infrastructure

    Check out the following infographic to learn how businesses around the world are leveraging converged infrastructures from VCE to drive better business outcomes.


  • Is the data center an asset or obstacle to your organization?

    Download this concise solution review that offers an inside look into managed services that can help you optimize the performance of your data center and the availability of your organization's apps and data.


  • 5 tips to build a connected government framework

    Access the following white paper for an exclusive checklist that will help guide you to create a smarter, more effective government. Read on and discover 5 quick tips to build a connected government framework.


  • A Checklist for a smarter, more effective government

    Access the following white paper for an exclusive checklist that will help guide you to create a smarter, more effective government.