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E-Zine: Enterprise CIO Decisions: Data Centers - Owning vs. Outsourcing

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Data Center Facilities for IT E-Book, Chapter 4: Data Center Design and Build Out

In this expert e-book from our editors, learn how to visualize each phase of your data center construction project and its energy usage. Discover topics such as:

  • The true cost of construction
  • Design firm selection criteria
  • Data center renovation and collocation
  • And much more

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  • Modern Infrastructure e-zine CIO edition: Managing the next-generation data center

    Forward thinking CIOs are establishing flexible data centers for the enterprise of the future, letting cloud computing, mobile devices, and infrastructure lead the way. 

    This special CIO edition of Modern Infrastructure e-zine demonstrates how today's data center technologies are fully intertwined with business strategies. Read now to uncover why CIOs should be considering cloud computing and data center transformation as a business issue first, and a technology issue second. 

    • Confronting the data center question
    • Infrastructure and the cloud: the new strategic frontier
    • Deliberating data center investments
    • And more

  • The Liberation of IT

    Cloud computing in business has led to warnings that this new model will spell the end of corporate IT departments. But is that really the case? In this issue of Modern Infrastructure: CIO Edition, contributing writer Dina Gerdeman explores how organizations including videogame developer Electronic Arts Inc. are harnessing the power of cloud computing to their business advantage by freeing up IT staff to work on strategic projects and adapting the cloud's features to improve internal IT operations.

    Also in this issue, IT strategy expert Harvey Koeppel ponders the meandering, often confusing path to the adoption of cloud computing in business and shares 14 questions CIOs should ask to drive their strategy forward. And for those organizations enticed by the promises of cloud computing but not prepared to make a full commitment, we offer advice on how to build a strong hybrid cloud strategy.

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