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E-Guide: Expert Tips to Successfully Implement a Private Cloud

Deploying a private cloud successfully requires extensive planning and a smartly executed strategy. Read this expert e-guide to review the key steps to take to effectively implement a private cloud in your enterprise and discover how to prepare for road blocks that may come up along the way.

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  • How to Select the Right Cloud Provider for Your Organization

    Picking your cloud provider is one of the most crucial aspects of the cloud migration process. Unfortunately, much of the data often consists of high-level data points that don’t take into consideration your existing infrastructure and workloads, making it difficult to develop a plan.

    So, how can you get the information you really need before making this all-important choice?

    Access this exclusive whitepaper now to find out as it compares three cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, to show how identical configurations and workloads perform within each environment and how to calculate the actual costs of each.

  • Dynamic Infrastructures for VMware vCloud

    Don’t let the process of installing and configuring a cloud platform overwhelm you – relax, the experts are here to help. To implement a cloud infrastructure quickly and with little risk involved, adopt this industry-leading infrastructure solution which contains all the software and hardware you require to implement a cloud infrastructure successfully.

    Check out this exclusive white paper to discover how this VMware-based infrastructure solution can accelerate cloud infrastructure implementation, while reducing maintenance costs and effort.

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