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Customer Viewpoint: GreenButton Puts the Cloud within Easy Reach by Partnering with Dell and Vmware

Regardless of whether you’re a startup or the largest Fortune 500 organization, adopting a solution that enhances compute capacity and will “cloud-enable” applications should be priority #1 organizationally. Access this resource to uncover a cloud provider that will help you meet your unique computing needs and ensure your applications are cloud ready within weeks. Discover how you can achieve scalable computing capacity just when you need it to better meet customer demands.

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  • IBM and VMware join forces to provide hardware, software for top-notch cloud infrastructure

    Cloud infrastructures are proving to be very beneficial in numerous ways – the latest and most common way organizations are using cloud is to build and deploy compute, storage and networking resources to support mission-critical operations. However, the right hardware and software tools must be implemented in order to maximize the benefits cloud provides.

    So which hardware and software solutions are businesses adopting to ensure they get the most out of their cloud infrastructure?

    Check out this in-depth document to discover how IBM and VMware are working together to provide the tools needed for customers to deploy a cloud infrastructure successfully.

  • Chapter 4: Hybrid Clouds and the Interoperability Challenge

    Your peers have spoken: They want cloud interoperability and data and app portability so that they can make the leap to a hybrid environment. But, is today’s cloud stack up for the challenge?

    Download chapter 4 in this 4-part e-zine, and learn what as experts have to say about the recent interest in the hybrid cloud model and the latest offerings in the cloud marketplace. Read on for additional insights on:

    • Hybrid cloud benefits and challenge
    • Getting ready for a hybrid world
    • How to manage a hybrid environment
    • And much more.

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