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Virtual Data Center E-Zine Volume 32: Public vs. Private: Comparing Cloud Architectures

A recent TechTarget survey shows that roughly one-third of respondents have either implemented cloud computing or plan to do so in the next 12 months, but choosing between a private cloud or a public cloud can be tricky for some organizations. Before committing to either architecture, evaluate the benefits and especially the tradeoffs associated with each and learn how to make the most of the cloud you choose. Also in this issue, determine what needs are most important when planning your virtual applications, and find out how to monitor the performance of applications in the cloud.

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    As cloud continues to evolve, IT managers are looking for better integration of cloud platforms with existing tools, greater control and management, improved self-service and greater portability among cloud environments. This e-zine takes a look at trends in cloud computing, using open source software, moving applications to the cloud.


    Sponsored by: BMC/Accenture, ePlus and Intel

  • Private Cloud Computing E-Zine Vol. 2, No. 3: Consumerization and the Cloud; Cloud Management

    Though making the cloud work for your organization involves jumping multiple hurdles and coordinating strategies across multiple departments, the eventual payoff of cloud computing is well-worth the effort.

    This expert e-zine explores technical and human challenges that your organization may encounter while implementing the cloud, and offers advice for overcoming them. Discover the best way to pick and choose your cloud management tools, 10 steps to preparing and building a private cloud, and how to leverage the cloud for identity management.  

    Sponsored By: DLT Solution, GeoTrust and RedHat 

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  • Understanding your colocation options

    Whether you should use cloud hosting or colocation services depends on how you want to implement private and hybrid enterprise cloud. Colocation services can be a gateway to hosted private cloud or to a hybrid cloud that bypasses public Internet connections. This e-guide will dive into your options as a data center decision maker.


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    This expert e-guide reveals the value in estimating the pricing benefits of an in-house cloud.


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    Why Cloud hosting is much more than a commodity.


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    This white paper examines a dedicated cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service that provides on-demand, self-service, pay-for-use access and control of virtual servers, tiered storage and networking. Read on to learn how this approach delivers simple-to-use, self-service access, fully-managed service, enterprise security and compliance, and more.


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    November's edition of Modern Infrastructure e-zine offers advice on the current trends in the modernized data center including information on migrating legacy applications, advanced public cloud offerings, BYOD, and software-defined networking.


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    This white paper introduces a flexible, integrated solution that meets these requirements and helps organizations adopt a cloud infrastructure for both traditional and cloud-enabled workloads.


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    Learn about the four elements required to create an operationally sophisticated hybrid cloud computing environment.


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    By utilizing your pre-existing infrastructure, this white paper outlines the benefits of transitioning from data centers to a private cloud and how three top vendors can help.


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