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E-Guide: Expert Tips to Successfully Implement a Private Cloud

Deploying a private cloud successfully requires extensive planning and a smartly executed strategy. Read this expert e-guide to review the key steps to take to effectively implement a private cloud in your enterprise and discover how to prepare for road blocks that may come up along the way.

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  • Powering the 21st century data center with HP next generation

    Legacy data center networks that were originally developed to support conventional client-server applications simply aren’t capable of accommodating the latest technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization and big data.

    These innovations are not only creating serious capacity planning and network engineering challenges for businesses – but they’re also forcing many to realize legacy networks can’t provide the performance, availability or scalability demands new, highly virtualized environments demand.

    Explore this valuable white paper to learn about the impact virtualization, cloud computing and big data have on the data center, and what’s needed to accommodate these technologies.  

  • Choosing a Hybrid Cloud Approach

    A hybrid cloud can be a practical approach to entering the world of cloud computing and its benefits such as automation and standardization are nearly impossible to pass up. There is, however, a lot to consider before taking action and the shift is far from simple.

    This expert handbook looks specifically at why an organization might choose to go with a hybrid model and covers:

    • Which workloads you should consider appropriate for the cloud
    • How to assess security risks
    • What challenges should be expected when implementing a hybrid cloud project
    • And more

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