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Intel® Cloud Builder Guide: Cloud Design and Deployment on Intel® Platforms with Novell* Cloud Manager

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Easily integrate your applications with cloud services

If managing your applications is already a challenging job, adding cloud integration to the mix may seem too difficult. But cloud integration is becoming easier every day.

In this webcast, hear from Vale’s Global Enterprise Architect, Marcelo Menard, about how a cloud integration service allowed him to integrate 50 of his company’s apps in a hybrid cloud ecosystem.

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  • Land O'Lakes and PwC discuss cloud integration benefits

    With all of the rhetoric surrounding cloud integration, trying to discern the business advantages can be frustrating.

    In this short video, hear from leading application integration professionals at JDSU, Land O’Lakes, and PwC who speak to the key advantages of one cloud integration service. Learn how integrating in the cloud and on-premise can be a simple yet powerful capability.

  • Cloud integration without the hassle

    If you like the idea of cloud integration, but not needing to code, install, and manage infrastructure or middleware, you’re not alone.

    In this white paper, learn about cloud integration services that can jumpstart your software-as-a-service integration with prebuilt integrations and adapters. Learn the additional benefits of this cloud service, including:

    • Point and click integration between your applications with a browser-based visual designer
    • Connect securely to applications and services in the cloud and on premises
    • And more

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    As is the case with any “as a Service” application, before you embark on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) project, you must establish standards and strategies for how you plan to approach the implementation in order to be successful. This e-guide lays out expert tips for PaaS application development in the cloud.


  • How to painlessly perform cloud integration

    In this webcast, hear from Vikas Anand, Director of Product Marketing at Oracle, about how choosing an integration platform-as-a-service that provides pre-integration benefits that can drastically reduce lead time to develop and deploy integrations.


  • Here's What a Cloud-Ready Infrastructure Looks Like

    Virtualization decisions can't just be about meeting an organization's current needs. What you create now needs to be the foundation for an evolving hybrid cloud infrastructure.


  • Non-virtualized clouds: The benefits and challenges

    This report examines the concept of the bare metal cloud from both the provider and customer perspective.


  • Pros and cons of bare metal clouds

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  • Your fast-track strategy to hybrid cloud

    In this product overview, take an inside look at a portfolio of converged platforms that support cloud development while protecting your investments in legacy systems and streamlining end-to-end infrastructure management.


  • Configure Helion Cloudsystem on ConvergedSystem 200-HC StoreVirtual

    The goal of this document is to cover the steps and best practices involved in configuring the HP Helion CloudSystem built on the ConvergedSystem 200-HC StoreVirtual solution. Access now and ensure your hyper-converged journey precipitates all of the benefits it should.


  • What Converged Infrastructure Brings to a Private Cloud

    This expert e-guide explores how a private cloud can act as an enabler of converged infrastructure. Read on to learn why converged infrastructure has quickly become one of the industry's hottest topics.


  • IT in Europe E-Zine – The Cloud Issue

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    If you have deployed virtualization in your organization, does that mean you have a private cloud? In this expert e-guide from, learn about the differences between virtualization and private cloud computing.


  • Why Physical Networks Don't Cut It for the Private Cloud

    This expert guide discusses why physical networks don’t cut it for the cloud, addressing multi-tenancy in the private cloud and the cloud VLAN challenge.


  • Overcoming the Obstacles to Cloud Adoption

    Migrating workloads to the cloud requires a plan that takes into account organizational resistance as well as technical challenges.


  • Security professionals: Cloud computing vs. traditional infrastructure

    Access this informative resource to identify the key differences between cloud computing and traditional infrastructure for security professionals. Find out where to focus security efforts and how the cloud provides opportunities for security improvement.


  • Configuration Management for Virtual and Cloud Infrastructures

    The top seven things to consider when managing configuration for virtual and cloud infrastructures.


  • Why IT needs a cloud transformation

    This research report delves into the ways IT needs to transform in order to support business growth in the digital market, and how cloud-based infrastructure will be able to handle these accelerating business dynamics.


  • 5 steps to analyze your workloads for the cloud

    This webcast explores an approach for analyzing workloads to determine if you should transition your workloads to the cloud. Tune in to learn how this strategy accelerates successful cloud adoption.


  • Is the hosted private cloud really the best of both worlds?

    View this webcast to learn more about how hosted private cloud can fill the shortcomings of the individual public and private clouds, while ensuring a secure infrastructure to meet your specific enterprise application and security needs.


  • Improving performance of globally networked clouds

    This webinar outlines how companies are combining cloud computing and network virtualization for globally integrated clouds. Tune in to learn how you can build a resilient cloud architecture.


  • Cloud migration: How long does it take?

    This 14-question true/false survey assesses if you're a candidate for a free migration to a cloud provider that provides high performing cloud infrastructure coupled with fast deployment.


  • Hybrid Clouds: Pulling It All Together

    This classroom examines the benefits and limitations of the hybrid cloud model. Included is a webcast on the practical differences between public, private and hybrid clouds. A podcast explores the interoperability issues users face when moving workloads among clouds. Other guidance is offered on how how to effectively manage a hybrid cloud.


  • Webcast: Explore public cloud adoption trends

    This webcast delves into public cloud market trends with Lauren Nelson, a Senior Analyst of Forrester Research.


  • Key steps to unifying your public and private cloud services

    This workshop will walk you through how to unify your public and private cloud services to take advantage of their flexibility, including interconnecting private and public clouds, management tools, offloading and migrating workloads, and locking cloud services down with the right security.


  • Explore a new approach to private cloud

    Access this white paper to learn about a private cloud approach that provides a new paradigm for migrating critical workloads and applications with sensitive data to the cloud.


  • Have enterprises truly embraced the cloud?

    In this infographic, discover survey results that reveal what barriers prevent organizations from fully embracing the cloud and how those barriers can be overcome.


  • Hybrid cloud 101: Is it time for hybrid cloud adoption?

    This expert e-guide reveals how hybrid clouds combine public cloud and private data center principles. Read on to learn when it may be time to adopt a hybrid cloud approach and how to plan a hybrid cloud strategy from either a public or private cloud starting point. Also, explore three hybrid cloud advantages that most enterprises don't know about.


  • How to build an open, hybrid cloud model

    This exclusive white paper explores the key characteristics and benefits of a hybrid, open cloud, along with key recommendations on implementing this model.


  • How to build a lasting hybrid cloud strategy

    In this e-guide, our cloud computing pundits explore how to build a hybrid cloud roadmap that outlines future needs and goals. Discover how to overcome deployment obstacles, manage apps across a hybrid cloud, and more.


  • 9 questions for hybrid cloud integration

    In this expert e-guide, learn which 9 questions you should be asking when considering a hybrid cloud application integration strategy. Also discover the 3 different hybrid cloud architectures you need to know about.


  • Hybrid cloud: The top IT concerns driving adoption

    In this e-guide, our very own cloud experts delve into why there's been a jump in hybrid cloud adoption. Access now to gain key insights into the latest trends, cost savings, and best practices in cloud computing.


  • Cloud data center dilemmas, deconstructed

    In this white paper, learn how the dilemmas faced by data center providers affect the market, and ultimately, your cloud service decisions.


  • Infographic: Quick guide to cloud migration

    In the following infographic, learn how to accurately assess your infrastructure and applications to prepare for a successful cloud migration. Additionally, read on to uncover which cloud migration tactic will suit you best: moving to hybrid, public, or private.


  • Manage your Enterprise with HPE Helion Managed Cloud Services

    Today's organizations want increased IT agility, responsiveness, reliability, security and efficiency – all while lowering costs. Discover how HP Helion Managed Cloud Services can support your journey to the cloud and help you improve agility and efficiency, deliver services faster and much more.


  • Why you should approach cloud with a bi-modal strategy

    This video discusses the use of a bimodal approach to IT when implementing a cloud infrastructure strategy, where the first mode focuses on alignment to the business and the second focuses on desires of technical end users. Watch to see how building a cloud competency center for this approach can guide your enterprise through this transformation.


  • Red Hat Open IaaS Architecture Service

    This whitepaper details the importance of getting off to a good start when implementing an open cloud environment.


  • Cloud provider comparison: IBM vs. Amazon vs. Microsoft

    This webcast session takes you through pricing and performance comparisons between IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft cloud services. Listen in to help narrow down which cloud provider has the right service to match your enterprise's workload and compliance requirements.


  • IBM vs. Amazon vs. Microsoft: Comparing cloud offerings

    This webcast compares three leading cloud vendors, discusses the capabilities of each one, and examines their total cost of ownership for different use cases.


  • Cloud computing: A process, not a revolution

    This white paper offers a path towards a valuable cloud deployment, including the questions you should be asking of potential partners.


  • How to combine the best benefits of public and private cloud

    In the following exclusive white paper, learn how to combine the advantages of public and private cloud in five steps, and without the downsides of either one. Access now and get started on a better path to cloud today.


  • Hybrid cloud's impact on network management and monitoring

    In this exclusive e-guide, experts detail the effect of the hybrid cloud on network management and monitoring. Read on to learn five common myths about network management and monitoring in hybrid cloud environments.


  • Tips to bring your cloud strategy to the next level

    In the following white paper, learn about various tips and strategies to help realize maturity in the cloud and ultimately, discover how to take your cloud initiative to the next level of success.


  • Brien Posey answers key questions about cloud storage

    In the following e-book, Brien Posey, a leading technical expert specializing in storage architectures, answers key questions about what to look for in a cloud storage offering. Access now and also uncover which data is a good fit for the cloud, how to break a cloud storage project into manageable chunks, and more.


  • Security Risks in the Cloud

    This expert guide offers advice for securing data in the public cloud. Hear how your peers are handling cloud security and data privacy issues and gain answers into the top cloud security questions.


  • Network managers: A private cloud, can you support it?

    In this E-guide you will learn about network and application performance in the cloud along with designing strong network to ensure its resilience for long term success.


  • Handbook: Open source cloud tips and tools

    This expert handbook helps to narrow the focus for IT and offers guidance on where to find the best open source cloud tools while avoiding support issues.