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Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications on VMware vSphere

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VMware vSphere Loyalty Program FAQ

Designed for VMware EVO:RAIL™ customers, the VMware vSphere® Loyalty Program allows you to apply your VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus licenses to their VMware EVO:RAIL appliances. This allows customers to preserve their existing investment in VMware software, reducing the overall cost of an EVO:RAIL purchase.

Access this white paper to discover the terms and conditions, as well as several FAQs, about the VMware vSphere Loyalty Program.

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    There are two types of virtual switches available using vSphere, the vSphere Standard Switch and the vSphere Distributed Switch. The vSphere Standard Switch (vSwitch or vSS) resides in and is manually configured and administered on each ESXi host. The vSphere Distributed Switch (dvSwitch or vDS) provides similar functionality but is centralized to vCenter Server and is more featured. This white paper will cover the vDS architecture as well as an overview of many of the different features that are exclusive to the vSphere Distributed switch.

  • Optimized Infrastructure Shortens Disaster Recovery Site Migration Times by 75%

    A global logistics company focused on driving social development, creating new ideas that expand their field, and inspiring trust, launched an overall infrastructure optimization project in an attempt to integrate various server silos, cut costs, and improve system flexibility.

    Check out this important case study to learn about the VMware solutions they turned to, which helped them in this project by:

    • Reducing total cost of ownership
    • Improving IT service levels
    • Enhancing efficiency of system operations
    • And more 

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