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Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications on VMware vSphere

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Considerations for Third-Party and Server Appliance Tools

Third-party monitoring tools are useful for many IT teams, as they provide a single interface from which admins can monitor the performance of virtual environments. However, there are many considerations and questions to address prior to selecting and purchasing a tool.
In this expert e-guide, examine what types of tools are available to help IT shops monitor storage performance in VMware server environments. Get advice about, discover the benefits of, and explore the drawbacks of third-party storage performance monitoring tools. Additionally, discover the top 10 things to know about the vCenter Server Appliance, including:
  • How vCSA is different from vServer for Windows
  • What vCSA looks like
  • How vCSA is deployed
  • And 7 more

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    Organizations today are under more pressure than ever to create and quality-control application code. However, deploying, redeploying, and managing testing infrastructure can be a huge drain on IT time and resources. So how can organizations more efficiently develop and test their applications?

    This helpful white paper examines a new managed virtualization service that can extend your development and testing environment to more efficient outsourced infrastructures without sacrificing IT control. Access this resource now to discover how this solution can enable your IT staff to spend less time ‘keeping the lights on’ and more time on projects that drive enterprise growth.  

  • Overall Infrastructure Optimization Project Shortens Disaster Recovery Site Migration Times by 75%

    A global logistics company focused on driving social development, creating new ideas that expand their field, and inspiring trust, launched an overall infrastructure optimization project in an attempt to integrate various server silos, cut costs, and improve system flexibility.

    Check out this important case study to learn about the VMware solutions they turned to, which helped them in this project by:

    • Reducing total cost of ownership
    • Improving IT service levels
    • Enhancing efficiency of system operations
    • And more 

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