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Business Process Management Today: Putting theory into practice

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Enterprise BPM: Fit Processes to Align with Goals, Not Personalities

Enterprise BPM is supposed to improve workflow; however, at many organizations it’s a relic of past employees and practices. This leads to a decline in efficiency, which is the exact opposite of what BPM is supposed to do.

In this e-guide, expert Steve Weissman explains how to best deploy BPM – with the enterprise in mind, not any one employee. Plus, contributor George Lawton gives an overview of how the cloud will benefit enterprise BPM.

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    Digitalization is more than automating business processes and replacing paper-based systems. It requires a modern business process management platform to support better decision-making.

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  • TIBCO Profile for IDC MarketScape – Business Process Platforms

    Now more than ever, IT systems need to be closely aligned with business operations and agile enough to adapt on-the-fly when unexpected changes occur.

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