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Business Process Management Today: Putting theory into practice

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Avoiding BPM Project Hiccups

When it comes to business process management (BPM), there are many pitfalls you could come across that can lead to failure. Organizational politics can come into play, causing initiatives to stall or fail completely as they hit internal challenges, hurdles and opposition.

And with event processing and predictive analytics technologies in the mix, it’s important to stay up-to-date on how best to sidestep the landmines of BPM projects. Read this expert resource today to learn how to avoid BPM project hiccups from key experts in the space and find an analysis on the future of BPM.

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  • The future of BPM

    Gartner Research vice president and distinguished analyst, Bruce Robertson, summed up the ultimate goals of a business process competency center (BPCC) in one sentence: “You want to build better and more repeatable processes, both in the center itself and out in the field.”

    Today’s expert resource outlines the big benefits brought by BPCC and the important role it plays for business process management (BPM). Read on to explore BPCCs and other exciting BPM trends, like event processing and predictive analytics.

    And as a bonus, hear from experts on how to bring these new technologies to your organization’s BPM strategy.

  • Workflow, Rules, and CEP Combine to Drive New Business Value

    As lines of business demand software that is more adaptive to how they work, organizations have broadened the role BPM software plays in process improvement.

    Read this whitepaper to see why today’s BPM projects involve a shift from manual to automated tasks, back-end orchestration, extensive use of rules, event-driven problem detection, and more dynamic capabilities that support knowledge workers.

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  • CW+: Quocirca Report: How to automate your expenses – a guide for higher education and universities

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