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E-Guide: How to Determine if VDI is Right for your Company and Ways to Overcome Common Annoyances

Even though the thought of virtual desktops has caught everyone's attention, the actual number of installations remains small. This expert e-guide from explains how organnzations can determine whether this technology is right for them by calculating the return on investment from VDI.

Inside, find out how to overcome the most common VDI annoyances surrounding administration, failover, latency, and user profile management. And learn about one client hypervisor that stands out from the rest with its management features.

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  • How to deliver high performing apps to users anywhere, anytime

    Oregon State University has more than 30,000 students in its world-renowned distance learning program. They needed a way to allow students 24/7 access to multiple devices and applications, from anywhere in the world.

    However, delivering on this experience presented a challenge. The applications used in the program were graphics intensive and required high compute power.

    Download this case study to see how virtualized graphics accelerated application delivery allowed the college to:

    • Increase power and performance for graphic-intensive applications
    • Deliver an workstation-like experience to remote users
    • Easily upgrade and grow with virtualization due to an iterative software model
    • And more

  • Enhance user experience with graphics-accelerated VDI: Case study

    Cornerstone is a home lending institution with over 1,000 employees in 100 branch offices throughout the U.S. The company turned to virtualization, in order to centralize IT deployment, and get new users up and running quickly. However, application performance hindered user adoption.

    Download this case study to see how graphics accelerated virtualization allowed the company to deliver a modern, digital workplace, with workstation-like experience on any desktop or mobile device to all of their workers.

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