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E-Guide: How to Determine if VDI is Right for your Company and Ways to Overcome Common Annoyances

Even though the thought of virtual desktops has caught everyone's attention, the actual number of installations remains small. This expert e-guide from explains how organnzations can determine whether this technology is right for them by calculating the return on investment from VDI.

Inside, find out how to overcome the most common VDI annoyances surrounding administration, failover, latency, and user profile management. And learn about one client hypervisor that stands out from the rest with its management features.

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  • Five Customers Deliver Virtual Desktops and Apps to Empower a Modern Workforce

    As application and desktop virtualization allow IT to address a broad range of business priorities, a one-size-fits-all implementation is not suited for every organization. In order to secure the benefits, organizations need a platform that aligns with corporate budgets and priorities, as well as delivers desktops in the right way for each user.

    Access this white paper to explore a comprehensive app and desktop virtualization solution that – depending on their key business priorities – will deliver the right kind of virtual desktop experience to each user. Discover use cases that help to address important business priorities.

    Download this white paper to examine the business benefits experienced by five organizations.

  • Secure by Design

    Although application and desktop virtualization can reduce cost, simplify IT operations, and increase convenience for employees, IT professionals should not overlook the immense impact of workspace virtualization on information security.

    Access this white paper to explore the growing IT security challenges in today’s computing environment. Examine a solution that can dramatically reduce the effort required to protect mission-critical information while giving user’s fast, simple, flexible remote access.

    Download now to see how application and desktop virtualization can simplify difficult and time-consuming IT security tasks related to:

    • Data protection
    • Access control
    • Compliance
    • And more

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