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E-Guide: How to Determine if VDI is Right for your Company and Ways to Overcome Common Annoyances

Even though the thought of virtual desktops has caught everyone's attention, the actual number of installations remains small. This expert e-guide from explains how organnzations can determine whether this technology is right for them by calculating the return on investment from VDI.

Inside, find out how to overcome the most common VDI annoyances surrounding administration, failover, latency, and user profile management. And learn about one client hypervisor that stands out from the rest with its management features.

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  • Step-by-step guide to setting up GPU virtualization on VDI

    Although VDI has been widely adopted, end-users find their access to high-end, graphics-intense workloads limited on these virtual architectures because traditional GPU resources are locked to a single user.

    This essential guide highlights a virtual GPU technology that allows GPU to be shared among multiple users, apps, and desktops. Access this guide to walk through a step-by-step process of setting up this GPU virtualization technology from NVIDIA GRID on Citrix XenServer and XenDesktop.

    Inside, you’ll learn how to:

    • Obtain the necessary software and hardware components
    • Install NVIDIA GRID in server, and configure vGPU in XenServer
    • Deliver GPU-accelerated virtual desktops (VDI) using XenDesktop 7.6
    • And much more

  • Taking the Pain out of Desktop Virtualization Hardware and Storage Sizing

    Although the benefits of desktop virtualisation are common knowledge amongst most IT departments, concerns about the ability of server, network and storage hardware in the data center to support the kind of user density associated with virtualisation often delay implementation.

    Thankfully, advances in desktop virtualisation technologies are taking the pain out of the hardware and storage sizing, making this strategy more manageable and cost-effective.

    This whitepaper examines the components of a desktop virtualisation solution designed to provide all the server management capabilities, processor power and storage needed to take full advantage of its benefits. Read on to learn more.

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    Access this white paper to consider a new approach to desktop and application delivery that reduces costs and complexity.


  • Enable Secure Remote Access to 3D Data Without Sacrificing Visual Performance

    Access this white paper to discover a technology that enables secure, real-time remote collaboration on design data and model-based deliverables with stunning visual performance. Explore a breakdown of each of the key platforms capabilities in this technology and learn how they work together to optimize the user experience.


  • Dell Wyse Datacenter for Citrix Reference Architecture

    This document addresses the architecture design, configuration and implementation considerations for the key components of the architecture required to deliver virtual desktops via XenDesktop 7.1 on Windows Server Hyper-V 2012 R2 or VMware vSphere 5 with the Dell Wyse Datacenter technology.


  • Thin Clients Help University Boost Staff and Student Success

    Many of today's schools are finding themselves faced with the challenge of replacing outdated computing hardware and devices. Access this case study to find out what happened when one Canadian university decided to replace 1,600 aging desktops with Dell Wyse thin clients.


  • Risk-Free VDI with Tintri and Citrix

    Many IT organizations are turning to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology to reduce the cost, complexity, and risk associated with desktop management. Access this white paper to find out how to gain end-to-end insights into the storage infrastructure for unmatched VM control. Learn how to you make your VDI successful.


  • Finding the Right Cloud Client-Computing Solution

    This whitepaper examines a joint management solution that uses an innovative cloud approach to support a wide range of users in a pooled VDI environment at a low cost per user.


  • Rethinking your PC Refresh Strategy

    Is your organization considering a PC refresh? Get an idea of what that might cost with this online calculator.


  • E-Guide: Top Reasons to Deploy Virtual Desktops Now

    This e-guide from details the top four reasons to deploy virtual desktops, including lower desktop support costs and application security improvements. Plus, gain expert insight from Brian Madden to learn how to sell desktop virtualization to traditional desktop admins.


  • Virtualizing Graphics Workloads Delivers Solid Benefits

    This whitepaper will help you understand how virtualization can now aid organizations that run demanding graphics workloads and projects.


  • Accelerate Product Design With Digital Workspaces For 3D Visualization

    Access this white paper to discover how server-hosted virtual desktops are delivering the flexibility and collaboration design teams are looking for in their design products.


  • Brian Madden predicts how Wyse vWorkspace 8.5 will fare in the VDI market

    In this expert e-guide, world-renowned independent desktop virtualization expert Brian Madden offers his insight into the release of Wyse vWorkspace 8.5. Find out what he thinks of its simplicity, price and Dell enterprise support, and how it will compare to the competition.


  • How Butler Community College Boosted Graphics Performance and Lowered Costs

    This white paper explains how Butler Community College was able to implement a VDI solution that yielded significant cost savings while providing significant business benefits.


  • The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 7: The New VDI Reality

    This e-book chapter looks at the different technologies that make up the desktop virtualization landscape, including those technologies that aren't closely related to VDI.


  • What It Takes to Make Zero Clients Add Up

    Chapter 2 looks at the major considerations in making a final decision on whether to move an organization's desktops to zero clients. Cost, return on investment, and vendor choice are among the most essential factors to be weighed. The chapter also discusses the complexity of a shift to a zero client model.


  • Virtual Desktop Toolbox

    Read this virtual desktop e-book, featuring experts Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth, to gain key insights on performance monitoring tools, WAN optimization, personalization software, and much more.


  • FAQ: VMware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID vGPU

    This informative sheet breaks down all the questions you have about VMware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID vGPU.


  • The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 6: Why Do VDI Projects Fail?

    This chapter, from Brian Madden's "The New VDI Reality" e-book, digs into the details of how and why VDI implementation projects have failed. Access real-world examples of some of the challenges VDI can bring to an organization and learn how to use VDI only where it makes sense.


  • How You Can Deliver Scalable, Graphics-Rich Virtual Desktops

    Download and discover how NVIDIA is redefining virtualization by delivering quality interactive visual experiences with a GPU that can be implemented at scale. Read on and learn how you can gain a competitive edge with all the technology you need to fully virtualize enterprise computing.


  • The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 13: Putting it All Together

    The thirteenth chapter of The New VDI Reality e-book, discusses how once you figure out how to deliver the individual apps to users, the next step is to turn it back into a "desktop" by gluing together the common authentication, identity management, apps stores, client devices, user settings, and data sync.


  • The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 11: How do we make Windows do this?

    The eleventh chapter of Brian Maddens "The New VDI Reality" e-book focuses on how we can shoehorn our traditional Windows desktop applications into the new trends and expectations of VDI.


  • DaaS and VDI Share the Sandbox

    Cloud-hosted desktops or VDI? It doesn't have to be an either-or proposition. Many IT shops benefit from using both technologies to support desktops, applications, disaster recovery and more


  • Dell Wyse ThinOS Thin Clients: Secure by design

    This whitepaper takes a look at the Dell Wyse ThinOS thin client desktops, software and hardware platforms.


  • The Importance of GPU Virtualization

    Access this exclusive e-guide to explore the evolving world of graphics acceleration and uncover the available virtual GPU options and how they differ from one another. Learn why choosing the right vGPU option for your organization is critical to success.


  • The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 2: The Promise and Reality of VDI

    This e-book chapter digs into the reality of VDI, including where it works, where it doesn't, and some of the challenges it faces along with how people are using VDI in the real world (including scenarios where people are not using VDI).


  • The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 3: VDI Management and Storage

    This e-book takes a look at two topics that are important for organizations that are implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure—management and storage.


  • How to leverage desktop virtualization in finance

    Access this informative white paper to explore four scenarios in which VDI is well suited to meet the special requirements and budgetary constraints of data centers in finance.


  • The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 4: VDI Performance and the User Experience

    This e-book chapter, from Brian Madden's "The New VDI Reality" takes a look at the general challenges of putting a desktop in a datacenter—challenges which apply to both VDI and Remote Desktop Server-Based Computing (RDSH).


  • The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 8: What Are You Trying to Solve?

    The eighth chapter in Brian Madden's e-book, "The New VDI Reality," dives into ways to develop goals for your VDI and desktop virtualization. It also discusses how to identify the problem that you are looking to solve; and why, exactly, companies choose to use desktop virtualization.


  • Performance, Reliability and Flexibility of Windows 7 in a Thin Client

    This whitepaper takes a look at a series of desktop virtualization hardware solutions with dual and quad core options to suit your unique budget, application, and performance needs


  • The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 10: What is a desktop?

    The tenth chapter in Brian Madden's, "The New VDI Reality" e-book, looks at what the perception of a desktop is, and then dives into the true definition of a desktop as it relates to technology today.


  • Focus on learning, not technology

    Access this case study to find out how one school district opted for a virtualized desktop PC environment in the classrooms and take-home laptops for freshmen. Learn how implementing desktop virtualization via thin clients and a private cloud enabled them to ease IT data center management while optimizing access to learning resources.


  • Join Brian Madden as he explores the Dell vWorkspace Clients & User Experience

    Access this video to listen to Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth, experts on all things virtualization, talk with Dell representative Kelly Craig about what can be done with vWorkspace in regards to client devices and client configuration. Find out how you can set up vWorkspace on different client devices.


  • The New VDI Reality E-Book, Chapter 12: Moving Beyond Windows Applications

    The twelfth chapter of Brian Madden's e-book "The New VDI Reality" discusses how to integrate apps (that are not Windows) with your existing environment and also how to build a VDI strategy for them.


  • Embracing bring your own device (BYOD)

    Access this white paper to examine the three major categories of BYOD – laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Explore the benefits and risks associated with each of these categories and discover recommendations on how to successfully implement an approach in order to embrace BYOD in a way that makes sense for your organization.


  • Simply Virtual Desktop Use and Management with and All-in-One Thin Client

    Check out this whitepaper to learn about a new all-in-one (AiO) thin client that is powerful, yet stylish, and boasts one of the most secure, high performance thin client operating systems for simplified management.


  • The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 14: The Future of Desktop

    The final chapter of Brian Madden's e-book The New VDI Reality, discusses what the future of the desktop will look like from different perspectives of what "the desktop" is.


  • The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 9: Understanding Windows

    The ninth chapter of Brian Madden's e-book "The New VDI Reality" dives into how Microsoft Windows really works (from the perspective of VDI). It also looks at the broad definitions of the "desktop" that we are trying to deliver with VDI and how we can make Windows do this.


  • NVIDIA Grid Brings Security and Flexibility to Tofas

    Access this case study to learn how one organization implemented NVIDIA GRID technology built on VMware VDI technology. Find out the benefits they saw as a result of implementing this approach.


  • Putting Faculty and Students Ahead of the Curve

    Access this case study to find out how one organization implemented a virtual desktop infrastructure using NVIDIA GRID technology to deliver full graphics performance in a virtualized environment to students. Find out how the performance of this approach compares to the performance of a traditional workstation.


  • VDI for 3D Model Global Collaboration in Construction

    Download this case study to discover how one organization deployed virtual desktops to allow global team members to securely work together on graphically intense, centralized designs and 3D models. Find out how this increased efficiency while protecting valuable information.


  • Zero Client vs. Thin Client Computing

    This expert guide puts zero clients and thin clients head-to-head comparing capabilities, system requirements, benefits and drawbacks.


  • Increased Productivity with Enhanced Work-Life Balance

    Access this case study to learn how one organization implemented a VDI powered by NVIDIA GRID to give employees the flexibility they needed to work more effectively. Discover the five benefits they have seen as a result of this implementation.


  • E-Guide: Managing Virtual Desktop Environments

    Read this expert guide from to learn how to select the most effective virtual desktop licensing tools to ensure the best performance from your virtual desktop infrastructure.


  • Expert Tips: Ten Essentials for Migrating Enterprise Desktops to Windows 7

    Enterprise desktop migration involves the full re-engineering of desktops, laptops and all related management systems across a company. Access this expert e-guide from to discover the 10 essential steps to simplify desktop migrations to Windows 7.


  • Video: What Brian Madden thinks about vWorkspace

    In this webcast, Brian Madden discuss the current VDI market what he thinks about the latest desktop virtualization option from Dell - Wyse vWorkspace 8.5.


  • Make VDI successful by combining storage architecture with VDI platform

    Access this informative resource to discover a storage architecture that allows organizations to easily and cost-effectively maximize the benefits of their desktop virtualization deployments – all without having to manage the storage environment.


  • A Guide for Hosting and Running VDI

    This paper examines a unified compute, storage, and switching all-in-blade-form-factor platform for hosting and running VDI workloads.