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Industry Intelligence: International Financial Reporting Standards for Hedge Funds

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SANS - Survey on Application Security Programs and Practices

How do your peers secure their mobile apps?  The SANS Institute surveyed 488 respondents on the state of their application security programs and practices.  Download this report to see how mature and effective these programs are as well as what tools they use and how they justify budget.

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  • Weighing Risk Against the Total Cost of a Data Breach

    Data breaches and identity theft occur more frequently than you may think. Web applications are a major bull's eye for cyber criminals, with personally identifiable information (PII) appearing as the golden ticket. Are you aware of the risk factors associated with your data?

    This white paper provides an approach to determine the risk of web application cyber-attacks that could potentially affect your company. Click through now to learn how you can deploy cybersecurity products and services to protect against web application attacks, including those that could result in data breaches. Topics include:

    • The detrimental cost of a security breach
    • How to calculate the potential impact of a data breach
    • Mitigation strategies
    • And more.

  • CW+: How to produce a business case for software quality

    When a mission-critical application fails, the loss of business revenue is large and swift. Poor application quality causes highly-visible major outages; it also causes ongoing lapses in business performance thatare less visible, but steadily add up to substantial revenue loss. Even minor quality improvements can result in significant business gain. Yet, executives struggle to build a business case to justify proactive investments in application quality. This paper presents a quantitative framework for measuring the immediate and positive revenue impact of improving application quality.

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