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Industry Intelligence: International Financial Reporting Standards for Hedge Funds

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CW+: How to produce a business case for software quality

When a mission-critical application fails, the loss of business revenue is large and swift. Poor application quality causes highly-visible major outages; it also causes ongoing lapses in business performance thatare less visible, but steadily add up to substantial revenue loss. Even minor quality improvements can result in significant business gain. Yet, executives struggle to build a business case to justify proactive investments in application quality. This paper presents a quantitative framework for measuring the immediate and positive revenue impact of improving application quality.

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  • Internet of Things Security Study: Home Security Systems Report

    Home security and remote monitoring systems are a major application of the Internet of Things (IoT). Most include sensors, motion detectors, video cameras, and recorders—all connected via the cloud to a mobile device or the web. But are they—and IoT applications in general—secure from hackers?

    This research study uses HP Fortify on Demand to test 10 popular home security systems. The results will make you feel anything but secure. Read the research to learn:

    1. Why 10 out of 10 systems studied were found to be susceptible to account harvesting
    2. Whether encryption implementations were found to offer enhanced security
    3. The researchers' recommendations for consumers and enterprises on selecting and using IoT applications

  • Five Critical Steps to Achieving an Effective App Security Program

    As applications are the lifeblood of the modern business, any application security issue can translate to business disaster. Unfortunately, organizations everywhere are struggling to implement, manage, and maintain effective application security programs.

    So how can you make application security your business reality? This valuable resource shows you the way – read on now to discover:

    • An overview of application threats and risks to prioritize
    • Five practical steps for building security into development processes
    • The case for automated security testing
    • And more

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