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Full Demo: IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence

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The 6 worst practices in business intelligence

Unfortunately, the majority of business intelligence implementations do not deliver the anticipated results. In fact, most BI projects fail 70 - 80% of the time. But what are the causes for such a large percentage of failure and more importantly, what can you do to overcome these obstacles?

The following white paper discusses the 6 worst practices in business intelligence and intends to explain how to avoid them. Read on to learn the keys to successful implementation and more. 

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  • Bring your HR forward to gain efficiency and cost control

    A common problem in today’s businesses is that HR departments spend too much time on administrative tasks and managing compliance and not enough supporting managers to develop employee potential. Along with outdated HR systems with loose or no integration with accounting systems and business management solutions, these add to the complexity of managing human capital.

    So how can you master all these challenges, while remaining compliant with new and ever changing social regulations? Access this white paper to learn about a platform empowering your HR managers in achieving more efficiency and control over the cost of your workforce. You’ll discover how to bring HR forward by:

    • Engaging your employees
    • Gaining compliance and visibility
    • And more

  • Cloud Analytics Flies Low

    Database, data warehouse, big data and BI analytics vendors are bulking up cloud service offerings. And a growing number of organizations are moving to manage and analyze data in the cloud.

    However, there’s mixed reaction with actually doing BI and big data analytics in the cloud. Some are jumping in totally while others are keeping one or both feet on the ground.

    In the cover story, uncover how First Tech Federal Credit Union and PayPal are leveraging cloud technologies to drive analytics programs.  Plus, via a recent TDWI report, learn how 309 of your peers will use the cloud for future projects.

    Also in this issue:

    • Follow the Data – and the Money
    • IOUG President Pushes Professional Resilience
    • Machine Learning Adds Analytics Smarts for Studied Users
    • Data Drivers
    • Analytics Initiatives Hinge on Data Quality
    • Watson Crams for Starring Analytics Role
    • Coding Could Trump Intuition

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  • Automate corporate processes for more data certainty

    With new technologies, companies are automating the budgeting, forecasting and reporting process. Learn how you can get faster reports and data that fuel "what is" and "what if" scenarios.


  • What Shazam couldn't do with traditional BI

    Discover details on how Shazam analyzed all of its mobile app data without having to do other cost- and time-intensive steps typically associated with business intelligence, and ultimately gained a better understanding of users.


  • Vodaphone gains real-time visibility into IT issues

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