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Full Demo: IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence

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BI data governance: 3 cornerstones of success

As data becomes more voluminous and data sources more various, the opportunities to fail in BI become ever greater.

Fail even once, and a business loses trust in the BI service, and begins to look elsewhere for its data and decision-making support.

Comprehensive BI data governance is thus vital to any modern decision-making support system.

Inside, learn:

  • 3 cornerstones of quality BI data governance
  • 3 factors at the heart of a data-driven business
  • What really happens when data governance fails
  • An overview of the data governance capabilities offered by Yellowfin 

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  • How data governance helps realize BI and analytics success

    Modern business analytics promises to push organizations ahead of the competition. But often, that promise goes unrealized. It’s not enough to simply have an analytics strategy in place. It must be advanced, comprehensive, and supported by sound data governance policies. Only then can you uncover the insights your data contains and use them for strategic advantage. Download this e-book to get insights, ideas, and advice from 11 industry experts on topics like:

    • Making Sense from Nonsense with Data Governance
    • The Secret to (Finally) Making Your Analytics Project a Success
    • Balancing Governance and Empowerment in a World of Data Chaos

    Read the e-book to explore the link between data governance and analytics, and discover why good data governance is essential to analytics success.

  • Don't let poor tools hold you back from better data analysis

    A good analysis starts with the right data.

    But you might not have the right tools to get you data prepared – tools like Microsoft Excel or writing SQL code can hold you back.

    Explore how Alteryx can help you transition from writing code to a drag-and-drop workflow environment to eliminate the challenges presented by writing SQL code, leading to better analytics.

    Plus, uncover 5 ways Alteryx can help alleviate challenges of using SQL code for data preparation and blending

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  • In-memory and disk-based analytics work better together

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