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CIO Decisions Ezine: Vol. 8 - The Portfolio Approach

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Project & Portfolio Management Calculator: What Are Your Savings?

Project and portfolio management (PPM) software allows decision-makers to more effectively manage and monitor old and emerging projects. PPM is a critical, ongoing task for IT organizations to guide the investment decision-making process.

This PPM calculator allows you to quickly gauge the potential financial benefits of your projects by assessing several factors, including annual number of projects and number of project managers. Adjust the sliders on this tool to get a snapshot view of your potential annual savings.

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  • Why the Need for Smarter PPM?

    Consumers are adopting recent technology faster than ever—especially in the mobile and cloud markets—leaving IT professionals with too many demands and too little time. Many companies use separate and manual systems to manage work (i.e. spreadsheets), leading to project delays and poor decision-making. 

    This white paper guides organizations into leveraging smarter project and portfolio management (PPM) technology solutions to better tackle the day-to-day workload and manage budgets. Don’t miss out on the benefits, including:

    • Aligning all resources to projects
    • Monitoring project status and health
    • Accelerating new technologies
    • And more

  • How CIOs Can Bridge the Technology/Budget Alignment Gap

    Today’s CIOs are tasked with the burden of addressing growing technology demands from users and the business while managing flat or shrinking budgets. How do they do this? By capitalizing on every opportunity to increase efficiency, cut costs, and make the most of existing infrastructure.

    This resource explains why Application Portfolio Management (APM) is the perfect area for CIOs to begin bridging the alignment gap between demands and budgets. Read on to learn how APM can enable your enterprise to achieve the following positive results:

    • Reduce the cost and complexity of supporting redundant, underused, or obsolete applications
    • Leverage new and existing technologies to deliver maximum business value and meet users’ needs
    • And more

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