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CIO Decisions Ezine: Vol. 8 - The Portfolio Approach

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Functionality First: A Prescriptive Approach to Simpler, Faster, and More Cost-effective Project and Portfolio Management

The consumerisation of IT combined with recent technology advances, like mobile and cloud, has created a perfect storm for surging IT demands.  Read this eBook on how you can take a prescriptive approach to a simpler, faster and more cost effective PPM path to manage this surge in demand.

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  • Project Management Software Has Evolved, And You Need to Keep Up

    Project management has evolved exponentially, trying to keep up with an increasingly complex and demanding business climate. Project portfolio management tools help manage the challenges of project work, though many solutions on the market tend to either be too heavy, complex and clunky, or are too light and fail to deal with the whole project journey. How can a company find the correct option?

    This whitepaper discusses how some PPM tools fall short, and what the modern project management requires to be successful, including:

    • Utilize remote work tools to upkeep a mobile workforce
    • Focus on end-to-end project lifecycle management
    • Implement social collaboration

    View now to see if this PPM software solution is right for your company.

  • Break Away to Efficient, Responsive Project and Portfolio Management

    The number of projects IT must manage continues to grow, as the demand increases for mobile technology-based apps and services, in addition to longstanding projects. Add to that changing priorities, shrinking budgets, and shortened lifecycles, and it's no surprise 36% of projects hit the wall.

    View this infographic to explore the common pitfalls of IT project management, and learn how a cloud-based project portfolio management (PPM) tool can help you avoid them. Discover how you can use PPM to:

    • Increase project visibility
    • Better balance project resources
    • Improve and optimize projects
    • And more

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  • How Trek Bicycle Operated Smarter with AtTask

    Trek Bicycle needed to revamp their project management methods – project delivery was essential. This video shows what Trek Bicycle did to improve their project management systems, and how their teams and revenues were positively affected by the choice.


  • The Benefits of an Enterprise Work Management Solution vs. Traditional PPM Tools

    Traditional project and portfolio management (PPM) tools are simply not meeting expectations anymore – they fail at delivering efficiency, collaboration, and real-time trafficking. This whitepaper considers enterprise work management (EWM) as a solution for project and portfolio management.


  • The Unnerving Cost of Disconnected Work

    60% - 80% of project failures can be attributed directly to poor requirements gathering, how can you prevent a similar downfall? View this whitepaper to see how enterprise work management (EWM) can clarify project processes and improve project success rates.


  • Nimble employers turn to agile project management

    In spirit, both traditional and agile project delivery embody similar principles and practices that aim to deliver measurable results


  • Marketing Project Management Buyers Guide

    25% of creative teams don't track projects at all and 50% of teams don't use project management software. This buyer's guide discusses essential considerations for choosing a marketing project management software.


  • CW+: The state of IT project management in the UK

    Project management performance is improving but the environment is increasingly challenging. This final report from the ComputerWeekly Project/Programme Management Survey details the state of the art and offers insights and recommendations for greater project success.


  • Agile Portfolio Management

    Access this interactive presentation to explore how strategic portfolio planning can help your business cultivate innovation, and learn why an agile approach to portfolio management can help you overcome the shortcomings of traditional methods.


  • Tips and Techniques to Pass the PMP® Exam

    Passing the Project Management Professional® (PMP) certification exam can seem like a daunting task when project managers first decide to take the leap. Following the best practices outlined here can put you on the road to certification and will have you prepared for your PMP® Boot Camp.


  • Rally Software Agile Webinar Series: Scaling Agile with SAFe

    Traditionally, most of the success seen from agile development practices is at the team level. However, a second wave of agile adoption is gaining strength, at the project and portfolio level. Watch this on-demand webcast to learn how, using the Scaled Agile Framework®, you can apply lean and agile practices on an enterprise scale.


  • Presentation Transcript: Creating Agile Programs

    While agile development was created with smaller teams in mind, that doesn't mean larger organizations or multi-team projects can't benefit from them as well. With the right techniques and the right process changes, you can make agile work for you, no matter your team size.


  • Increase performance while cutting costs: Applications modernization delivers

    Read this white paper to discover useful modernization strategies that can help you tackle the complexities of trimming your existing application portfolio in the right places to make room for innovation and ensuring seamless integration between all the moving parts of your IT operation— both legacy and new.


  • Survival Guide to Going Agile

    This Guide provides tips for using Agile approaches to plan, manage, and deliver high-value work. You'll learn more about the differences between traditional project management and Agile, find the Agile role that's best for you, understand the dynamics of Agile teamwork, and get started on the transition to becoming an Agile practitioner.


  • Agile Business eBook Excerpt - Agile Steering

    Download this excerpt to build flexible and transparent processes allowing for frequent change in response to shifting conditions. It'll also help you understand the very real cost associated with not adopting a dynamic set of practices.


  • Presentation Transcript: Rally Software Agile Webinar Series: Scaling Agile with SAFe

    Just because agile development was originally intended for small teams, doesn't mean you can't apply those same strategies to larger projects. In this comprehensive resource, discover how agile teams can work together to achieve common delivery objectives using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).


  • The Six Critical Skills for Leading Complex Federal Projects

    Managing a project within a government entity can be difficult with the sheer magnitude of the red tape involved. There are, however, several steps that you can take as a project manager to get ahead of the curve and anticipate previously unforeseen risks and issues with your project team.


  • Three Key Problems with Project Management (And How to Fix Them)

    IT directors have the skills to manage projects; however, poor visibility, restrictive tools, and redundant work stand in the way. This e-book proposes three key problems with project management, and offers intelligent ways to fix them.


  • Intersecting Project Management and Business Analysis

    In this informative white paper, learn why business analysis/requirements management and project management must go hand-in-hand, and learn how to foster collaboration between the business analysis/requirements team and project managers.


  • How ATB Financial Got Back to Being Creative

    ATB Financial's marketing team relied heavily on email and spreadsheets to manage projects and employee tasks, resulting in poor communication and unnecessary employee stress. This video shows how ATB Financial decided on a project management software solution that streamlined their workflow and synchronized communication between team members.


  • 5 Marketing Productivity Myths Busted

    Marketing project management challenges dramatically impact business, and the effects of late projects ripple throughout operations. This whitepaper discusses five myths commonly believed within marketing teams that get in the way of efficient productivity.


  • Top 6 Project Breakdowns (and How to Fix Them)

    Access this white paper to find the top reasons why projects fail to run as smoothly as possible and learn how to fix them, as well.


  • Carphone Warehouse Triples Work Capacity with AtTask Project Management

    View this whitepaper to see how a mobile phone retailer improved project management by implementing a PPM system that offers visibility in project status, task accountability, and issue notifications.


  • IBM Rational Automotive Engineering Solution eKit

    The automotive industry is continuously challenged by engineering obstacles, caused by the need for vehicles to be smarter, intelligent, and more interconnected than ever before. View this whitepaper to see a software solution that helps overcome these obstacles, helping projects from start to finish.