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CIO Decisions Ezine: Vol. 8 - The Portfolio Approach

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Functionality First: Simpler, Faster, More Cost-Effective PPM

As the demand for new products and services increases, budgets and staffing resources remain flat in many organizations. In order to cost-effectively meet market demands, savvy businesses are looking to new project portfolio management (PPM) tools to keep costs down while optimizing value.

But effective PPM isn't just about the right technology -- it's about the right approach as well. In this informative white paper, discover the strategies it takes to realize the full benefits of a PPM tool, and learn how a best-practices approach to PPM enables you to:

  • Innovate new products and services
  • Accelerate the pace of delivery
  • Transform business project by increasing efficiency
  • And more

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  • Break Away to Efficient, Responsive Project and Portfolio Management

    With the consumerization of IT, many organizations are growing frustrated with managing a rapidly escalating number of projects. Functioning effectively is difficult without Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) tools that support the need for additional oversight, better decision-making, and more efficient use of resources.

    Access this rich infographic to learn about implementing more efficient and responsive strategies for project and portfolio management (PPM). Learn how to recognize if your current PPM methods are making you go in circles, as well as effective solutions. Examine issues that factor into PPM consideration, including:

    • Why organizations go off course
    • Problems faced by companies with unsatisfactory PPM methods
    • How to optimize project planning and resources across your enterprise
    • And more 

  • PPM Software, Evolved: A Buyer's Guide for Today's Project Teams

    Businesses are increasingly turning to Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools for help in managing the challenges of project work with a finite amount of resources. There’s a vast selection of tools to choose from, and many of them won’t be right for your business, lacking the capacity to make a real difference in how you deliver projects.

    This resource discusses the 5 failings inherent in many PPM tools that you need to watch out for when selecting a solution for your business, including:

    • Poor usability
    • No team engagement
    • And 3 more

    Read on to learn how to bridge the project failure gap by choosing products that enable your employees to work in whichever manner they prefer.

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    In order to make sure your project and portfolio management (PPM) strategy is effective, you need to choose the right PPM platform. This buyer's guide can help you make that PPM platform decision, as it provides insight into 11 key factors you should consider when evaluating platforms.


  • Top-Down Planning and Bottom-Up Execution: Harmony or Discord?

    Recently, there's been a push to make project planning more strategic, and at the same time, organizations are striving to become more flexible and adaptable. But is this Agile execution at odds with the more strategic planning, or do these two approaches help create a more responsive environment for the business?


  • How Top PPM Performers in Intermodal Transportation and Infrastructure Transform Organizations

    This report discusses how top performers in the travel and transportation industries select and execute transformative projects due to the centralized information and automated processes that Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions provide.


  • Greater Strategic Effectiveness Through Perpetual Planning

    Companies must work harder to hold on to customers and remain relevant. View this whitepaper now to learn about perpetual planning, enabling continuous and rapid responses to internal and external changes. Discover best practices for perpetual planning.


  • Nimble employers turn to agile project management

    In spirit, both traditional and agile project delivery embody similar principles and practices that aim to deliver measurable results


  • Building a Business Case for an Enterprise Work Management Solution

    Without the right work management solution, a business' projects, goals, and long-term success may be severely wounded. This white paper explains why sticking to the status quo or implementing a partial solution isn't just ineffective in solving work management issues—it's costing enterprises millions of dollars each year.


  • A Closer Look at Best Project Management Practices for CIOs and IT Managers

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  • 5 Top Reasons Why Project Managers Hate Their PM Tools

    While project management tools can be very powerful, they often fall short of helping you to be truly efficient. This information-packed resource lists the 5 most common reasons why project managers hate their PM tools, and explores what can be done to fix them.


  • The True Cost of Project Management Inefficiencies

    As a business leader, you know that projects, goals, and long-term success depend on clear project management. This white paper explains why sticking to an outdated process isn't just ineffective in solving work management issues—it's costing enterprises millions of dollars each year.


  • CW+: The state of IT project management in the UK

    Project management performance is improving but the environment is increasingly challenging. This final report from the ComputerWeekly Project/Programme Management Survey details the state of the art and offers insights and recommendations for greater project success.


  • Maintain Your Competitive Edge with CA Project and Portfolio Management SaaS

    Access this case study to learn how Qantas was able to adopt a more standardised and consistent approach to product management through the implementation of a project and portfolio management software as a service (SaaS) system, thereby improving reporting and efficiency.


  • Playing the Joint Project Manager-Business Analyst Role

    Being able to play both roles of a project manager (PM) and a business analyst (BA) is a great skillset to have. Learn how to ensure your team gets what it needs in these two key roles so that you all can deliver successfully.


  • Suncorp Accelerates Project Delivery and Reduces Costs with CA Project and Portfolio Management

    In this case study, learn how Sundcorp was able to replace its disparate management systems and manual processes through the implementation of agile project management methodologies.


  • Top 6 Project Breakdowns (and How to Fix Them)

    Access this white paper to find the top reasons why projects fail to run as smoothly as possible and learn how to fix them, as well.


  • Smarter Projects Start With Professional Services Automation

    In this e-guide, expert consultant Reda Chouffani explains how healthcare organizations can manage more successful helpdesk applications and clinical systems with professional services automation (PSA). Plus, discover the 6 factors project team members need to drive more productive projects.


  • Intersecting Project Management and Business Analysis

    In this informative white paper, learn why business analysis/requirements management and project management must go hand-in-hand, and learn how to foster collaboration between the business analysis/requirements team and project managers.


  • Are All Those Project Management Tools Really Needed?

    The tools described in this white paper are essential PM tools. Tools that will best be used, regardless of the project, are the WBS, communication model, and the precedence diagram. The other tools will be needed depending on the project.


  • The Six Critical Skills for Leading Complex Federal Projects

    Managing a project within a government entity can be difficult with the sheer magnitude of the red tape involved. There are, however, several steps that you can take as a project manager to get ahead of the curve and anticipate previously unforeseen risks and issues with your project team.


  • Stakeholder Perceptions Become Your Project Reality

    For project managers, meeting stakeholder expectations means that you have to know what the expectations are to begin with if you are ever expected to meet them. You may be surprised how simple communication and understanding expectations can positively affect your next project.


  • The Top 5 Mysteries of Utilization

    Whether you're a project manager, resource manager or PMO, you know how critical utilization is to your company's bottom line. To piece together the utilization puzzle for you, learn how organizations are using cloud-based professional services automation (PSA) to take utilization reporting out of the darkness and into the light.


  • How to Enhance Your Global Project Management Competencies

    Read this white paper to learn what it takes to enhance your global project management competencies.


  • The Power and Payback of Unified Monitoring

    Access the following white paper to uncover a unified monitoring system that overcomes the challenges of a disparate monitoring environment. Read on to learn how this system provides timely support for new applications and technologies; help reduce IT operational costs and complexity, and more.


  • DigitalGlobe Maps the Earth at Peak Performance with CA at the Center

    DigitalGlobe owns and operates 5 of the world's highest resolution satellites and needed a way to monitor their entire IT infrastructure and spot potential issues before they impacted the images their customers depend on to save time, money and lives. Read the following case study to learn how they meet their goals with help from CA Technologies.


  • How DevOps Bolsters Enterprise Success in the Application Economy

    Access this in-depth white paper now to find out about DevOps, the results IT managers are seeing, and if it is the right solution for your business.


  • Are You Looking For a Way to End the Finger Pointing and Improve Your Customers’ Experience?

    To survive and thrive in an application economy you need the right solution to monitor and manage the infrastructure and systems. Access this white paper to explore a UIM system that can provide end-to-end visibility, improve operational efficiency, and much more. Read on to learn how else you can benefit from this technology.


  • Unify and Simplify: A Practical and Proven Approach to Cutting Data Center Costs and Complexity

    In this white paper, learn how Data Center Infrastructure Management systems (DCIM) bridge the operational gap of data centers by providing organizations with access to centralized information and processes.


  • Logicalis Cuts Cloud Delivery Costs for Customers with CA Technologies Solutions

    Logicalis needed a way to simplify the development of cloud services and to maintain quality of service to its customers, so they sought after a way to improve and automate infrastructure deployment, monitoring, management, and capacity planning. Read this case study to find out how they met their goals with help from CA Technologies.


  • Optimize Efficiency with Unified Infrastructure

    The following expert e-guide explores the critical importance of having a unified network management system in place to help monitor and discover potential network issues. Access now and learn about the role of network management tools along with 3 forms of converged infrastructure systems that work in conjunction with it.


  • The Complete Guide to Monitoring Virtualized Environments

    This e-book details the new complications that come with virtualization and offers seven best practices for handling them.


  • 25 Reasons to Choose CA Unified Infrastructure Management

    This paper offers a comparison of CA Unified Infrastructure Management with the other monitoring platforms employed by service providers today, outlining the key characteristics that have made CA UIM the tool of choice for service providers that are looking to scale their businesses.


  • IBM Elastic Storage Server

    Read this white paper to see how a modern software defined storage system can help you overcome the limitations of disk drive technology and simplify your transition to a multi-tier storage architecture.