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SharePoint: Practical IT Strategies for Enterprise Collaboration

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The Forrester Wave File Sync And Share Platforms, Q3 2013

The continuous explosion of powerful mobile devices requires seamless access to enterprise content from any device. So, what kind of solution is working? File sync and share.

But, going one step further: How do you go about choosing the right file sync and share platform for your organization?

This Forrester report and accompanying spreadsheet detail the findings of how well 16 top file sync and share vendors compare  to each other. Read on to compare vendor capabilities, gain valuable insights about the market, and find out which platform would work best with your business.

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  • Vendor Landscape: Cloud File Sharing

    Today, file sizes are increasing and document-centric needs have become more complex. When email attachments fail you, where will you look for your file collaboration needs?

    This in-depth vendor landscape evaluates 8 competitors in the cloud file sharing (CFS) solution market who provide end users with lightweight but effective systems that fit their needs. Dive into this report that features some of the most prominent CFS vendors from a business standpoint, including:

    • Google Drive
    • Citrix ShareFile
    • Box
    • And 5 more

  • MarketScope for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing

    The proliferation of consumer mobility, media tablets, and bring your own device (BYOD) programs in the enterprise is increasing adoption of enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) offerings that enhance mobile workers' productivity and collaboration to limit security risks.

    This research analyzes the emerging market for enterprise file synchronization and sharing products as well as cloud-based services, which enable better productivity and collaboration for mobile workers and grant IT control with security and compliance capabilities.

    Read on to explore this growing market and assess which innovative solutions can take your business to the next level, seamlessly.

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  • A Unified Records Management Approach to Maximize SharePoint and Social Media

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  • Enterprise Collaboration Tools: Putting Them Into Action

    Improve enterprise collaborating systems by taking advantage of social media tools, cloud-based collaboration systems and SharePoint and balancing records management processes.


  • Best Practices in Unified Records Management to Reduce Risks and Support Data Growth

    With the volume of your paper and digital records steadily increasing, the need for a records management policy that effectively manages both is a top priority. Read on to discover how a unified records management strategy can help you get control of all your business-critical records. Plus, learn 5 key features of an effective program.


  • Acronis® access uniting content and the mobile device

    The following white paper explores the importance of having the right content management solution in place to enable access to the content that was typically reserved for conventional computing. Learn how by implementing the right solution, workers can instantly access, sync, and share content across all devices within the enterprise.


  • Information Governance University: Records Management Strategy, Transparency and Collaboration Classroom

    This session discusses expert strategies on simplifying records management


  • Simplify Information Governance for SharePoint

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  • Hightail Case Study: Burr & Forman LLP

    The following case study explores the document dilemma taken on by Burr and Forman LLP and the solution they used to vastly improve legal document sharing.


  • How to Use Visual Analytics with Microsoft Office to Improve Information Sharing and Decision Making

    The following white paper explores the importance of visual analytics when it comes to getting the most out of your collaboration initiatives. Get a firsthand look at how this technology allows everyone, even those without significant analytic skills, to explore, analyze, and collaborate seamlessly throughout the enterprise.


  • Five Areas of Records and Information Management Best Practices

    More than 73% of CIOs, general counsel and records managers surveyed in a recent compliance benchmark study indicated they do not proactively monitor their records program for compliance. Out of 4,000 respondents, 42% have no formal information security program and 61% struggle with discovery. Where does your company’s policy fall?


  • Importance of Information Governance for IT Professionals

    The following white paper explores the importance of information governance in today's market and provides a technology recommendation designed to keep the records you need to grow your business while safely disposing of unnecessary records, reducing storage costs, minimizing audits, and more.


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    The following white paper explores a file sharing software that allows virtually everyone in the business to be more productive. Also learn how this solution can allow for better control and security of your data. Read on to find out more.


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    The following IDC Link white paper explores the current state of Box customer perceptions in Europe. Learn what new technologies and changes are happening to the face of cloud content management and what it means fir the business in the near future.


  • Acronis® Backup Advanced Suite

    This exclusive whitepaper details the features of a best in class suite of data protection products.


  • #CompliantData: The Social Media Data Archiving Conundrum

    Check out this white paper to discover how to set the stage for social media success with the right data backup and recovery systems. Inside, learn how to gauge risk vs. reward in social media, discover how to update your compliance strategy to include social media, receive best practices for staying on top of archiving regulations and more.


  • The E-discovery Ostrich

    This white paper highlights four simple steps that will ensure your organization is ready for e-discovery. Learn what a failure to plan for an e-discovery mandate can really cost your business, and discover why a little foresight can go a long way toward peace of mind.


  • Why BridgeHead? Unique Capabilities for Protecting Data in Enterprise Hospital Environments

    This white paper explains 8 ways this data management solution exceeds other vendors' protection capabilities.


  • The Costs of Weak Information Governance

    View this expert resource to stay informed on some of the hazards that occur when you let your data fall by the wayside. Find out why it's important to use your information to unlock value and provide your business with the information you need to ensure success.


  • Sharing Sensitive Corporate Documents without Compromising Security and Governance

    This informative resource discusses how your organization can utilize an IP security system built on a strong inter-enterprise document-sharing foundation to share sensitive documents without compromising security and governance.


  • Secure content sharing – a CBR special report

    The following Computer Business Review white paper explores the importance of embracing cloud-based solutions. Gain a solid understanding of how your business can improve with the cloud and more.


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  • 8 Ways to Optimize Backup and Recovery

    This white paper gives tips on how organizations can ensure that they have a proper backup and recovery solution in place for their virtual machines. vSphere Data Protection Advanced extends the capabilities of vSphere Data Protection for larger environments and delivers reliable and efficient backup and recovery.


  • Identity-Centric Security: Enabling and Protecting the Business

    Discover why the enterprise perimeter as we know it is dissolving and how your users are taking its place – creating numerous security issues for your IT department. In addition, learn how identity-centric security can help you protect data and maintain compliance in this new enterprise model.


  • 8 Steps to Successfully Implement Better Data Protection

    This white paper gives tips on how organizations can implement a vSphere Data Protection solution in order to deliver reliable and efficient backup and recovery for their virtual machines.


  • Two Inconvenient Truths IT Needs to Know Before Selecting an ECM Solution

    The following white paper explores the dire importance of enterprise content management within the current market environment. Learn about the 2 biggest inconvenient truths that oftentimes derail ECM initiatives as a whole, and what you can do to ensure you end up with the right ECM solution.