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Smarter Deduplication with CommVault® Simpana® Software

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Features of Mobile Device, Laptop and Desktop Backup Software

Backup software is complicated enough. Factor in the fact that your workforce is probably mobilizing faster than ever, and you could be facing some serious challenges when it comes to backing up your vital data.

The question becomes: How do you provide backup software for your laptops and desktops?

Access this expert e-guide to explore your options when it comes to mobile, laptop and desktop software. You’ll also take a look at some new features like global dedupe and simplified management, which can help you to make sense of what could easily become a very complicated situation.

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  • Exagrid Product Overview: High Performance, Scalable Disk Backup with Data Deduplication

    How is that old tape-based backup application treating you?

    With a disk-based backup with deduplication appliance purpose-built for backup that leverages a unique architecture optimized for backup and restore performance, scalability, and price, how your organization backs up and protects data will be revolutionized

    Take a look at this product data sheet to learn what this disk-based backup with data deduplication appliance can do for your back up and data protection needs.

  • DCIG Disk Backup Report

    Deduplication backup appliances are now an integral part of the backup process. However choosing the right one for an organization’s next generation IT infrastructure that satisfies established organizational requirements may be more difficult than ever with multiple products from which organizations can choose.

    This DCIG Buyer’s Guide identifies, weighs and scores product features to help organizations select products that deliver on competing requirements. Explore this report to find out who DCIG picked for the best set of dedupe solutions for midsize enterprises to select from in order to meet next-gen IT infrastructure priorities while continuing to satisfy traditional requirements.

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