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TDWI Best Practices Report - Customer Analytics in the Age of Social Media

While becoming customer centric is a top priority of today’s businesses, it can be a difficult feat to achieve with increasing customer participation in social media and a proliferation of the social mediums they can use.

Yet while it can be daunting, it’s undeniable that all of the data generated by social media holds incredible new potential for customer insight. This TDWI Best Practices Report examines organizations’ current practices and future plans for customer analytics technology strategies, with a special focus on how organizations are adapting to challenges- and potential- of social media.

Inside, find an in-depth exploration and insights on:

  • Customer analytics and the social media frontier
  • Benefits and barriers to implementation
  • Analytics tools, data sources, and techniques
  • Applying technologies for social media data analysis
  • And data management and integration strategies.

These are also closely related to: "Optimizing Customer Retention Programs"

  • Achieving customer loyalty with customer analytics

    Businesses have long known that it is more cost-effective to retain a satisfied customer than to attract a new one. And that a loyal customer is a strong competitive advantage because of the recurring potential for additional revenue. But today’s customers are more empowered, better informed and more likely to switch to a competitor at a moment’s notice.

    This white paper explores how you can build strong customer relationships in this age of social media and maintain loyal customers who will not only provide you with their valuable business, but also share their enthusiasm online with their peers.

    Inside, find insights on:

    • Using satisfaction to drive loyalty
    • Customer analytics for customer loyalty
    • Areas of effectiveness
    • And more.

  • The new frontier for personalized customer experience

    Today’s customers are well-informed and empowered by information—and well, they have become quite the experts on what an exceptional web experience should entail. So to serve these customers, you have to develop a customer-centric intelligence strategy—but how?

    The following white paper explores the need for businesses to implement a customer-centric view to their analytics and intelligence strategy. Also learn about a customer intelligence solution that can help create personalized and relevant experiences for individual customers, ultimately driving satisfaction and revenue. 

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