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Measuring, Monitoring and Improving Customer Experience

Today’s organizations are realizing that improving customer experience management (CEM) strategies can provide a substantial competitive advantage – but implementing a successful CEM improvement strategy can be difficult.

Check out our exclusive CEM expert guide to learn  essential strategies for improving the customer experience and discover 10 simple, inexpensive ways to improve the customer experience, including:

  • Create a well-balanced customer experience team
  • Give customers a personalized experience
  • Act on customer feedback
  • And more.

These are also closely related to: "Optimizing Customer Retention Programs"

  • A Marketer’s Guide to Analytics

    There’s a lot of buzz surrounding customer analytics and how they can help companies market more effectively. Unfortunately for many marketing professionals, this is not the case. So, how do you do it?

    The following white paper intends to provide managers and other marketing professionals with an introduction to applying analytics to marketing so you can significantly improve outcomes. 

  • Technology Strategies for Attracting and Keeping Customers

    Did you know that by 2020 customer experience is expected to surpass product and pricing as the key business differentiator? Needless to say, organizations must work overtime to make sure they acquire and keep their customers for life if they plan on remaining competitive.

    Explore this exclusive, in-depth resource to uncover a complete list of results from a recent survey of 312 senior executives which focuses on how these executives nurture the customer lifecycle.  Inside, get insights into:

    • Understanding the strategic value of lifetime customers
    • The value of a customer
    • An integrated approach to customer excellence
    • And more

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  • The big returns from big data

    Organisations can earn an incremental ROI of 241 percent by using big data technology to examine large and complex data sets, according to this report from Nucleus Research.


  • Predictive Analytics for Sales and Marketing

    Today's businesses rely on their sales and marketing (S&M) departments to drive business growth through effective customer relationship management (CRM) strategies – but most S&M pros lack the insights needed to optimize their strategies. Read on to find out how predictive analytics can improve your CRM strategies.


  • Smarter Analytics: Driving Customer Interactions with the IBM Next Best Action Solution

    Find out how you can improve customer satisfaction rates and revenue through analytics.


  • The State of Customer Analytics: Taking a Proactive Approach to Loyalty & Retention

    Access the following white paper to get a firsthand look at the current state of customer analytics as well as the need to have a predictive analytics solution to handle customer insight needs. Also discover how business can capitalize on predictive insights to improve customer loyalty and retention.


  • Unlocking the value of big data

    This independent report provides the first in-depth assessment of the role that data-intensive technology can play in supporting jobs and growth in Ireland over the next five years.


  • Analytics in a Big Data World

    This extract from Bart Baesen's book gives an overview of big data and analytics, its applications, analytic models, and job profiles in analytics, and includes a discount code for Computer Weekly readers.


  • Close the Omni-channel Customer Experience Gap

    If your customers cannot move smoothly across all channels, their experiences will suffer. Access this guide to learn how you can close the omni-channel customer experience gap and bring online visibility to your contact center.


  • Information Lifecycle Governance Leader Reference Guide

    Storing data that no longer has any value to the organization is a crippling process that forward-thinking CIOs must begin to shy away from. This white paper provides key insight surrounding the defensible disposal of unnecessary data.


  • The Economic Value of Data

    Big data analytics promises to boost customer centricity and profitability for financial services firms, according to this report from Cognizant.


  • Customer Service: Exploit the Value of Content to Drive Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

    This exclusive whitepaper dives into 12 key topics for delivering quality content to your customers.


  • New Opportunities for Business Intelligence: Seven Ways to Deliver a Superior Customer Experience Now

    Customer service has a profound impact on profitability. And even more, you have to think about your reputation in this age of social media. Read this informative white paper analyzing seven exciting technology innovations that can empower businesses to optimize customer service in today's multi-channel world.


  • Tips to develop the right retention schedule for your organization

    Developing record retention schedules can help companies track legal and regulatory data, ensuring that critical information is properly maintained.


  • Mobile phone app opportunities for business

    Over the past 12 months, the global market for applications – fuelled by the astonishing and unprecedented activity experienced on Apple’s App Store and iPhone – has continued its stellar levels of growth.


  • Drive Performance by Giving Business Users Faster, Better Data Visualization Tools Anyone Can Use

    Data is pouring in from every direction for organizations today, and many struggle to manage the volume. It's structured and unstructured, messy and overwhelming. If it's managed correctly, the flood of data can provide organizations with invaluable information. Find out how to improve business decisions by reading this resource now.


  • Five Areas of Records and Information Management Best Practices

    More than 73% of CIOs, general counsel and records managers surveyed in a recent compliance benchmark study indicated they do not proactively monitor their records program for compliance. Out of 4,000 respondents, 42% have no formal information security program and 61% struggle with discovery. Where does your company’s policy fall?


  • Well-Built Models Set Up Big Data Projects to Prosper

    Predictive analytics in big data modeling provide organizations with increased opportunities to use their collections of big data.


  • New Opportunities for Business Intelligence: Eight Ways to Generate Revenue and Drive Growth Now

    This white paper presents how to support new growth strategies and drive new revenue using eight important technologies. Our approach is practical, with success stories that demonstrate how trailblazers have already proven the value of these innovations.


  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

    The following white paper explores the top 8 important technologies that you should have to support growth strategies, build deeper business value, and improve the performance of your operations. Learn what other companies are doing to leverage these technologies, where to turn for the right tools, and more.


  • Records and Information Management 2.0 for Dummies

    This expert e-book will guide you and provide the necessary resources to help you understand the fundamental elements and practical steps needed to start and sustain an effective records and information management program—most importantly avoid legal repercussion.


  • CEOs are from Mars, CIOs are from Venus

    Ian Campbell, board advisor for Value Retail, talks about what CIOs need to do to ensure they are “on the same planet” as the CEO and board members of any organisation in this PowerPoint presentation.


  • Monetising the Mobile Content Plan

    This exclusive report for Computer Weekly readers by Juniper Research, offers a comprehensive briefing on the routes Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) taking to develop new business models.


  • The Business Value of Integrating the Contact Center Within Your Omni-Channel Strategy

    Learn how you can benefit from integrating your contact center within your omni-channel strategy.


  • Records Management Strategies for Social Media Compliance

    According Smithsonian Magazine, by 2013 businesses will generate as much data every 10 minutes as was generated in the world through 2003 – most of which will be social media data. Does you have a solid plan in place to effectively manage these social records? Read on to learn 5 steps to devising a social media records management program.


  • Open Group: FAIR -ISO/IEC 27005 Cookbook

    The purpose of this document is to help the security practitioner responsible for their organization’s risk estimation function to utilize The Open Group Risk Management Frameworkin an ISO/IEC 27005 structured process.


  • Customer Engagement Analytics: How to Use Data to Create (and Keep) Happy Customers

    Learn how customer engagement analytics can help your company achieve success in customer experience management (CEM).


  • The Benefits of a Lean Application Portfolio

    Over time, the amount spent on the infrastructure and maintenance of legacy applications and systems can weigh heavy on your IT budget. In this white paper, learn about the changing landscape of enterprise applications and how carrying the burden of legacy systems undermines your enterprise.


  • Privacy, Security and Compliance - What You Don’t Know May Just Hurt You

    In this document, explore the changing nature and increasing value of data and how organizations are responding to changes in regulation.


  • Predictive Analytics for Dummies

    Consult the following e-book to examine how predictive analytics works and what it can provide savvy decision makers and analysts in the marketplace. Learn to identify what to look for in predictive analytics tools and how to make the successful in your business.


  • Three steps to put Predictive Analytics to Work

    The following white paper provides readers with the three steps needed to put predictive analytics to work. Learn how to integrate this technology into day to day operations, ultimately facilitating a much stronger, more accurate decision-making environment.


  • Three Steps to Put Predictive Analytics to Work

    Consult the following white paper to explore the 3 steps you need to get predictive analytics up and running.


  • A Practical Approach to Building a Comprehensive and Compliant RIM Program

    This whitepaper outlines the important steps to achieve successful and compliant records and information management (RIM).


  • 2013 Cost of Data Breach Study: UK

    The cost of data breaches has risen for UK organisations iover the past year, but companies that appoint chief information secruity officers with enterprise-wide responsiblities can reduce their costs, this report from the Ponemon Institute reveals.


  • Four Key Pillars To A Big Data Management Solution

    This resource explores an open source approach and flexible big data integration platform that addresses these challenges and enables users to easily connect and analyze data from disparate systems to help drive and improve business performance.


  • Optimize the Customer Experience through Cloud Contact Centers

    According to a recent survey in January 2014, 31% of contact centers are deployed in the cloud, and that number will only continue to rise. Why are so many businesses migrating their contact centers from on-premises to the cloud? Find out in this report from the Aberdeen Group.


  • BI forward: A full view of your business

    The following white paper outlines the importance of having a 360 degree view of your entire organization and more importantly what you can do to gain one. Learn the advantages of this BI solution and how when coupled with predictive analysis, it may very well be the all-inclusive solution to higher competitive value.


  • Building The Always - On, Always - Available Enterprise

    This white paper explores the 3 steps to take to get on the path to running 24x7x365 services. Read on to learn how you can calculate the cost of downtime, measure availability effectively, and match business needs to the appropriate technologies.


  • Electronics Retailer Reduces Order Fraud by 25% with iovation

    A major computer and electronics retailer fights back against identity theft and credit card fraud, by adding device intelligence into their fraud prevention strategy. Find out how it works behind the scenes.


  • Best Practices in Unified Records Management to Reduce Risks and Support Data Growth

    With the volume of your paper and digital records steadily increasing, the need for a records management policy that effectively manages both is a top priority. Read on to discover how a unified records management strategy can help you get control of all your business-critical records. Plus, learn 5 key features of an effective program.


  • Top benefits of compliant records management

    When the world’s largest offshore drilling company wanted to lower the risks and costs associated with the increase of records management regulations, it sought out a qualified vendor to help create enterprise-wide compliant records management program.  Discover how this organization was able to significantly improve its records management.


  • Contact Center Workforce Optimization: Secrets to Unlock Agent Productivity & Performance

    Uncover contact center workforce optimization (WFO) best practices that can help you enhance your customer experience.


  • Handle Your Data Retention and Governance Programs With Care

    This expert e-guide explores the existing conditions that should spur the creation of a data governance initiative as well as the teams that should be involved in building it. Read this now and also gain a clear understanding of why data retention is imperative to your business and why it deserves the utmost attention from the proper stakeholders.


  • Staying Competitive and Profitable – Essentials for Customer Experience Success

    This white paper discusses the importance of focusing on the customer experience journey, explores why companies don't get the customer journey right, and discusses how leading companies provide great customer experiences.


  • Customer Experience: Essential Requirements for Company Profitability and Competitive Success

    Companies across all industries are feeling pressure to improve the customer experience while reducing costs at the same time. However, most are not prepared to cost-effectively provide great, real-time. multi-channel customer experiences, due to outdated technology and processes.


  • Regulatory Compliance and Operational Readiness: Complementary, But Never Synonymous

    This resource reveals why passing audits and being able to recover are certainly complementary, but definitely not synonymous. View now to learn the difference between the two - and the regulatory compliance requirements you should be aware of - to maintain compliance in your data protection strategy.


  • Importance of Information Governance for Records Managers

    The following white paper explores the importance of information governance for records managers today. Uncover a solution to today's information governance needs and how a successful initiative can minimize risk, improve the value of information, and more.


  • Big data: New insights transform industries

    Access the following white paper to uncover how companies are leveraging new analytics technology and practices to stay ahead of the big data curve. Discover how you can gain the actionable intelligence you need and what you can do to gain a sharper competitive edge.


  • From Data to Action

    Find out what you need to know about data in today's business world.


  • The future of BPM

    Read today's expert resource to learn the new trends of business process management (BPM) including event processing, predictive analytics, and business process competency centers. And hear from experts on how to bring these new technologies to your organization's BPM strategy.