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Optimizing Customer Retention Programs

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Measuring, Monitoring and Improving Customer Experience

Today’s organizations are realizing that improving customer experience management (CEM) strategies can provide a substantial competitive advantage – but implementing a successful CEM improvement strategy can be difficult.

Check out our exclusive CEM expert guide to learn  essential strategies for improving the customer experience and discover 10 simple, inexpensive ways to improve the customer experience, including:

  • Create a well-balanced customer experience team
  • Give customers a personalized experience
  • Act on customer feedback
  • And more.

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  • ERP Curveballs: Cost, Customization, Cloud

    Don’t believe the hype: Enterprise resource planning isn’t dead. In fact, it’s come a long way in its 50 years of existence. Today’s ERP applications are on the move, running nearly every part of all kinds of businesses, from social media startups to banks and construction companies. With that expanded role come new hassles, with trends like cloud and mobile having a real—and significant—effect on the technology. Take ERP customization: Once an unavoidable, expensive necessity, it’s going out of style. When you’re forced to add layers upon layers of customization to address a melting pot of issues, the most common goal of ERP implementation—uniformity—is sacrificed.

    This issue of Business Information offers readers a roadmap for tomorrow’s ERP, while also pin-pointing the detours they will encounter while traveling to the cloud. Readers can expect pointers from organizations ahead of the curve, with ERP systems already in the cloud—why they made the switch, why they would recommend others do the same and what advice organizations should follow to be successfully transition. They will see firsthand the recurring problems facing ERP users—and benefit from expert tips on solving popular issues with the complex software.

    The trip may be full of twists and turns, but with these directions you’ll find that tomorrow’s ERP isn’t so scary after all.

  • The New Frontier for Personalized Customer Experience

    Today’s customers are well-informed and empowered by information—and well, they have become quite the experts on what an exceptional web experience should entail. So to serve these customers, you have to develop a customer-centric intelligence strategy—but how?

    The following white paper explores the need for businesses to implement a customer-centric view to their analytics and intelligence strategy. Also learn about a customer intelligence solution that can help create personalized and relevant experiences for individual customers, ultimately driving satisfaction and revenue. 

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