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Storage for High-performance Computing

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A converged infrastructure buyer's guide

The need for a “datacenter in a box,” as some like to refer to converged infrastructure offerings, is one that is growing and expanding into many new markets. As the market for converged infrastructures matures, this technology should grow quickly in the years to come. While the benefits of implementation are numerous, can you ensure you will choose the right provider?

In this guide, you will learn why organizations are looking to adopt and implement this technology, as well as get an overview of the converged infrastructure providers. Access this paper now to see how this guide:

-Provides an evaluation of converged infrastructures that scores and ranks their features from an end user’s viewpoint
-Includes a 10-point converged infrastructure vendor comparison to match against your criteria
-And more 

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  • Deliver the benefits of public cloud to your private cloud

    As the market for enterprise storage fades, more and more companies are opting for dynamic cloud storage. This adoption can be difficult for large enterprises with high data volume and complex systems.

    This informative white paper discusses a modern storage infrastructure that delivers the functionality, simplicity, and scale of the public cloud to the private cloud. Read on to see how implementing this platform can provide your enterprise with:

    • Greater storage efficiency
    • Streamlined backup
    • Improved agility
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  • Buyer's guide: All-flash data protection

    Flash technology is the future of storage. Many companies are turning to all-flash for the most efficiency - but since all-flash can store and manage so much more data, there’s that much more data to protect. How can you easily protect your complex data environment?

    This white paper argues how flash-integrated flat backup protects data better and is more efficient than traditional backup methods. Read on to learn how data protection can be a function of primary storage, eliminating the need for traditional backup.

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