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Technical Computing Benefits with IBM FlashSystem

Technical computing apps are expanding the computing frontier. For your business to gain insight from data and transform it into competitive advantage, your data driven apps must operate at high availability and peak performance.

Access this white paper to understand why high performance computing (HPC) systems generate and consume massive amounts of data that are hungry for high storage performance, and explore the technical computing benefits offered from this vendor’s comprehensive flash portfolio. Read on now to learn more.

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  • IBM Leads Industry with High-Value Technical Computing Solutions

    High Performance Computing offers a number of benefits, but many businesses don’t have the time, money, or expertise to build, manage and operate these complex environments from scratch. Organizations are now opting for pre-integrated solutions that are built to drive innovation while improving productivity and reducing costs and complexity.

    This white paper explores a suite of expertly designed, tightly integrated and performance-optimized architecture solutions for several key applications. Read on to learn how these offerings provide best-in-class cluster integration and reference architectures, reducing cluster deployment time, complexity, and risks.

  • Addressing Engineering Simulation Data Management (SDM) Challenges: How Engineering Enterprises Can Improve Productivity, Collaboration and Innovation

    Data has become a critical asset across many industries, but has also become increasingly unwieldy. According to recent research, enterprises today store over 7 Exabytes of new data every year, and the amount of data generated now in just 2 days equals all the data generated from the dawn of civilization until year 2003.

    Access this informative paper that shines light on the challenges of data and storage management, and how deploying simulation data management (SDM) software can help maximize business value. Find out how to best leverage simulation data, with helpful hints from this resource, including:

    • Deciphering engineering simulation data
    • The high-level simulation data management challenges
    • Why high performance computing (HPC) and storage are vital components
    • And more

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