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Big Data Meets High Performance Computing

The line between Big Data and high performance computing (HPC) is becoming increasingly blurred. Now, however, new forces are shaping Big Data and leading users to consider and deploy new HPC configurations to unlock insights in all of that data.

So what does this mean for you? Access this white paper to learn new ways you can exploit HPC to drive economic value in the age of Big Data. You’ll also learn how Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre* software and Hadoop combine to bring Big Data analytics to HPC configurations.

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  • Technical Computing Benefits with IBM FlashSystem

    Technical computing apps are expanding the computing frontier. For your business to gain insight from data and transform it into competitive advantage, your data driven apps must operate at high availability and peak performance.

    Access this white paper to understand why high performance computing (HPC) systems generate and consume massive amounts of data that are hungry for high storage performance, and explore the technical computing benefits offered from this vendor’s comprehensive flash portfolio. Read on now to learn more.

  • Intel ® Enterprise Edition for Lustre Software

    High-performance computing (HPC) is being used to solve today’s most important and demanding problems. Still, you need to leverage the right storage solution in order to deliver high sustained throughput and power HPC and Big Data workloads.

    This Product Brief outlines Intel ® Enterprise Edition for Lustre* software, a new storage software that provides optimal performance and scalability for commercial organizations and enterprises regardless of size. Read on to learn more about the key features of this solution, including:

    • Intuitive, browser-based administration
    • Real-time system monitoring
    • Advanced troubleshooting tools and 24X7 support
    • And more

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