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Storage for High-performance Computing

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IDC White Paper – Enterprise Storage: The Foundation for Application Availability

Access this white paper to learn more about the importance of application and system availability, and how a growing number of organizations are currently addressing high-availability needs with respect to their storage environments. 

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  • Micron SSDs Provide the Storage Muscle for SilverDraft'€™s Supercomputers

    In high performance computing environments, high performing storage is crucial. Without it, bottlenecks and other issues occur. How can companies ensure their high performing computers have equally high performing storage?

    This white paper details a case study featuring SilverDraft and how they paired their supercomputers with flash. Read on to learn about they optimized their systems using SSD to ensure real-time CGI images, and how platforms using SSD impact supercomputer performance. 

  • The Inside Big Data Guide to Scientific Research

    The rapid evolution of big data technology in the past few years has changed forever the pursuit of scientific exploration and discovery. Along with traditional experiment and theory, computational modeling and simulation is a third paradigm for science. Its value lies in exploring areas of science in which physical experimentation is unfeasible and insights cannot be revealed analytically, such as in climate modeling, seismology and galaxy formation. More recently, big data has been called the “fourth paradigm" of science. Big data can be observed, in a real sense, by computers processing it and often by humans reviewing visualizations created from it. In the past, humans had to reduce the data, often using techniques of statistical sampling, to be able to make sense of it. Now, new big data processing techniques will help us make sense of it without traditional reduction.


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