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Storage for High-performance Computing

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Making the Right Flash Memory Storage Array Buying Decision

Similar to the transition from physical to virtual data center infrastructures, a transformation from HDD-based storage arrays to all-flash arrays is underway. The difference being that this time organizations will rarely be able to trial host their 2nd and 3rd tier applications on all-flash storage arrays.

This makes the storage array buying decision even more difficult. Should you stick with proven, HDD-based arrays or implement an all-flash storage array that prepares you for the future?

This resource highlights a next-gen, all-flash storage array architecture that delivers the performance that flash has to offer and facilitates the non-disruptive introduction of real-time, inline deduplication into production environments as well as other necessary storage management technologies to optimize available flash capacity.

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    Access this white paper to learn more about the importance of application and system availability, and how a growing number of organizations are currently addressing high-availability needs with respect to their storage environments. 

  • Buyer's Checklist: Converged Infrastructure Systems

    Converged infrastructure systems bundle storage with servers and the necessary networking gear into a single rack. The appeal to users is that all the components are already integrated and tested and—theoretically, at least—ready to run when the power is switched on. Advocates of converged systems say the technology represents the quickest and easiest route to production deployment; those who are less enamored with the packaging concept say users are likely to sacrifice best of breed for convenience. Most storage vendors offer converged systems by partnering with other vendors for the server and networking components.

    This Buyer’s Checklist describes the key features to consider as you evaluate converged systems, and explains which types of applications and use cases are best suited for implementation on converged infrastructure systems.

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