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Cloud Testing: 3 Essential Facts to Simplify Performance Testing Part 1

There is a changing environment in performance testing. Today, users expect information on-demand and are driving the performance testing trends. The 3-5 second response time of a desktop application is a thing of yesterday; we expect sub-second responses from our mobile apps.

This webcast reveals a performance testing solution for today’s environment – one that simulates real users with thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of “virtual” users. Learn how this performance testing system generates accurate, measureable and repeatable load on the system from a single point of control, while pinpointing bottlenecks in the system.

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  • Predicting Oracle Performance Issues

    Database performance is critical to application performance -- and dealing with database bottlenecks after they occur is an ineffective strategy. To maintain top performance, you need to predict problems before they occur, specifically when it comes to:

    • SQL statements that are degrading and that will, if not tuned, eventually overload the system
    • Database bottlenecks that occur when demand on the database exceeds configured capacity

    View this white paper to learn how to predict both of these common Oracle performance problems before they become issues for your applications. Learn how to ensure business continuity and reduce the cost of database performance "brown-outs" by reading now.

  • Application Performance Management for Cloud

    While legacy application performance management (APM) tools can be good sources of performance data, they're often difficult to deploy, costly, and make it difficult to isolate the root causes of performance problems. For today's heterogeneous application landscape, a new strategy is required.

    In this research report from Clabby Analytics, get an overview of the current APM market, as well as a close look at a suite of APM tools that supports computing trends such as DevOps and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Explore the capabilities and benefits of this APM suite, including:

    • Application behavior analytics
    • Web-based user interface
    • Browser Response Time Monitor
    • And more

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