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Mobile App Analytics Platform: Try Before You Buy

Many companies have mobile apps, but all too often poor performance causes end-users to delete applications after the first experience. In a world where consumers can find a different company in mere minutes, what can development teams do to maximize customer satisfaction and retention through mobile apps?

Download this free trial of a mobile app analytics platform now to give your IT team the insights they need to succeed. Access now to find a unique solution that provides your business analysts, app developers, IT operations, and support teams with complete visibility and the tools needed to maximize potential value to customers.

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  • Move beyond monitoring to holistic management of application performance

    The more applications you deploy, the more complex your IT infrastructure becomes – you’re probably managing legacy systems along with modern applications and composite transactions. Getting an inside look at what’s going on inside these systems is a huge challenge, so you need a holistic approach to application performance management (APM) – one that can handle your heterogeneous IT landscape.

    This white paper introduces an innovative APM technology that delivers 360-degree visibility and can overcome today’s challenges of managing a broad array of application and IT infrastructures, including service-oriented architecture and cloud environments, e-commerce platforms, packaged applications and more.

  • Proactively Manage Business Applications and the User Experience

    As more organizations expand business services and networks into cloud-based and virtual environments, it becomes more important to know what's going on in your IT landscape. Unfortunately, it also makes it more difficult to pinpoint issues and take action when something is wrong.

    How can you gain insight into your complex IT environment? What tools do you need to proactively manage applications and ensure top-notch user experience?

    In this resource, learn about a portfolio of application performance management tools that can provide the visibility, control, and automation you need to reduce outages, improve business performance, and increase user satisfaction.

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