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True cost of a bad mobile app

The convenience and control afforded by the smartphone and the tablet have changed the scope of mobile productivity. Successful applications build relationships with customers, while unsuccessful applications waste resources and turn customers away.

In this white paper, learn more about the application market as well as other key findings, including: 

  • Cost drivers for application development
  • The benefits of mobile applications
  • Mobile development growth 

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  • Internet of Things: Using PaaS to harness the potential

    What used to be considered an information economy is now being redefined by APIs, big data and mobile apps. The business entry point for this new innovation economy is low. However, it can be difficult to navigate the unchartered territory of creativity.

    Access this white paper to learn how companies are using PaaS solutions to harness the power of the Internet of Things and drive an explosion of new economic activity.

  • App integration: The impact of NoSQL, REST, and microservices

    Organizations large and small continue to struggle with scalability, distribution, and performance. A selection of new technologies, however, is presenting new opportunities—as well as challenges—for software architects and project managers.

    This three-part guide explores how application integration practices are being shaken up in modern enterprises. View now to discover experts’ thoughts on the following topics:

    • How NoSQL and microservices are advancing app integration middleware
    • Why architects are giving application integration a REST
    • And more

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