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How to fix app experiences that are holding you back

Today, apps make an impact—so much so that the rate at which organizations must deliver useful, smooth user experiences is accelerating beyond what they can handle.

Costs, complexity, and customer experience barriers can hinder your app interactions with customers, but these factors can be mitigated.

Read this white paper about a modern way to monitor app performance and the customer experience your apps provide. Learn how this tool can account for app performance across platforms and integrate with a full APM solution to make updates more efficient. 

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  • Accelerating mobile app development

    Today’s mobile app development teams are facing numerous challenges scaling their teams to handle the ever increasing backlog of requirements for more apps, faster release cycles, and complex back-end integrations.

    This white paper details how to overcome these challenges and deliver the expected mobile experience by way of new enterprise grade software tools and frameworks that finally enable model-driven application development (MDAD) for the mobile space. 

  • Analyst's take: Foglight helps telecomms company find savings and boost efficiencies

    The company’s 200-member IT application support team monitors more than 1,100 application instances.  The support team diagnoses thousands of technical troubles affecting hardware, operating systems, and databases, which can result in extended business downtimes.  Its 1,800 customer support representatives depend heavily on the availability and performance of these applications to provide its customers with a consistently superior service experience.

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  • The truth about software quality - a global benchmarking study

    This is the first in an annual series of reports highlighting trends in the structural quality of business applications regarding characteristics such as robustness, performance, securit y, and changeability.