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Application Performance Management for Cloud

While legacy application performance management (APM) tools can be good sources of performance data, they're often difficult to deploy, costly, and make it difficult to isolate the root causes of performance problems. For today's heterogeneous application landscape, a new strategy is required.

In this research report from Clabby Analytics, get an overview of the current APM market, as well as a close look at a suite of APM tools that supports computing trends such as DevOps and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Explore the capabilities and benefits of this APM suite, including:

  • Application behavior analytics
  • Web-based user interface
  • Browser Response Time Monitor
  • And more

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  • New Waves for BPM Requires More Scalable Applications

    As business process management (BPM) increases in complexity, traditional business applications, built for predictable, transactional processes, are not cut out for complex operational activities such as HR and billing. According to a recent Forrester Research, Inc. report, analysts see smart process applications as “the future of applications.”

    So, what are these smart process apps and what are they capable of handling?

    In this e-guide, experts present FAQs on smart business apps to get a better understanding to why IT pros should use smart process apps to boost process-management benefits. Inside, learn more about an alternative solution – workflow management software.

  • Survival guide to PACBASE ™ end-of-life

    For over 40 years, the CASE tool Pacbase has been used to develop core applications. But with Pacbase’s final retirement scheduled for 2015, many organizations are left with the urgent need to find a suitable alternative.

    This informative resource outlines your options in the post-Pacbase world, including replacing, redesigning, and transforming your applications, and offers key recommendations and considerations to help you realize continued application success.

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