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Mobile apps: The truth about their business impact

The convenience and control afforded by the smartphone and the tablet have changed the scope of mobile productivity. Successful applications build relationships with customers, while unsuccessful applications waste resources and turn customers away.

In this white paper, learn more about the application market as well as other key findings, including: 

  • Cost drivers for application development
  • The benefits of mobile applications
  • Mobile development growth 

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  • Does your app development platform support DevOps?

    Keeping your Java organization up to speed today means delivering new applications and updates in days or weeks, and grappling with application deployment in different environments. On top of that, your applications must be reliable, perform smoothly, and meet security and compliance expectations.

    Successful leaders are turning to DevOps methodologies, microservices architectures, and containers to meet these requirements. But without the right application development platform, these infrastructures may not be properly supported. Learn how to ensure that yours can handle these critical initiatives. 

  • Analyst's take: Foglight helps telecomms company find savings and boost efficiencies

    The company’s 200-member IT application support team monitors more than 1,100 application instances.  The support team diagnoses thousands of technical troubles affecting hardware, operating systems, and databases, which can result in extended business downtimes.  Its 1,800 customer support representatives depend heavily on the availability and performance of these applications to provide its customers with a consistently superior service experience.

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  • 5 reasons to consider this database management tool

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  • The Many Faces of Software Testing

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  • The truth about software quality - a global benchmarking study

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