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A Strategic Guide to Application Migration Planning

IT organizations are constantly tasked with the challenge of producing high-quality solutions while keeping the TCO as low as possible. In order to achieve this, you may wish to migrate your applications to a more efficient, holistic platform; but how can you be sure that migration won’t create unnecessary complications?

This detailed resource can help you to create a strategic plan for migrating your business applications to a new platform. Download this guide to use as a reference throughout the migration process, from evaluating your existing infrastructure to implementation and beyond.

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  • The New Innovation Economy of Data, APIs, Mobile Apps and the Internet of Things

    What used to be considered an information economy is now being redefined by APIs, big data and mobile apps. The business entry point for this new innovation economy is low. However, it can be difficult to navigate the unchartered territory of creativity.

    Access this white paper to learn how companies are using PaaS solutions to harness the power of the Internet of Things and drive an explosion of new economic activity.

  • Load Testing at the Speed of Agile

    Many organizations today are struggling with questions about load and performance testing in an Agile or Continuous Testing process. The lack of a concrete set of best practices for incorporating performance into Agile testing has left many wondering, “Am I doing this right?” Many Agile teams have a number of tests that are running with their Continuous Integration builds, but have yet to be able to effectively integrate load and performance testing into that automation.

    This white paper is intended to not only outline some of the challenges of load and performance testing in an Agile environment, but also to provide key best practices like prioritizing performance goals and automating testing with Continuous Integration servers like Jenkins. With the right tools, Continuous Performance Testing could be easier than you might think. Testing managers, practitioners, or anyone involved with testing on an Agile or “Agile-like” development team can benefit from these tips.

    Read on to learn:

    • The benefits of combining load and performance testing with an Agile workflow
    • The challenges that arise when load testing becomes more continuous
    • Best practices for testing app performance in every iteration
    • Key capabilities to look for in an Agile load testing solution
    • And more

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