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APM assessment: Top 10 market leaders

The application performance management (APM) market continues to expand on the strength of the APM industry's inherent innovation. New-generation tools as a result of major shifts in IT usage around mobile and cloud catalyzed a new demand for APM capabilities.

To help IT decision-makers choose the right solution for their needs, this report takes a look at 10 of the leading APM solutions in the market. Uncover a side-by-side comparison of each tool, and their subsequent evaluations.

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  • From Dev to Ops: APM strategies that make everyone happy

    As mobile apps increase in importance during daily work, businesses will need to ensure they reduce risk and provide their business owners and DevOps teams with the visibility to ensure optimal app performance.

    Developing and maintaining a 5-star user experience is critical to swimming upstream in the flood of available mobile apps. Uncover ways to achieve in-depth performance analytics that support the range of stakeholder roles involved in mobility.

  • APM: Determine app success before your customers do

    No longer simply IT issues, the onus lies on the success of your customer satisfaction and retention initiatives for optimal app performance.

    This solution brief presents strategies for leveraging application performance management (APM) solutions as mechanisms to create strategic advantage to your business – not just to evaluate IT's performance. Discover APM tools that provide:

    • Mobile to mainframe transaction insight
    • Built-in intelligent analytics
    • And more

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