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A Strategic Guide to Application Migration Planning

IT organizations are constantly tasked with the challenge of producing high-quality solutions while keeping the TCO as low as possible. In order to achieve this, you may wish to migrate your applications to a more efficient, holistic platform; but how can you be sure that migration won’t create unnecessary complications?

This detailed resource can help you to create a strategic plan for migrating your business applications to a new platform. Download this guide to use as a reference throughout the migration process, from evaluating your existing infrastructure to implementation and beyond.

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  • Performance Management: The Mobile App Development playbook

    Development teams need to deliver many more versions of mobile apps than traditional apps, rolling out new versions and updates as often as 12 times a year or more. To make sure you're creating effective updates, you need a reliable feedback loop guided by mobile performance management.

    In this report from Forrester Research, Inc., explore a variety of business, technical, and engagement metrics for mobile app development, as well as the tools and frameworks you can use to collect them. Plus, get recommendations for delivering fast feedback to get measurable value from your mobile apps, including:

    • Instrument apps early to get to regular feedback ASAP
    • Create guardrails that monitor your app’s operation
    • Track second-order metrics and measure improvement over time
    • And more

  • Integrating Artificial Intelligence in Your App: Essential Advantages

    View this webcast to see experts discuss and demonstrate the new IBM Watson services available on Bluemix.

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  • Code with Java simpler, faster, and easier

    Java developers know that testing code changes can be a huge pain, and waiting for an application to redeploy after a code fix can take an eternity. Wouldn't it be great if you could see your code changes immediately, fine-tune, debug, explore and deploy code without waiting for ages?


  • What Developers Want: The End of Application Redeploys

    For developers, turnaround time due to application redeployments and restarts after code changes is a huge waste of time. In this white paper, discover how you can eliminate the need to redeploy Java applications after making code changes, including while adding new features or fixing bugs.


  • CW+: Analyst's take: The benefits of IBM Cognos software for independent software vendors

    ISVs that choose to embed IBM Cognos software are able to sell additional features and functionality, as well as increase win rates, average deal sizes, and overall revenue.


  • Mistakes in Cloud Application Deployment

    This expert E-Guide explores the mistakes many organizations make when deploying apps in the cloud and describes how you can avoid making the same issues. In addition, learn why cloud integration is so complicated for today's testers.


  • The Big Ideas Behind Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Database Systems

    Access this informative document to learn what qualifies as a successful database system in an ever-changing market. Learn which tools are the most appropriate for engineers, and the building blocks for a data-intensive application. Discover what these applications need to provide commonly needed functionality.


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    View this featured resource to discover the benefits of data grids, an in-memory distributed database designed for fast access to large volumes of data and scalability. Read on to learn what benefits a data grid can hold for your business.


  • Improving Application Scalability with In-Memory Data Grids

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  • The Many Faces of Software Testing

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  • The truth about software quality - a global benchmarking study

    This is the first in an annual series of reports highlighting trends in the structural quality of business applications regarding characteristics such as robustness, performance, securit y, and changeability.