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Contain your storage

Traditional apparchitectures are limited in today's data, cloud and IT environments. Containerizationpromises to overcome these challenges. Containers weren't designed to implement full-stack apps or apps that needpersistent storage. We're starting to see arrays allowing containerized apps to take advantage of primary storage. Find out how vendors are bringing persistent storagetocontainerized applications. Nonvolatile memory express (NVMe) replaces SCSIto deliver greater bandwidth and lower latency to internal storage. With NVMe over Fabrics, thecommand set can work across the network via external storage. Discover the benefits of NVMe over Fabrics. Copy data managementprotects production data and improves the management of production data copies. Until last year, it was the province of point products. But the technology has gone mainstream.What advantages can itbring to you?

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  • Choosing the right DRaaS provider

    DRaaS lets organizations implement a dependable DR plan. Disaster recovery-as-a-service providers replicate or back up customer data to cloud data centers and host and run apps remotely. Disaster recovery-as-a-service providers develop features specific to their products. Learn about key capabilities to look for.

    Infrequently accessed data is often kept for compliance and big data analysis. Cold storage is designed to store it. Data may need to be made hot at a moment's notice, which complicates cold storage. It has evolved to encompass Linear Tape File System and object storage as the amount of unstructured data has grown.

    Employees often sync corporate data from consumer-grade sync-and-share services, putting the organization at risk. Enterprise-grade file sync-and-share includes enhancements to ensure security. Features vary among vendors, but there are certain ones to look for.

  • How has GDPR prep changed the way we think about backup?

    2017 has brought a lot changes to the backup market. From ransomware to prepping for the GDPR, providers now need to do more than offer simple disaster recovery.

    In this e-guide, read an interview with Commvault CEO Bob Hammer, and learn what this industry expert thinks about how some of these factors have affected, and will continue to affect, the backup market.

    Then, learn how Commvault’s own backup system supports not only new innovations like virtualization and the cloud, but also protects legacy data from older applications.

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  • What did 2017 do for backup technologies?

    This e-book explores the history of backup, from 9-track tapes all the way up through today's cloud-targeted systems. Click inside to learn why many of today's backup systems still don't instill confidence, and what technologies may be just over the horizon.


  • 3 times faster database performance: How this SSD offering made it possible

    Click into this case study to learn how this North American network provider improved capacity, reduced latency, allowed them to speed up database performance, and more by adopting this flash offering.


  • Expert paper: How all-flash backup achieves 10:1 data reduction

    The 24/7 demand on today's backup systems combined with the challenges posed by virtual environments and exponential data growth mean it's time for a new way to think about backup. Inside, learn how IT decision-makers are using a unique scale-out all-flash array to help meet today's backup demands.


  • Instant recovery of multiple TB databases: How it's possible in AWS

    Inside, learn how the partnership between a radically simple copy data virtualization software and AWS is giving customers the modern virtual backup they need.


  • Reduxio, Rubrik & Cohesity - Three Vendors Disrupting Integrated Secondary Storage and Data Protection

    In this Forrester Research Report learn how 3 vendors – Cohesity, Reduxio, and Rubrik – are trying to change the way enterprises manage secondary storage, data protection, and copy-data management with new innovations such as automation, HCI, and more.


  • How to guarantee data protection and availability at 48% less disk overhead than triple-mirror replication.

    In this case study, learn how the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), a Swedish research institute was able to backup more than 15,000 hours of content


  • E-Guide: Backup strategies for mission-critical data

    In this e-guide, learn strategies to determine what data is considered most important. Also, read about the different ways to select and establish an effective backup policy to ensure essential data is properly monitored.


  • Boost the efficiency of your backup and DR with a tapeless strategy

    A tapeless environment can enhance data backup, recovery, and disaster recovery and highlights the critical considerations and decisions that should be made to do so. Read on and access a 4 step outline for successful migration to a tapeless strategy.


  • Evaluating backup: Determine if you need cloud, NoSQL, or other

    In this e-guide, learn about a cloud-based backup system that strikes a balance between protecting older applications, and paving the way for new innovation. Afterwards, read on to explore a myriad of data backup software options, from NoSQL to the cloud, and discover which platform is right for your organization.


  • 5 reasons you may need to reevaluate your backup approach

    By downloading this resource, you'll discover 5 reasons you may need to reevaluate your current backup approach. Read on to see a platform that enables instant recovery from ransomware, supports all major hypervisors, and more.


  • Optimizing OpenStack with consistent backups

    This product is aimed at enabling enterprises to deploy OpenStack for block storage in production, cloud-based environments with additional capabilities such as quality of service (consistent and predictable performance) and integrated data protection.


  • Continuous I/O replication: Why it's so important to virtual DR

    Click inside to learn how backup and DR tools are changing and arm yourself with the right information to choose the best possible DR system. Then, learn about a system that continuously replicates I/O as it is created, delivering RPOs of seconds to provide enterprise-class DR capabilities for your cloud storage.


  • Ransomware protection: The 3-2-1 strategy

    In this white paper, learn about the 3-2-1 principle of backup, as well as a system which is built around this strategy to deliver comprehensive ransomware protection by providing tight integration with industry leading storage vendors, WAN acceleration and encryption, and more.


  • 3 keys to evaluating converged data protection platforms

    This handbook from the experts at offers a bird's eye view of the converged data protection market today. Download now to view 3 considerations for evaluating platforms, the challenges and benefits associated with converged data protection in the cloud, and more.


  • Why ransomware protection for endpoints and SaaS is critical

    Backup and data protection from ransomware isn't just limited to internal systems, SaaS programs and endpoints need to be secured too. Read on to help gain a better understanding of the risk ransomware poses, as well as discover a holistic backup system that can keep your data safe.


  • 6 tips to win the ransomware war

    If you're ready to protect your data from the increasing risk of ransomware, consider these 6 tips.


  • Data backup for DBAs: Your guide to effective recovery is here

    DBAs are usually concerned with backing up their databases, but they should spend more time focusing on database recovery as part of the backup process. Read this expert guide to learn how to cover all your DB recovery bases and how to back up data more efficiently.


  • Backup vs. DR: What's the difference?

    Inside, explore the differences between backup and DR, and find some key questions to ask your vendors to ensure you're getting the protection you deserve. Then, delve into the partnership between Veeam's data protection suite and the iland cloud.


  • A smaller storage footprint: How this virtual backup system did it

    In this case study, learn why Nasdaq turned to this virtual data backup system which granted them ease of use, a reduction in their storage footprint, and more.


  • Solving today's top 3 availability challenges of virtualized environments

    This white paper discusses the challenges of meeting the availability, recoverability and performance requirements of highly virtualized environments. In addition, learn a new innovative approach that can dramatically improve backup and recovery times while maintaining virtual machine performance.


  • 7 strategies to optimize backup reliability with Jenkins

    Click inside and learn 7 tips to optimizing open source continuous integration software Jenkins to help provision, monitor, and optimize your backup systems


  • Expert eBook: Understanding deduplication

    Explore this expert eBook to gain a better understanding of the key features you'll need to consider when evaluating a deduplicating backup disk system.


  • Keeping up with flash: Why data protection requires more than backup

    This white paper looks at some of the operating realities of data protection in an era of flash storage. Uncover some helpful ideas on how IT organizations can evolve their data protection strategies to align with flash's many benefits.


  • 5 ways this software can boost your OpenStack investment

    This tip sheet outlines the top 5 reasons for considering Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack as the enabling software-defined storage solution for an OpenStack environment.


  • E-Guide: Backup and dedupe trends and use cases

    This E-Guide provides insight into the new ways that organizations are dealing with data proliferation and the technology advancements that have prompted interest in them.


  • Before adopting cloud backup, ask these 5 questions of providers

    Read on to learn what you can do to make cloud backups even more secure, by employing the Triple Data Encryption Standard, tightening access control, and more. Then, discover the 5 questions you need to ask providers before backing up your data to the cloud.


  • Your 3 step guide to Salesforce backup

    Read on to learn 3 steps to protecting your Salesforce data and help you to restore data from any point in time, allow for cross-organizational restores, and more.


  • The 5 C's of data protection: How to evolve your strategy

    The constantly evolving IT landscape means that backup is no longer enough for many organizations. Data availability and data management are rapidly evolving areas in the spectrum of data protection. Learn the five C's of data protection and why you'll likely need disk, cloud and tape to meet the goals of your enterprise data protection strategy.


  • 5 harmful myths about cloud DR

    This white paper debunks the 5 myths about cloud backup and DR that are keeping people from adopting these services and saving money. Click inside to learn the problem with falling prey to believing that cloud backup costs too much, cloud backup performance will fall short, and more.


  • 300MB per second transfer rates: just one benefit of hybrid backup

    In this ESG research report, explore the 4 distinct hybridizations of backup technology. Then, explore a vendor who's portfolio encompasses the entire range of these architectures.


  • Ransomware recovery: 4 success stories to learn from

    In this expert guide, learn how to verify the integrity of your backups in order to thwart, and recover from, potential ransomware attacks. Inside, our writers provide 4 case studies of organizations that were hit then executed a successful ransomware recovery, as well as vendors fighting on the front line of the outbreak.


  • E-Guide: Designing a redundant backup solution

    Access this expert E-Guide to learn about designing a redundant backup solution and transitioning from tape to a disk backup appliance. Read on to explore the evolving case for disk-based backup.


  • 9 must-ask questions for your backup vendor

    Today's IT environments are more complex than ever, and it is critical you understand your backup vendor's offering before making a purchasing decision. Inside, discover 9 questions to ask before buying.


  • Not all clouds are created equal: Discover the cloud-based BDR solution that works for you

    This white paper provides information on how to best evaluate your cloud-based BDR options and find the best solutions for your enterprise.


  • Backup 101: Data protection and disaster recovery made easy

    This e-book provides a comprehensive guide for putting data protection and disaster recovery systems in place for use cases ranging from simple file recovery to the most complex systems. Read on to learn how to manage your enterprise's data with ten tips for easier backup and recovery.


  • What can we learn about backup from the manufacturing industry?

    In this article, learn even more about the importance of providing uninterrupted service in the manufacturing industry, as well as 3 steps they use to keep their services online that you can put to work in your own organization.


  • What can we learn about business continuity from higher education?

    This white paper explores how the digital transformation of higher education began, and where it's headed in the future. Then, read on to find 3 steps to take that are necessary to ensure business continuity in not only higher education, but any organization's digital transformation journey.


  • Assure data recovery with transformative, unified backup

    There is a lot more than meets the eye, and it is important to understand the definition of backup appliances. The traditional taxonomy of data protection appliances covers two primary categories: Backup Appliances and Deduplication Appliances. Let's explore this taxonomy and market dynamics.


  • Don't be duped by dedupe - Modern Data Deduplication with Arcserve UDP

    This white paper discusses technology advances that can combat the exponential growth of virtual machines and data, such as data deduplication. Read on to learn how data deduplication can help simplify and improve your enterprise's backup infrastructure.


  • 3 keys to high availability in virtualized environments

    In this white paper, read about how the definition of "business continuity" has evolved not only in financial services, but across both the public and private sectors. Then learn the 3 steps that any business needs to take in order to ensure the uptime today's customers expect.


  • 3 Critical steps to retail business continuity

    IT availability and business continuity are an absolute must for anyone looking to survive in e-commerce. In this white paper, explore the three steps to meeting key objectives like inventory management, point of sale, merchandising, loss prevention and back-office finance, and the diverse shopping and purchasing needs of consumers.


  • 3 critical steps to establishing reliable backup and continuity

    By downloading this custom paper from the team at, you'll learn the three most critical steps to establishing reliable business continuity and availability in your enterprise. Read on to see these steps, which include how to achieve RTOs and RPOs of less than 15 minutes for all apps and data, and more.


  • 3 keys to providing high availability in the virtualized world

    Digitization of IT has made providing high availability more difficult than ever for gas and oil companies. In this white paper, read about how the definition of "business continuity" has changed, and then learn the 3 steps that any business needs to take in order to ensure the uptime today's customers expect.


  • How to Secure Your Microsoft Office 365 Environment

    Is your Office 365 environment leaving you exposed to accidental deletion, corruption, or theft of your data? Discover how you can safeguard your environment with Cloud Control, a comprehensive data protection solution that uses AWS cloud as your backup storage target.


  • Disaster Recovery E-Brief

    Featuring a detailed list of everything you need to establish an effective DR strategy, this resource featuring expert Paul Kirvan has all of the information you need to get started developing and managing a successful DR plan. Read on for today's best practices and newest DR strategies.