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The Unofficial Official VCAPS5-DCA Study Guide

If you’re wondering what the best way to implement and manage a complex storage solution is, look no further than this study guide. This guide not only contains best practices for vSphere, but it has helpful implementation information about RAID, virtual disk format types, VMware storage and countless other products.

Take a look at this extensive study guide to find the answers to any questions you may have about these IT technologies. 

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  • SearchStorageUK Essential Guide to Backup

    Every IT shop – no matter its size or infrastructure environment -- has to have procedures for handling data storage backup chores. In recent years, new solutions have emerged for handling backup work, with special attention to virtual machine and mobile device backup, and backup appliances gaining in importance.

    In this Essential Guide to Backup, find out about the newest options for data protection, with assessments of enterprise and midrange products, backup appliance choices, and products that handle virtual machine backup and laptop backup.

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  • Better Backup for Big Data

    Big Data is an exciting prospect for organizations today, but managing exploding data growth within shrinking backup windows and growing compliance requirements presents quite a challenge. Traditional approaches to backup can’t keep up with increasing demands for protection.

    This white paper provides a solution overview for a modern approach that delivers better backup for Big Data with:

    • Comprehensive database support
    • Protection for data warehouse appliances
    • The ability to tackle Hadoop and Big Data analytics
    • And more

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  • How to Backup and Restore Oracle Database with IBM Storage

    This guide deciphers the backup and restore process for native Oracle database solutions in an IBM AIX operating-system environment. Read on to see how a software system is capable of creating point-in-time copies of databases and will greatly simplify management.


  • When in Doubt, Backup: Protecting Mission-Critical Data

    This in-depth resource shines light on a continuous, multi-destination system to back up mission-critical data whenever and wherever it is created.


  • Consolidated Management: Resolve, Report and Prevent Backup Failures

    This short white paper provides insight into tips for effective prevention, reporting and resolution of backup failures.


  • Rethinking Backup and Recovery in the Modern Data Center

    This white paper addresses why a new backup and recovery approach must touch 4 key elements – prioritization, prediction, recommendation, and automation – to achieve maximum resource efficiency. Read on to discover 3 important qualities your new backup and recovery approach must have to manage today's changing environments and big data challenges.


  • Why StoreOnce Federated Deduplication Matters to HP (ESG)

    This whitepaper examines the role of deduplication within the enterprise and the capabilities modern deduplication technologies can provide when it comes to streamlining data backup and restore operations.


  • Why StoreOnce Federated Deduplication Matters to HP—and Should to You, Too

    Deduplication is no longer considered as simply being part of "smarter storage," but can instead be seen throughout the data protection process. In this white paper, learn about the many benefits of deploying an overall data protection system, and find out why it's worth to adopt deduplication fully within your data protection strategy.


  • Backup and Recovery Best Practices with Tintri Vmstore

    Access this white paper to learn about 2 high-level approaches to data protection that are built to handle modern demands. You'll also learn about a new approach that allows backup software to perform off-host backups of VMs and more. Read on to get key recommendations for modern data protection.


  • Day in the Life of a Storage Administrator

    Access this white paper to learn what a difference the right storage and backup solution can make for a storage administrator.


  • Tape makes a comeback (but was it ever gone?)

    Despite the rumors, tape remains a viable economic part of the data storage hierarchy due to its lower cost per GB, decreased operating expenses and reduced energy costs. Check out this E-Guide to hear storage guru Rich Castagna’s take on tape and what role it can play in your data center today.


  • Best Practices for Backup and Recovery

    VDP Advanced is a really efficient and effective backup solution on a Tintri VMstore. The in-line deduplication and compression technology of VDP for backups provides additional storage savings.


  • Big Data Demands Big Changes to Legacy Backup Licensing

    Read this white paper to find out how an increase in data and a decrease in IT budgets are affecting data backup strategies.


  • Best Practices: Backup and Recovery

    Veeam Backup and Replication solution is designed for virtual machine DR. Tintri VMstores are designed from the ground-up for virtualization. These two solutions complement each other in terms of protecting a virtual data center.


  • Making The Business Value Case for Tape Technology

    This interactive eBook explores best practices for data management and dives into two questions answering, how are current data management programs preforming relative to best practices? And what are the implications for backup and recovery practices moving forward?


  • VM Data Protection Locally and Remotely

    Tintri VMstores with CommVault Simpana software solution is a strong combination for providing data protection of virtual machines locally and remotely. CommVault Simpana deduplication solution is very efficient and only stores unique changed block for backups. Tintri VMstores are designed, from the ground up, for hosting virtual machines.


  • Ten Common Reasons For VM Restore Failure

    In this expert e-guide, learn ten common causes of VM restore failures such as corrupt backup and why these problems occur as well as potential ways to amend them.


  • Evaluator Group - Scale Performance Consistently, Even as Capacity Increases

    This whitepaper gives you an overview of the HP StoreAll system, a high-end, scale-out system designed to help you scale to 16PB across multiple nodes and support up to 4 trillion objects.


  • Hyper-V Backup and Storage Best Practices

    Check out this highly informative white paper to uncover a complete list of Hyper-V backup best practices – so you can rest easy knowing your virtual infrastructure is safe.


  • Modern backup alternatives

    This E-Guide talks about the need for new backup processes caused by rapidly expanding data and gives alternatives to the processes many organizations currently have in place.


  • Make storage stress-free

    Learn more about how you can resolve your storage challenges without increasing your budget or creating steep learning curves. Identify your key limitations by consulting this resource and learning where you can improve.


  • Encryption Strategies: Decoded

    Find out exactly how and why in this white paper. Discover best practices for determining what data is most important and should be encrypted, learn exactly how encryption works and receive a checklist of three critical aspects of any encryption plan. Read on to learn more.


  • Backup Software: Nine Must-Ask Questions

    Check out this white paper for 9 key questions to ask when shopping for backup software solutions. Learn how to accurately define your needs and expectations, and know what to look for to determine if a particular solution will meet them or not. Read on to learn more.


  • Meeting the new data needs of today’s changing financial institutions

    This white paper describes an approach to data storage and protection that addresses the growing storage management challenges in the banking industry – including those introduced by big data.


  • SEGA Europe Ltd. Wins Control of VM Backup and Management with Veeam

    Check out this case study to learn how video game giant Sega overcame their storage challenges by implementing Veeam storage


  • Business Continuity Built from the Ground Up Meet the Next Generation of Datto

    This white paper explores the benefits of a new suite of business continuity solutions that can be marketed by MSPs and VARs to deliver value to customers that is beyond that of traditional backup.


  • 10 reasons to upgrade to Symantec Backup Exec™ 2014 today!

    This white paper lists the top 10 reasons to upgrade a backup and recovery solution and leverage next-level protection for environments that are either physical, virtual, or a combination of both.


  • How to Secure Content Outside the Data Center

    This white paper examines the pain points that organizations face when it comes to securing content outside of the data center. It also explores a hybrid clout solution built to deliver the requisite capabilities and experience without sacrificing security.


  • E-Guide: 14 TLC Tips for Your Tape Storage

    If tape is in fact not dead, and going to be around for a long time, you should learn how to make this technology work better in your IT environment. This E-Guide from outlines common tape backup errors and gives tips on how to get the most out of this backup method. Read on to learn more.


  • ESG ‘Multiple Data Protection Solutions’ Does Not Have to Mean ‘Multiple Vendors’

    This whitepaper examines what is required to maintain reliable business continuity in today's always-on IT environments and explains how to design a cohesive data protection strategy based on a "data protection spectrum".


  • The HP Solution to Backup Complexity and Scale

    This report discusses a key vendor that is significantly changing the BURA (Backup, Recovery, and Archiving) marketplace. Read on to find out why this complete BURA solution can be more flexibly deployed to meet backup challenges than any other solution in the market today.


  • Disaster Recovery E-Brief

    Featuring a detailed list of everything you need to establish an effective DR strategy, this resource featuring expert Paul Kirvan has all of the information you need to get started developing and managing a successful DR plan. Read on for today's best practices and newest DR strategies.


  • Disaster Recovery Plans Should Affect More Than Just IT

    Take a look at this expert e-guide to find out about the many disaster recovery options available, and how they would fit into your company's environment.


  • Transform Backup and Recovery - HP StoreOnce and HP Data Protector

    This whitepaper will help you learn more about a data protection strategy that can help you anticipate and proactively address recovery issues while improving infrastructure utilization with predictive analytics.


  • HP Storeonce Boldly Goes Where No Deduplication Has Gone Before

    This paper discusses the challenges of data protection in the face of huge data growth, why dedupe is critical to meeting challenges, how a leading vendor is achieving its vision of federated dedupe – and what this technology means to backup service providers, enterprise ROBO, and SMB customers.