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The Benefits of Software-Defined Storage

Enterprise IT infrastructure is constantly changing and businesses have to adapt quickly to stay competitive. Software-defined storage (SDS) allows IT organizations to be scalable and flexible, as well as cost-effective by using a lean enterprise approach.

This white paper highlights an SDS platform that provides end-to-end solutions that fully meet performance, availability, support, and scalability needs.  Read on to learn how to:

  • Gain greater autonomy and flexibility
  • Reap economic benefits
  • Mix and match multigenerational hardware platforms and workloads

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  • Software-Defined Storage — Enabling the Next-Generation Enterprise IT Infrastructure

    Enterprise IT infrastructure is constantly changing and businesses have to adapt quickly to stay competitive. Software-defined storage (SDS) allows IT organizations to mix and match multigenerational hardware platforms and workloads as well as decouple hardware and software refresh cycles for increased return on investment (ROI) of storage infrastructure.

    This white paper highlights an SDS platform that provides end-to-end solutions that fully meet performance, availability, support, and scalability needs.

  • Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solution, 2014–2015

    A common issue faced by organizations still working within a legacy IT environment is that their backup systems are simply not designed to handle the demands of virtualization and cloud computing. And as virtual x86 adoption continues to grow, this issue becomes increasingly important to address.

    This report provides a side-by-side comparison of leading enterprise backup and recovery solutions, looking at the ability to deliver a holistic backup and recovery strategy within a virtualized environment. The results consider the significance of all three aspects of a backup and recovery strategy: how the technology is deployed, used, and controlled. Read on to learn more.

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