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Symantec Backup Exec™ 11d for Windows Servers

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Polk Audio Chooses ExaGrid over Data Domain for Faster Backups and Restores

Polk Audio, a manufacturer of audio products, thought installing an enterprise-class tape drive would help them keep up with growing amounts of data. Unfortunately, they were still spending too much time changing tapes and troubleshooting backup jobs. They needed a solution that was faster, fail-safe and easier to manage.

This informative paper explores how Polk Audio easily and affordably implemented a disk backup solution to achieve faster backups and restores. Read on to learn about the benefits they now enjoy, including:

  • Weekly full backup window reduced from over 30 hours to 6.5
  • Scalability that provides investment protection and prevents obsolescence
  • System flexibility
  • And more!


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  • 10 reasons to upgrade to Symantec Backup Exec™ 2014 today!

    Today’s organizations are facing an increasingly complex backup and restore dilemma. Whether it’s virtual, physical or a combination of both, you need to find a way to remedy this complexity by delivering a backup and recovery solution built for modern demands that delivers more reliable backups, fast recoveries, and reduced costs.

    So where do you turn for optimized backup and recovery?

    Access this white paper to learn the top 10 reasons to upgrade your backup and recovery solution and leverage next-level protection for your environment. You’ll learn how you can:

    • Store less with efficient deduplication and built-in archiving
    • Deliver backup to virtually any storage device
    • Support the latest platforms and operating systems
    • And more!

  • Symantec Implements Holistic Changes to Backup Exec 2014

    ESG research on IT spending priorities for 2014 showed that information security is tied as the most-mentioned priority by respondents.  Improving backup and recovery was the third most-often mentioned priority and regulatory compliance initiatives appeared in the top ten priority list.

    This ESG resource examines a powerful, flexible, and easy to use backup solution. Read to learn about this solution’s benefits, including:

    • Virtualization-friendly backup and recovery
    • Archival features
    • Deduplication anywhere
    • And more.

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