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Intel® Itanium® Processor 9100 Series

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Computer Weekly – 14 June 2016: The password's the problem – lessons from the LinkedIn breach

In this week’s Computer Weekly, after millions of LinkedIn users had their data compromised, we look at the lesson to be learned from this latest data breach incident. Our buyer’s guide looks at NoSQL technologies and compares the offerings from database leaders Microsoft and Oracle. And we examine the benefits of cloud-based data analytics and how to make it work for your organisation. Read the issue now.

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  • All-flash storage playbook: 5 things to consider

    Flash storage systems have only recently started to gain widespread adoption—mostly because costs have stated to become competitive with traditional HDD tier-one applications. IT departments that once considered flash unaffordable—even a few months ago—now feel like they can’t afford to not use flash in some capacity.  

    So if you’re in the market and are ready to add flash to your storage infrastructure, the following white paper will provide you with five key things to consider when weighing your options. View now and ensure your flash journey starts out right. 

  • HP-UX to Linux: Is it worth the effort?

    Lots of organizations are moving away from proprietary platforms like HP-UX towards a more standardized IT structure in order to increase agility, improve productivity, and reduce costs. Linux provides one of the best ways to deploy on the widest ecosystem of hardware, from small x86 blades to mainframes.

    This white paper explains more about the reasons to migrate to Linux, including increasing hardware choices and moving commodity platforms, as well as why Red Hat Enterprise Linux could be exactly the platform you need. Read on to discover more.

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