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3 Businesses Share Why They Chose Citrix XenDesktop Over VMWare View

The increasing movement towards desktop virtualization has many organizations deciding whether to use Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon View to mobilize their Windows apps and desktops.
So what are actual customers saying in the XenDesktop vs. VMware debate?

This whitepaper examines 3 businesses who have decided to weigh in with their opinions on the two solutions. See what they have to say about XenDesktop and VMware when it comes to:

  • Providing fast, secure access for users
  • Enabling telework and mobility
  • Simplifying IT
  • And more.

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  • Three Businesses Share Why They Chose Citrix XenDesktop Over VMware

    Whether you are looking to deliver Windows apps and desktops to mobile users, reduce costs and management through desktop virtualization, or secure intellectual property, Citrix’s XenDesktop promises to meet all your needs from a single, easy to deploy platform.

    Do they really deliver? Find out in this whitepaper, where 3 businesses explain why they chose XenDesktop of VMware View. Read on to learn more.

  • A complete overview of VMware Horizon

    Extending virtualization from data centers to devices allows for a great user experience, central management, and hybrid-cloud flexibility. However, choosing how to deliver these services can be a challenge for organizations.

    Is VMware Horizon 6 or VMware Horizon DaaS the right choice for your company?

    This white paper explores answers to frequently asked questions about VMware’s Horizon 6 and Horizon DaaS to help you determine which one – if any – is right for your company. Learn what features each platform offers and how they can help support anytime/anywhere workspaces. 

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