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The flexibility at the heart of UC

No sector of IT has been more victimized by the intermingling of hardware and vendors than communications. As a result, it’s no surprise that many organizations are seeking to move towards software based solutions that promise to remove complications and improve flexibility.

This white paper discusses how flexibility is critical to unified communications (UC) in any enterprise. By replacing traditional voice communications with a cloud based alternative, you gain scalability and access to future technological advancements.

Access now to see the details of how flexibility will impact UC going forward, and how to recognize good tools when you see them.

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  • DaaS: Combining the power of VDI and cloud

    Because traditional physical desktop infrastructures no longer make sense in the modern world of business, organizations are turning to virtual desktop environments to meet their needs. But the on-premise nature of VDI requires corporate-owned data center resources – resources that a growing number of companies can’t afford or don’t want to expand.

    This white paper explores reasons for changing traditional desktop computing strategies and why cloud-hosted virtual desktops are a compelling alternative to classic on-premise VDI. Access now and you’ll learn the use cases for cloud-hosted desktops.

  • Rethinking your PC Refresh Strategy

    With XenDesktop from Citirx, your business becomes borderless with the ability to give your employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs. How? With industry-leading XenApp built in, XenDesktop can deliver full desktops or just apps to any device. Benefits include the ability to:

    • Boost productivity with anywhere access
    • Safeguard your work, apps with strong virtual desktop security
    • Achieve cost-efficient and effortless app and desktop management
    • Delight users with an easy-to-use interface for seamless virtual desktop access
    • And more.

    But before this starts to sound like a flat-out product pitch, click through to today’s featured resource and you’ll be able to download a complimentary trial of XenDesktop to see for yourself exactly how it works.

    Plus, there’s an online calculator that lets you choose your PC alternative (low-cost thin clients, mobile/tablet, repurpose existing PC) and then select from app and desktop virtualization options (server-based apps and desktops, pooled VDI desktop, personal VDI desktop) and with a single click, you’ll see savings that are sure to surprise.

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  • Go beyond thin clients for VDI with PCs and mobile devices

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  • The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 10: What is a desktop?

    The tenth chapter in Brian Madden's, "The New VDI Reality" e-book, looks at what the perception of a desktop is, and then dives into the true definition of a desktop as it relates to technology today.


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  • Mobile, Social CRM reshape engagement strategies

    This expert e-book looks at modern changes in customer experience management. Access to explore mobile and social CRM's increasingly dominant and multidimensional role in customer engagement, as well as ways to transform customer data from disparate digital sources into more personalized messaging.


  • University updates aging infrastructure with thin clients

    Many of today's schools are finding themselves faced with the challenge of replacing outdated computing hardware and devices. Access this case study to find out what happened when one Canadian university decided to replace 1,600 aging desktops with Dell Wyse thin clients.


  • Best practices for PC-to-thin-client conversion

    Access this expert e-guide to discover PC-to-thin-client conversion best practices, and how to avoid so-called "quick and easy" solutions that leave old PCs behind and avoid problems down the road. You'll also learn why repurposing PCs is only an interim measure, and how to design thin clients from the start.


  • PC-to-thin client conversion best practices

    In this e-guide, discover PC to thin client conversion best practices and how to avoid quick and easy solutions that leave behind old PCs and create problems down the road. Access now to learn why repurposing PCs is only an interim measure, and how to design thin clients from the start with no other purpose.


  • Automate your network with SDN

    This paper reviews the state of SDN today, including key factors in its evolution. It also reviews the development of standards such as OpenFlow and the more recent OpFlex open policy protocol that complements it.


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  • Desktop virtualization: Streamline deployment without extra costs

    Access this expert e-guide to learn how to assess your IT infrastructure to ensure a fast and cost-effective desktop virtualization process.


  • Improve productivity and save costs with VDI

    Find out how VMware provides a complete VDI strategy that delivers a full range of both IT and business advantages. Access now to learn these benefits.


  • Don't let complexities or high costs get in the way of protecting your information

    Follow the U.S. Federal Government as they deploy cloud and virtualization technology into their IT environment without sacrificing security and compliance. Realize the results they achieved and how your organization could similarly benefit from an advanced virtualization and cloud solution.


  • How VDI's shift to a centralized architecture impacts IT

    This white paper describes the experiences of three companies who fortified security, reduced costs, simplified IT and met their business objectives.


  • Survey reveals desktop virtualization top drivers

    IT admins usually list several reasons why they use desktop and app virtualization, but one thing they can almost all agree on is that these technologies simplify management. This e-guide highlights TechTarget's 2015 Desktop Virtualization Survey detailing the top drivers of desktop and app virtualization.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to desktop computing 2020

    Tablets, smartphones, cloud computing and applications delivered as a service offer compelling new ways to work. In this 11-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how this way of working is likely to evolve further over the next five years and how it will affect users and IT departments alike.


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