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3 businesses reveal why they chose Citrix XenDesktop

The increasing movement towards desktop virtualization has many organizations deciding whether to use Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon View to mobilize their Windows apps and desktops.
So what are actual customers saying in the XenDesktop vs. VMware debate?

This white paper examines 3 businesses who have decided to weigh in with their opinions on the two solutions. See what they have to say about XenDesktop and VMware when it comes to:

  • Providing fast, secure access for users
  • Enabling telework and mobility
  • Simplifying IT
  • And more

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  • Step-by-step guide to a virtual desktop deployment

    After comparing desktop and application delivery platforms, you’ve selected XenDesktop 7.6. But how well is it going to work within your organization and what do you have to do to successfully implement it?

    This guide takes you through a step-by-step process of installing and configuring the XenDesktop 7.6 for a trial evaluation and guides you through a deployment scenario to help you better understand how the application and desktop delivery capabilities work. Also, evaluate the most common use cases for XenDesktop including VDI desktops, hosted shared desktops, and hosted shared apps.

    Download now to discover notable new features in this latest release and the infrastructure components that make up the XenDesktop 7.6.

  • The top reasons to deploy virtual desktops now

    Developing a virtual desktop environment is not an easy feat, but there are many reasons why it’s worth the effort.

    This e-guide from details the top four reasons to deploy virtual desktops, including lower desktop support costs and application security improvements. Plus, gain expert insight from Brian Madden to learn how to sell desktop virtualization to traditional desktop admins.

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  • Desktop Administrator's Guide to BYOD - Pros and Cons of BYOD

    BYOD and BYOPC can reduce costs, increase flexibility, and help keep your users happy. But to maximize the benefits and minimize the risk, it is essential to put the right policies in place. Read this E-Book to uncover the promises and pitfalls of these trends and how you can embrace them in your enterprise.


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  • Key benefits UC and collaboration bring to the modern workplace

    This exclusive white paper provides an outline for the benefits and considerations of balancing the transition of voice collaboration to the cloud. Continue reading to understand the key benefits UC and collaboration can bring to the modern workplace.


  • NVIDIA GRID vGPU Deployment Guide for VMware Horizon 6.2

    New products solve the most challenging use cases for virtual desktops. Use this deployment guide to get started.


  • Complete deployment guide for NVIDIA GRID vGPU for VMware Horizon

    Inside this step-by-step deployment guide, learn how to set up VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID vGPU to deliver advanced, graphics-rich applications to virtual desktops. Download now to learn basic installation processes and how to set up your environment for success with complex graphics-rich applications.


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    This white paper examines how the BlackBerry® platform aims to resolve the security issues inherent in accessing sensitive enterprise data on consumer devices.


  • Desktops as a Service: Everything You Need to Know About DaaS & Hosted VDI Chapter 2: The Promise and Reality of VDI

    This chapter, The Promise and Reality of VDI, from Brian Madden's expert DaaS e-book, takes a look at the technology behind VDI, where VDI works and where it doesn't, and how to be successful with it.


  • Why adopt desktop virtualization?

    This report examines what drives the growing adoption of desktop virtualization and how desktop virtualization improves application delivery.


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  • Texas school ditches PC refresh with converged infrastructure

    This white paper explains how the Tyler Independent School District in Texas was able to use the Vblock converged infrastructure system to use existing computers as thin clients and enable centralized administration of the districts' infrastructure.


  • 15 vendor promises of VDI – but are they true?

    This e-book chapter digs into the reality of VDI, including where it works, where it doesn't, and some of the challenges it faces along with how people are using VDI in the real world (including scenarios where people are not using VDI).


  • Guide to a complete desktop virtualization solution software

    This informative brochure examines a complete desktop virtualization solution software and highlights specific features that address security and mobility.


  • Expert Tips on Getting Mobile Securely with Virtual Desktops

    In this expert eguide from, find out why it is essential to secure all workers’ mobile devices.


  • Applied Desktop Virtualisation

    This analyst report from Freeform Dynamics gives helpful advice for companies embarking on Desktop Virtualisation projects.


  • Brian Madden on VDI storage

    This IT handbook, written by desktop virtualization expert Brian Madden, explores how to successfully manage storage for virtual desktop infrastructures using tools like solid state disk.


  • What does the future desktop look like?

    The final chapter of Brian Madden's e-book The New VDI Reality, discusses what the future of the desktop will look like from different perspectives of what "the desktop" is.


  • Buyer's guide: Virtual desktops in the enterprise

    This Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to virtual desktops gives you the key facts on thin clients, the economics of cloud, and Citrix.


  • VDI project management

    Storage provisioning, architecture and capacity are three major factors a storage admin needs to consider when implementing a VDI environment.


  • Desktop as a service: Reshaping virtual desktops with cloud

    Cloud-based services such NaviSite's Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) deliver the advantages of virtual desktops, without the underlying cost and complexity of managing the infrastructure. Take advantage of this NaviSite whitepaper and discover the role that DaaS can play in adapting your desktop PC infrastructures to the new world of IT.


  • Vendor comparison: Top UC technologies of 2015

    This white paper serves a guide in selecting the right unified communications technologies for your business, and outlines several conference room-ready sound stations and telephones to fit your organization.


  • School district renews old PCs, saves millions

    Access this case study to learn how cloud-client computing provided a school district with an affordable and manageable way to deliver updated PC capabilities.


  • Gartner CIO briefing: The future of client computing

    The desktop PC has had a prominent position within organisations for over 20 years,firmly establishing it as a de facto device choice for most users. But over the past fiveyears, some key trends associated with the desktop device - and its use withinorganisations - have begun to reshape the landscape.


  • Making your data center app-ready

    Discover integrated strategies that transform the existing data center infrastructure to operationalize your network while maintaining high availability and predictable performance for existing applications.


  • Best Practices for Managing and Understanding Mobile Authentication

    In this expert guide, you’ll learn some common mistakes made by today’s organizations when it comes to identity and access management (IAM) on mobile devices. You’ll also find tips for managing mobile authentication methods and setting mobile policies.


  • IT Handbook: Network Considerations for VDI

    This expert handbook provides essential insight into network infrastructure preparations for transitioning to a virtual desktop infrastructure. Discover additional information in the areas of network resilience and redundancy, bandwidth considerations, and network services and security.


  • Management and storage considerations for VDI

    This e-book takes a look at two topics that are important for organizations that are implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure—management and storage.


  • Open the Door to Windows 10

    In this guide, learn about the features and benefits of Windows 10 -- such as an improved user interface -- that could persuade users, IT managers and administrators to adopt.


  • BYOPC Strategy: Policies and Problem Solving

    Creating a bring your own PC (BYOPC) policy before implementation is crucial to the success of the initiative. In this E-Guide from, get help creating a policy that fulfills your employees' and your organizations' needs alike.


  • Deep dive: VMware for VDI deployment

    This paper explores machine creation & provisioning technologies in Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 deployed on Tintri VM-aware storage. The target audience includes IT admins, architects, and other technical roles that already have some experience with XenDesktop, vSphere and storage.


  • 26 points to consider before choosing a server-hosted VDI solution

    This report details the findings of a 26-criteria evaluation of server hosted virtual desktop vendors. Discover how vendors rank against each criteria and where they stand in relation to each other. Select the right partner for your server-hosted virtual desktops. Download now make your choice.


  • Gain insight into the current VDI vendor market

    This report assesses the state of the VDI vendor market and provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the top seven vendors. Read on to find out how these vendors stack up against each other. Additionally, explore notable characteristics of VDI systems and examine innovations that VDI vendors are focusing on.


  • 4 customers who never have to refresh their PCs again

    This whitepaper introduces you to four organizations that never have to refresh their PCs again, and can now ensure a fully up-to-date experience for employees on any type of endpoint – including low-cost thin clients.


  • Updating Your Corporate BYOD Program for Success

    This E-Guide from explores the issues that bring your own device (BYOD) programs solve and key considerations to ensure the success of your BYOD program.


  • How falling desktop virtualization costs are affecting value

    This informative paper discusses the ins-and-outs of desktop virtualization, examining why it's become such an integral part of so many organizations.