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Log Monitoring & analysis: Evaluate your options

When employees use IT systems for personal documents or communications, data protection and governance becomes a bit more complex.

Log management can be used to bolster information security and improve incident response without infringing on user privacy, but there are a plethora of options available – both free and paid.

In this expert e-guide, security pros evaluate options for log file monitoring and analysis tools based alerts and reporting features, and discuss why set-up and configuration determines success or failure.

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  • Today's threat landscape: 20 ways to stay in control

    In a threat landscape that evolves rapidly and unpredictably, you need to protect your entire IT environment against both external and internal attacks. Threats and risks arrive from many angles, requiring access to a broad range of defensive methods.

    Many organizations are now adopting the Top 20 Critical Security Controls, developed by the SANS Institute to help prioritize the most effective methods and policies to safeguard assets, information, and infrastructure.

    To facilitate a "best practices" approach to securing your networks, learn how one security intelligence platform maps directly to each of the Top 20 Critical Security Controls.

  • E-Guide: Bringing Value to Application Monitoring Through SIM

    Security information and management systems (SIMs) can offer significant benefits to your organization beyond network monitoring; the SIM can also be used to identify stealthy threats in the application layer.

    This expert e-guide describes the value that SIM brings to both application monitoring and real-time security. Discover the 4 essential steps to integrating applications into SIM by reading on to learn more now.

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  • Security Information Management Systems and Application Monitoring

    Did you know your security information management (SIM) system can shed light on application performance issues? This E-Guide details a four-step process for integrating apps into your SIM. View now to learn more!


  • Study validates security analytics platform's capabilities

    This white paper summarizes a comprehensive validation lab test recently performed by researchers on one security analytics platform.


  • Log management best practices

    Investing in the correct log management tool can ensure that the pressures of maintaining enterprise system log data are greatly decreased. Although the right tool is very helpful, the possibility of it turning into the wrong tool can happen in the blink of an eye if the correct steps are not taken.


  • Technical Guide on SIM: Moving beyond network security toward protecting applications

    SIMs have been widely adopted for their value in correlating, reporting and alerting on network security. But SIMs can be used for more than just network security monitoring. The same tools can also bring value to application managers if used correctly. In this technical guide, gain 4 steps for integrating applications into enterprise SIMs.


  • Case study: Intermedia boosts cloud security threat response

    This case study demonstrates how Intermedia overcame its cloud security challenges and boosted productivity with data-driven analytics and incisive, enterprise-wide intelligence.


  • Improve availability of apps and services at peak traffic times

    Access this case study to see how UCAS was able to deliver continuous service during peak times while improving customer experience, security and more.


  • E-Book: New Enterprise Desktop Chapter 3: Windows 7 Security: Strengths and Weaknesses

    Each new OS is touted as the “Holy Grail” of features that every IT pro has been waiting for. Windows 7 is no different. This chapter looks at the Windows 7 security features such as BitLocker and Action Center, and separates those that really count from those that sound better on paper.


  • 4 security enhancements in Windows 10

    In this white paper, you'll explore how new auditing and logging capabilities in Windows 10 give IT visibility into potential threats. Uncover ways to thwart threat actors by scoping user privileges, logging on with additional credentials, and more.


  • Automation Suite for NERC CIP Compliance

    This white paper describes the capabilities of LogRhythm's automation suite for NERC CIP compliance, which helps organizations improve their overall security and compliance posture while reducing costs.


  • Analyze the lifecycle of advanced persistent threats (APTs)

    In this guide, you will explore in detail the phases of an advanced persistent threats, as well as learn about the lifecycle of APTs and how to prevent them. Download this guide now to learn about the following phases of these attacks: reconnaissance, lateral movement, data exfiltration, and more.


  • Targeted attacks: Preparation and Mitigation

    This expert e-guide explains how you can make an effective business case for targeted attack defense. Also inside, discover what you need to know in order to change user behaviors as part of your risk mitigation strategy.


  • How to detect and respond to advanced threats

    True enterprise security intelligence requires real-time awareness and an understanding of all data traversing the network. The LogRhythm Network Monitor provides both application level awareness and rich network session details, delivering enterprise-wide network visibility. View this datasheet to learn more about this network monitoring tool.


  • 4 effective approaches to securing controls

    In this e-book, you'll learn what security professionals find suitable to support access controls. Discover ways to verify incoming data, execute the requirements needed, and support human activities associated with a control.


  • Expose the identities in your anonymous log data

    This white paper describes how you can combine your machine data with advanced analytics to automatically identify the "who" behind otherwise anonymous data.


  • The Future of Next-Generation SIEM

    This expert E-Guide explores what it means to be an "ideal" security information and event management (SIEM) system and takes a look into a crystal ball to explore five futures SIEMs must conquer to be considered next-gen systems. View now to learn more!


  • LogRhythm's Security Intelligence Platform

    This white paper describes LogRhythm's Security Intelligence Platform, which combines enterprise-class SIEM, Log Management, File Integrity Monitoring, and Machine Analytics with Host and Network Forensics to provide profound visibility into threats and risks to which organizations are otherwise blind.


  • Why a secure file sharing solution is a necessity

    Access this white paper to learn about an enterprise follow-me data solution that enables IT to deliver a robust data sharing and sync service that meets the mobility and collaboration needs of users and the data security requirements of the enterprise.


  • Enforce PCI DSS compliance with automated log data reporting

    This white paper explains how to ensure you meet the 6 standards of PCI compliance with reporting enabled by automatic log data categorization, identification, and normalization. Access this white paper to discover 12 guiding principles for compliance.


  • Meeting the toughest file sharing security standards

    Securing protected health information is a major priority for healthcare organizations and a major challenge since file sharing is such an important aspect of the industry. Learn about a secure file sharing solution that prevents information leaks while increasing productivity and collaboration.


  • Detect, analyze and stop attacks in real-time

    This white paper shows you how you can add real-time threat detection and protection to your secure network.


  • Is your security good enough?

    This in-depth white paper can help you discover the latest security threats and how to stop them.


  • Top monitoring tools that scour your network clean

    Today's threat environment can be murky, and advanced security monitoring is essential. Access this three-part guide and learn the latest means for rooting out the fast-moving malicious actors that are targeting your enterprise's systems.


  • Reduce complexity around Windows app delivery and management

    Learn where to incorporate better levels of control, and how to automate the delivery and operation of Windows applications on premise and in the cloud. Plus, uncover the 5 questions decision-makers in a business need to be asking.


  • How to secure your point-of-sale endpoints

    This guide explores the growing trend of retail-based cybercrime and the importance of securing your point-of-sale endpoints.


  • Windows 2012 Server Network Security

    This book chapter offers an introduction to Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 network security and  IPv6. It includes a 30% discount code for Computer Weekly readers.


  • Effective Ways to Search Log Files

    Security log analysis is essential for effective security and risk management. But with countless logs generated every day, searching log files can be a burdensome headache. In this e-guide, expert John Burke uncovers the best methods for thorough security log analysis with an evolutionary path that mixes old concepts with new ones.


  • Shedding light on DNS security blind spots

    In this white paper, explore the limitations of traditional security log measures such as firewalls, AD, and web proxies and why it's imperative to gain complete visibility over DNS and your network. View now to learn how to eliminate network security blind spots and enable your SIEM to detect masked cybersecurity threats.


  • SIM Technical Guide

    In this Technical Guide on security information and event management (SIEM) systems, we explore the current state of SIEMs in the enterprise today and whether augmentation, cloud service, or rip and repair is your best upgrade option.


  • A 3-step Office 365 security strategy that works

    This playbook provides you with a practical guide for defining, developing, and executing an Office 365 security plan. It includes choosing and optimizing the appropriate solution to mitigate your Office 365 risk while also meeting all of your compliance obligations, be they regulatory requirements or best practice guidelines.


  • E-Guide: Selecting a SIM for midmarket business

    This expert E-Guide discusses the evolvement of SIM tools, differences in deployment processes and top requirements you should consider before making a decision.


  • Step-by-step guide to monitoring VM infrastructure

    Though monitoring and managing your virtual infrastructures can be challenging, the right tools and strategies can help you maintain control over your environment. Access this e-guide to gain key tips and best practices for monitoring applications, physical host servers, hypervisors and more.


  • Case Study: Understanding customer behaviors

    British grocery and general merchandise retailer Tesco wanted to better track and understand customer behaviors on their website They turned to one platform to help them improve customer satisfaction and reduce revenue loss. Learn more now.


  • Introducing LogRhythm v6.2

    This white paper describes LogRhythm vg.2, which offers security professionals a powerful monitoring and auditing platform to keep them informed, and excellent investigatory tool in case things go wrong.


  • The data-centric approach to security

    This white paper explores how you can implement data protection that travels with your data regardless of location or device.


  • Ease into operating system migration

    Operating system (OS) migration is a complex, daunting task. This white paper will act as your guide to a successful migration, exploring the challenges you'll face and a solution that will make the process easier.


  • Essential Enterprise Mobile Security Controls

    How will you defend your organization from the threats posed by mobile devices? This expert E-Guide will help you understand the tools and controls you should be implementing to maintain security and protect sensitive data.


  • Integrated security management: 3 ways to combat hackers

    Access this white paper to learn about an integrated set of tools that provide a holistic view across the ever-expanding attack surface, and apply big data analytics to detect patterns of concerning behavior faster.


  • Swiftly and securely migrate your clients to Windows 10

    Discover why you should integrate migration management into your portfolio of services. You'll also learn all the features included in a migration management service built to smoothly move client along from aging Windows systems all the way to Windows 10.


  • Avoid "Hacking as a Service" from hacking you

    Cybercrime is now a fully functional industry with "Hacking as a Service" being a top product. Services are cheaper and more sophisticated than ever. This e-guide shows you top emerging cyber threats that could be harming your system soon.


  • 5 must haves for file sync and sharing services

    The mobile data access challenge poses both risk and opportunities for IT. This resource highlights an enterprise ready file sync and sharing solution that provides the user experience employees want and the advanced security features required by IT.


  • 7 considerations before leaping to file sharing

    This paper examines seven items to consider when it comes to security and compliance of cloud file sharing services and how you can mitigate the risks with a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution.


  • Discover smarter development without compliance challenges

    Discover how global gaming company Amaya was able to eliminate compliance challenges, gain critical insights in to development and performance, and improve DevOps collaboration with the help of one system.


  • Advanced cyber-security intelligence

    Analysts Bob Tarzey and Clive Longbottom look at the business case for rolling out next security information and event management tools.


  • Windows Server 2012 Security from End to Edge and Beyond

    This extract from the book Windows Server 2012 Security from End to Edge and Beyond shows you how to plan your platform security requirements and gives you the critical questions to ask.


  • Key steps to take to simplify your virtual desktop deployment

    This informative guide outlines how to create a new Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 environment from the start within an existing VMware vSphere 5.1 infrastructure backed by Tintri storage.


  • 5 tasks to simplify and automate privileged account management

    In this white paper, you will discover the top 5 tasks to automate for privileged account management. Access this paper to keep up with the scale and scope of the networks and systems your IT must manage, and learn how to automate SSH key management, compliance reporting, and more.


  • 4 ways integrated financial management helps you grow

    Learn how integrated financial software can enhance business processes and support collaboration in your workplace with 4 main capabilities.