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Enterprise Social Tools Need UC Integration to Thrive

Social networking is becoming more popular in the enterprise. However, for these platforms to be effective, it is crucial to integrate them with your everyday unified communications (UC) tools.

This E-Guide from explores why enterprise social tools need UC to be successful and unveils the tangible benefits such an effort can provide.

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    Meeting room technology problems are a genuine and largely ignored burden on large British organisations - a single IT manager is called upon to solve 447.2 incidents a year per company.

    This research explores the challenges faced by British IT managers in large companies who support teams of presenters in the company’s meeting rooms. It also explores the issues faced by British employees from large companies who get involved in formal presentations as part of a presenting team, either in their own company’s meeting rooms or in those of another company.

  • The Social Collaboration Revolution: Keeping Your Dispersed Enterprise Connected

    As organizations grow more dispersed and employees work on-the-go or remote more often, the need for an effective collaboration solution grows ever stronger.

    This E-Guide from explores the market drivers for unified communications and collaboration in the dispersed workplace and details a technology that has sets its sights on revolutionizing the world of social collaboration.

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