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Get Back to Productive Virtual Meetings

Mobile devices are enabling employees to get work done more productively from any location. This is great for business, but puts a strain on traditional meetings. Virtual meetings are a necessity in the mobile business world, but they are far from perfect.

Access this white paper for a how-to guide to improving your virtual meetings with video technology. Read more to discover how to avoid awkward virtual meeting situations like:

  • Dogs, children or coffee shop background noise
  • Difficulties with joining the web conference
  • Awful camera angles
  • And more



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  • Enterprise Social Tools Need UC Integration to Thrive

    Social networking is becoming more popular in the enterprise. However, for these platforms to be effective, it is crucial to integrate them with your everyday unified communications (UC) tools.

    This E-Guide from explores why enterprise social tools need UC to be successful and unveils the tangible benefits such an effort can provide.

  • The Social Collaboration Revolution: Keeping Your Dispersed Enterprise Connected

    As organizations grow more dispersed and employees work on-the-go or remote more often, the need for an effective collaboration solution grows ever stronger.

    This E-Guide from explores the market drivers for unified communications and collaboration in the dispersed workplace and details a technology that has sets its sights on revolutionizing the world of social collaboration.

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    Meeting room technology problems are a genuine and largely ignored burden on large British organisations - a single IT manager is called upon to solve 447.2 incidents a year per company.


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    Access this guide to learn how the cloud can be implemented in order to build an agile network.


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    Google Apps is a dynamic collaboration platform that enables people to communicate better and be more productive. This eye-opening resource pulls back the curtain to take a look at a panel of experienced IT managers who are responsible for keeping Google Apps running in their organizations.


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    Access this resource to learn about a solution for midmarket enterprises that provides advanced collaboration tools with remote colleagues and partners.


  • Oracle Cobrowsing Competitive One-Pager

    How can you pick the visual sharing software that's right for your organization? In this concise fact sheet, browse through various component and features of popular visual sharing technologies including Oracle's Cobrowse, Salesforce, Kana, WebEx, and more to compare and contrast the specifics of each software.


  • E-Guide: Flash Storage Arrays Take Center Stage

    This e-guide recaps the key takeaways from a recent flash storage panel and offers expert answers to frequently asked questions around reliability. Uncover how flash fits into a cost-effective storage strategy and how it will influence the future of tape, hard drives, and cloud services.


  • Flash Storage 101: Key Insights and Expert Advice

    Learn how to fit flash into a cost-effective storage strategy, and how it affects tape, hard drives and cloud services.


  • What's Missing from Your BYOD Strategy?

    Access this white paper to discover why moving beyond MDM and adopting an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution is the key to properly handling mobility.


  • How to configure Mac OS X Server

    This step by step guide shows you how to configure Max OS X Server.


  • CIO Decisions E-zine: Collaboration and Social Media

    This new edition of CIO Decisions e-zine explores how social collaboration is changing both IT and the enterprise as a whole. And, with the right approach to values, processes, strategies and thinking, IT leaders can leverage social collaboration to better serve business needs.


  • Reviewer's guide: XenDesktop 7.6

    This guide takes you through a step-by-step process of installing and configuring the XenDesktop 7.6 for a trial evaluation and guides you through a deployment scenario to help you better understand how the application and desktop delivery capabilities work.


  • Workday User Experience

    Access the following white paper to uncover how you can enable a stronger and more efficient workforce by implementing the right software UI. Inside, gain a firsthand look at how a simple UI can improve productivity, data accuracy, and more.


  • Maximize Productivity Through Mobile-Optimized Collaboration

    Access this white paper now to learn how you can empower your mobile workers by optimizing mobile collaboration.


  • Powerful Collaboration Tools to Improve Business Processes Throughout Your Organization

    This exclusive white paper examines a UC strategy that takes the sophistication of a large-scale UC strategy and simplifies it for easy management and continuity. Read on to learn more.


  • Video Conferencing Best Practices: Making the Business Case and Key Tips for a Seamless Deployment

    This e-guide discusses key deployment strategies to help unified communications (UC) pros get started. Uncover the physical components of video conferencing systems, interoperability and standards considerations and how organizations should address video management to ensure a solid quality of service (QoS).


  • The Truth About Mobile UC&C: Expert Roadmap

    Despite the emphasis put on mobility in the world of unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), adoption of mobile UC&C clients is still very low. This expert e-guide discusses why, and what could make true solutions more meaningful.


  • Special Report on Cisco

    This special nine-page report from Computer Weekly, updated for 2014, analyses the challenges facing Cisco, its financial performance, the services it offers, its place in the IT market and its future strategy.


  • The Unofficial Official VCAPS5-DCA Study Guide

    Take a look at this extensive study guide to find the answers to any questions you may have about these IT technologies.


  • Make your UC strategy worthwhile

    This exclusive white paper takes an in-depth look at why UC should be a leading process for small and medium businesses. Read on to learn more.


  • Data Center Colocation Addresses Today’s IT Concerns Head On

    In this white paper, learn how colocation can help address the most significant data center challenges.


  • Enterprise Mobility Management E-Book Part 1

    In part 1 of this Enterprise Mobility Management e-book, learn about the 7 universal truths of enterprise mobility right now, and explore how the consumerization of IT enhances EMM.


  • The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 13: Putting it All Together

    The thirteenth chapter of The New VDI Reality e-book, discusses how once you figure out how to deliver the individual apps to users, the next step is to turn it back into a "desktop" by gluing together the common authentication, identity management, apps stores, client devices, user settings, and data sync.


  • Cloud Strategies Of Online Collaboration Software Vendors, Q3 2012

    This informative study from Forrester Research evaluates and analyzes the top eight collaboration service providers. Get the most out of your collaboration solution investment by clicking through to read more now.


  • Kicking Off HR Analytics: A How-To Guide

    This e-guide provides five steps for kicking off HR analytics to meet goals and challenges. Read on to learn why meaningful metrics and narratives are essential when communicating HR analytics data.


  • The Economics of Cloud Computing

    Hard-and-fast formulas just don't jive with the cloud. Determining its worth starts with knowing your business' value drivers—and its constraints.


  • WCM Playbook: Tips for the Web Content Management Pro

    Web content management tips for selecting software, improving Web content delivery to mobile devices and tagging content to generate performance metrics


  • 22 November 2011: Read the latest issue of the UK’s leading technology publication, where we analyse the latest technology news and what it means for IT managers.

    In this week’s Computer Weekly, we talk to the British Library about the enormous storage challenges of digitising its printed archive; we examine the state of the UK IT jobs market and the skills that are most in demand by employers; and we look at case studies of the best virtualisation projects. Download the new issue now.


  • Learn What A Cloud Phone System Can Do For Your Business.

    Access this white paper to discover how RingCentral is changing the cloud phone system game. Don't let your communications system continue to become outdated, upgrade now and start enjoying a solution made for the mobile business world.


  • The Best of RSA: Mobile Security

    To help organizations grapple with the new challenges of IT consumerization and BYOD, the RSA conference held its own session track specifically on mobile device security. Get an inside look into the session and gain key insight into the major issues today including BYOD policies and threats, and uncover new countermeasures and strategies.


  • Get Back to a Personalized Customer Experience.

    Discover how your organization can increase customer satisfaction by aligning your services. Learn how a seamless personalized experience for customers can create loyalty and drive sales.


  • Pulse E-zine: Vol. 3, No. 1

    Ready or not, HIPAA audits are about to strike. The first formal round will hit approximately 400 healthcare providers in 2015. In this issue of Pulse, prepare to survive your first audit, discover where security risks stem from, learn why migration planning is critical for EHR data migrations, and more.


  • Navigating the Cloud for MSPS

    In this E-Guide you will find the synopsis of a MSPAlliance webinar about security risks for your MSP.  Also included is a discussion of five cloud security issues facing MSPs.


  • ESG Lab Review - Data Protection, Recovery and Business Continuity with SIRUS 2

    This report of ESG examines test results for an image-based data protection, recovery and business continuity solution that uses a hybrid cloud approach to enable highly redundant business continuity and to extend data protection beyond the walls of the local data center.


  • Get Back to Sharing Ideas

    Access this resource to see what facts of life you will have to plan for in the workplace going forward in order to facilitate a more seamless work environment.


  • Expert Guide to Implementing Desktop Virtualization

    In this expert pocket e-guide, brought to you by, Dell and Intel, you will discover top strategies for a smooth transition to a virtual desktop environment.


  • The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 8: What are you trying to solve

    The eighth chapter in Brian Madden's, "The New VDI Reality" e-book dives into ways to develop goals for your VDI and desktop virtualization. It also discusses how to identify the problem that you are looking to solve and why exactly companies choose to use desktop virtualization.


  • Creating a SOA Integration Strategy

    This expert e-guide explores the benefits of middleware integration and why they've become so popular for today's IT environments. Also, get an in-depth look at three real-life SOA integration projects and how they succeed in connecting applications and processes.


  • A Roadmap to Simple VMware Backup

    Access this white paper that walks you through an affordable and easy way to backup VMs. Read on to learn about the features of this program, how they work, and their importance.


  • Equipping the "Needs-It-Now" Digital Workforce

    The following white paper explores the importance of being able to deliver a fluid and reliable digital workspace to employees. Access now and learn about an automated workspace provisioning system that can help improve employee workspaces and can give rise to faster onboarding, improve workforce productivity and provisioning, and more.


  • Efficient Power and Cooling for VoIP Environments

    This white paper presents research that can help with strategies for managing your VoIP deployments without causing problems in the data center.


  • Gartner: The future of videoconferencing

    With a transition to new endpoints, capabilities and services, changes are on thehorizon for videoconferencing, and the emphasis is now shifting to improvingendpoint coverage and adding reach.


  • Desktops as a Service: Everything You Need to Know About DaaS & Hosted VDI Chapter 10: How to Pick a Windows Platform

    When adopting Desktops as a Service (DaaS), IT pros must consider whether the DaaS desktops are going to run on a desktop platform (Windows 7, Windows 8) or a server platform (Windows Server 2008 R2, Server 2012).This chapter, from Brian Madden's expert DaaS E-Book, explores how to pick a Windows platform for DaaS environments.


  • How To Ensure Successful Video Conferences and Online Meetings

    Explore this checklist designed for businesses conducting video conferences and online meetings.


  • Complete overview of OpenText Connectivity 15 features and enhancements

    This informative guide outlines everything you need to know regarding Connectivity 15. Inside you'll discover new features, security enhancements, and six new products offered through Connectivity 15.


  • Gartner Customer Strategies & Technologies Summit 2015

    Access this event brochure on the 2015 Gartner Customer Strategies & Technologies Summit on June 10-11 in London to find out more about this year's keynote speakers and presentations, along with information on three easy ways to register today.


  • Get a Solid Grip on Application-Centric Networking

    This white paper highlights how application-centric networking solves the application challenges facing IT departments, providing control and visibility.


  • Critical HR Features to Adopt

    In this e-guide, unveil the top 5 best practices for implementing an HR analytics program. Additionally, gain insight on the advantages of moving in-house HR systems to the cloud.