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All Systems Go: Novell & Microsoft Interoperability Web Seminar

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux-The Original Cloud Operating System

Over the past few years, many have led themselves to believe that the cloud could potentially mean the end of the OS as we know it. But despite these predictions, the OS is still going strong, and Linux continues to maintain its position as the cloud OS.

This whitepaper will help discover more about this OS and the benefits of running your IT environment on Linux. Read on to learn more.

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  • Dual Platform Strategies for the Modern Data Center

    As many organizations look to modernize the data center with cloud computing and virtualization, they find themselves operating a mixed IT environment -- Windows for productivity applications and Linux systems for infrastructure. Ensuring these operating environments work together is essential.

    View this white paper for an overview of a Linux distribution that complements your existing Microsoft operating environment while also providing a scalable framework for virtualization and cloud computing. Discover why this platform is ideal for data center modernization, and explore the benefits of this standards-based distribution, including:

    • High performance and scalability for data-intensive workloads
    • Comprehensive security features
    • Improved reliability and availability
    • And more

  • E-Guide: What the Cloud Brings to Windows Server 2012

    Although public and private clouds can support many types of business services, there are certain workloads that are not well suited for these types of environments - Active Directory, for example. This expert e-guide explains how Windows Server 2012 addresses Active Directory synchronization and domain controller issues, making it possible for this technology to operate in the cloud. Explore new cloud features in Windows Server 2012 and determine whether this platform can truly be considered a 'cloud operating system.'

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